Monday, September 20, 2010

Unblogging my Brain Part II: BRB

Oh who am I kidding. It's impossible to unblog my brain, because as soon as one story comes out, another story goes in.

In and out. In and out. Round and round. And round. That's the spin cycle of my mind.

Which reminds me of a conversation I had with my mom when I started blogging two years ago.

"Does this blogging thingie relieve some of the pressure on your brain?" she said.

"For a second," I said.

Even though my mom thinks blogging is an ugly word, she understands how heavy it is to carry all these nouns and verbs and adverbs and linking verbs and transitive verbs and adjectives around inside my head. Not to mention all the opinions, ideas, stories and dreams. Especially the meaty ones. The steak and potato ones, not the soup and salad ones. The steak and potato ones are so much more difficult to digest and regurg.

You get me?

Last week there were two comments in my box that I really wanted to smother in steak sauce and serve up steamy hot to all you peeps. But I had to put them on the back burner so I could make the Trek ROCKUMENTARY before I prepared the men in my life to survive in the wilderness for two days so I could force twelve girl cousins at gunpoint to slumber at my house and play dress ups and have hula hoop contests and light saber wars and paint their faces and their t-shirts and watch Barbie movies all night long.

Plus I had to play Gilmore Girls with my daughter all weekend.

For the record, I lub playing Gilmore Girls with my daughter all weekend. You get to watch back to back to back Ghost Whisperer and try on funky clothes at Mona Lisa Consignment and watch Pride and Prejudice with Spanish Subtitles and go to the movies with my mom before she makes you her famous home made tacos.

(Btw, Flipped is the cutest movie ever.)

Anyways! Can you see why I am so back-blogged?


I hope my thoughts aren't cold, or worse yet, overcooked now that they've been simmering in my brain all week.

Let's see, shall we?

Okay, first item on the menu is . . .

Oh wait! Hold that thought. I gotsta go rustle up some actual grub to feed my chillin's real quick.

Be right back!

(Or in other words, BRB!)


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I am in total suspense.

val of the south said...

I never thought of it as playing Gilmore Girls :) - but I definitely love watching Gilmore Girls with my daughter!

I never heard of Flipped, but it does look cute!

Surely dinner is over and you have time to blog again...NHC and I are waiting...

Kazzy said...

I love Gilmore Girls! And you would be the perfect candidate to play it!

ps I have a secret crush on Bo Bice (listening to him here on your blog!)

Sandi said...

Loved Flipped! My favorite line: I didn't know he was walking around with my first kiss" *sigh*
I'm kind of wondering if your brain is bulimic---with all that binging and purging and such as.
Can't wait for the rest...

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Oh the games people play...

You are playing games with us, right?

Garden of Egan said...

Hope the kids got fed and NOT fed your steak and taters backblog.

I lub yer guts!

Amber Lynae said...

Nice thing about simmering... the flavors meld together so nicely. Doesn't everyone love a slow cooked meal????

Well maybe not the cook, depending on how much they like cooking. But those eating it normally love things that have cooked up nice and slow like a tasty pulled pork sandwich.

Anyhow. Sorry I have been lacking in the contribution lately. I hope you get unblogged soon because I love reading what you have to say.

Jillybean said...

You wrote this post yesterday, and haven't come back to finish the story.
You're not still making dinner for your family, are you?
Because it's now breakfast time.

Braden said...

Ok, now that was just plain mean. Sheila, are you reading? I think we need to stage some kind of intervention with Crash. Seriously! This is intolerable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T said...

Is Flipped the movie from Flipped the book? because I loved the book :)

I'm so behind on blogs that it's almost refreshing that you were a little blogged up.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Forgive me all! I am not playing games. I am just struggling along a little bit.

The sun will come out tomorrow. And so will the post.


Kazzy, I had the biggest crush on Bo Bice during that season. HIGH FIVE!

Yes, Flipped is from the book. Sooo darn cute. Sandi I lubbed that line too. And the sum of all parts thing too.

LY everyone!

Braden, if you can get my mom to comment I'll give you $5. If you can get her to form an intervention I'll give you $10.

Braden said...

Sheila!!! Are you reading? Come on, leave a comment--I'll split the 15 bucks with you. That's $7.50 EACH!!! Cash. Untaxable!

WV: Croth=when someone with a lisp is annoyed and perturbed they get a little croth. Hah!

Dolly said...

I so badly wish I could unblog my brain. What would that be like? Even for a second? Wait, I seriously think I am coveting right now so I better go and ponder about my skilz and move away from this insecure feeling that is creeping up on me that makes me wish I could roto rooter out all of the stories stuck up in my gray matter.