Friday, September 10, 2010

Least I got class

Yesterday I said I was happy. Today I'm just bloated.

Happiness often leads to bloating, don'tcha think?

Seriously though, how do you know if you're happy? Tonight we were watching Where the Wild Things Are and one of those scary monsters said that happiness isn't always the best path to happy.

Huh??? I don't get that? Do you?

If happiness ain't the best path then . . . oh, wait, I get it now. Sadness is the best path to happy. Am I right, or am I right? If you tweren't ever sad, you wouldn't recognize happy. And you definitely wouldn't appreciate happy.

You get me?

Me neither.

I'm pretty sure I'm happy because sometimes I forget I live in Utah. Sometimes I act like I'm still living in Laie. Like this morning. I was driving my two oldest kids to school when Lulu had a relapse and ate my son's socks. Right there in the car. (No, they weren't on his feet at the time.)

Did I swear? Uh uh. I simply ducked into Walmart so my son didn't have to go to school sockless.

(Okay that's not the part where I was acting like I live in Laie.)

As I was cruising the sock aisle SUDDENLY, out of nowhere, a thought occured to me. A thought about my . . . presentation, if you know what I mean. I had rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of sweat pants and one of my hub's XL t-shirts. Then I did the dishes and spilled water down the front of my shirt. Then I slipped on the first pair of shoes I could find and drove my kids to school.

They were my pretty shoes.

I didn't comb my hair or dress my face before leaving the house!!! But I wore my pretty shoes.

I had a bare nekked face! And bedheaded hair! (And pretty shoes!) But as Gad as my witness, my son will never go sockless again.

As I waited in line at the cash register (after my aha moment and before my credit card was denied) I realized that I wasn't proud of myself. But I wasn't ashamed of myself neither.

That's gotta be happiness, huh?

Post script: I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the Walmart window on my way out and noticed I was still wearing my Filipino pearls from yesterday. This added a nice touch of elegance to my ensemble.

Least I got class, I thought.

For the record, my credit card was declined because it was expired. So I started digging through my purse to find the one that isn't expired because I slipped it in there after getting gas yesterday, which my hub should have done because, really, isn't getting gas a man's job? If my hub had gotten gas like he was supposed to my credit card wouldn't have been declined. So then I just grabbed my checkbook and started writing a check for $2. And then it hit me. I can pay cash for this purchase. So then I grabbed my wallet and pulled out my cash.

Do you think the cashier would have been as rude if I had dressed up my face, combed my hair and wrung my shirt out?

I guess she couldn't see my pretty shoes.


IWA (e - va) said...

haha! That's when you just pretend you're back in Hawaii and psyche your brain out, so when you see your reflection as you walked out the door, you realize that you're over dressed for the occasion!

T said...

the pearls should have bought you more respect!

and thanks for reminding me... I need to let ManOfTheHouse know to put gas in my car today... it IS his job after all :)

OldBoatGuy said...

Are you sure your name isn't Debbie Frumton? Hee Hee

val of the south said...

Maybe you'll get featured on

Lara said...

Oh this made me laugh. I actually went to WalMart this week in my pajamas without doing my hair or brushing my teeth. I'm not quite sure what came over me because I've never done that before. And of course I saw about 4 people I knew.

Too bad I didn't wear my pretty shoes. :)

Barbaloot said...

Yes-pumping gas is totally the man's job.

See Mom Smile said...

I am always wishing I was Laie! When did you live there. The North Shore is my fave place on earth. I live in Las Vegas. Almost the same but without the ocean. I wear that ensemble every morning taking my kids to school. My kid would have to to sockless if it came down to it!

April said... showed me up! I went to Wally World after a sweet game of softball. But you win, I just looked dirty. You wore pearls with jammies.

Kazzy said...

That first part of your post was sooo 2nd Nephi! I loved it.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

It's true, she must not have been able to see your pretty shoes. The pearls though, that should have been her sign. Maybe she wasn't really mean, but envious of your class. Class like that is hard to come by (unless it's natural). When you got it, you go it!

Susan said...

You and I must be sisters from another mother because I look like that everyday when I drive my kids to school. It's my worst nightmare that my car will break down one day when I'm in my bright pink pj pants, with a tee shirt, and no bra, no makeup, and I haven't brushed my teeth yet. But hey, I always have earrings in. At least I know I'm not the only nimrod out there like that.

Garden of Egan said...

I can't believe that the Walmart girl was rude to you. That smile of your would melt any stone cold heart.

You're probably right though, she OBVIOUSLY didn't see your shoes.

I wish you would have taken a picture on accounta I would have lubbed to have seen it.

Braden said...

My wife has an awesome old mumu that she wears around the house. I think it's what homeless women in Hawaii might wear, but maybe not because they have more pride. We used to joke with our kids that if they didn't obey us, the punishment would be that she'd show up to their school in this mumu and walk around where their friends could see. Anyway, one day, she took our sons to high school and came home only to realize she was locked out of our house because they'd stolen her keys the day before and not returned them. So, she had to go to the high school office and ask them to call the sons down to the office so she could get the house key. Ha! That was funny.