Thursday, September 30, 2010

I don't wanna grow up! Or do I?

It's like 3 o'clock in the a.m. and I can't sleep. But I'm kinda tired.

Kinda really tired.

I'm especially kinda tired of driving. And meetings. And dirty dishes. And budgeting. I'm kinda way tired of budgeting.

I'm also kinda tired of falling asleep with my mascara still securely fastened to my eyelashes.

Right now I'm mostly tired of Jiminy Cricket yakety yak yaking outside my bedroom window. For three. nights. straight. You have no idea!!!!! Unless you think Jiminy Cricket on Crack.

It's like the Chuck Norris of crickets. (Hey, did I just make up my own Chuck Norris joke?)

It's like the mother of all crickets. Or at least the mother-in-law. (After a high school social.)

You will get that joke if you know my MIL. See my MIL went to a high school social the other night and I got to be her captive audience (and I do mean captive) for 35 minutes straight while I drove her to my daughter's regional tennis competition. It was just she and me. And my seat belt made three.

She gets jazzed up when she sees the kids in her class. All the boys and all the girls. The boy who has taken over the reunion planning used to be such a, how would she say, small kid. Kinda, oh how would she say, unsociable. He was into dramatics--the prop-making/set building side of dramatics. But he has really grown up now and matured and taken the lead.

For gosh sakes, let's hope so, since he's 78 years old!

And do you know Jordan Tanner? The boy who used to play with my MIL when he'd come down and visit his grandma? He was sitting next to my MIL at the table with a real cute gal, but my MIL couldn't hear what they were saying, darnit. She just hates it when that happens.

I asked my mom at what age you stop seeing your 78-year-old high school peers as kids and stop caring what Jordan Tanner says to the cute gals at the dinner table? She said never, because you carry every age with you as you grow older. Every stage of your life is still right there inside you just as you left it, before you left it.

(Which is a very good reason to tidy up every stage before you leave it, if you ask me.) (Oh gosh, peeps. I don't wanna grow up.) (Or do I?) (Maybe that's why Jiminy Cricket keeps pestering me.)

What I wanna know is what about the stories we carry with us? How do we narrow it down to which ones we're going to tell over and over and over again and again and again to the people who are duct taped to us for eternity? And why did my MIL choose the one about how she used to pick strawberries to earn her own money to buy her own Kotex and Janzen Sweaters and Joyce shoes. She still has them in her cedar chest, you know.

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder what stories I'll tell a hundred times when I turn into Jiminy Cricket. I haven't seen my high school friends in 25 years. And I don't have a cedar chest.

I guess I could always tell about my Ditto jeans phase.

It's 4 a.m now and I'm still kinda tired. But I gotsa tell you about my daughter's tennis match before I go back to sleep.

She and her doubles partner played against Alta for the championship.

Alta! Alta! Alta! They're like steam rollers up there at Alta. They eat nails for lunch at Alta. They're the Chuck Norris of High School tennis at Alta. (Hey, did I just do it again?)

During warm ups they don't hit back and forth with their opponents to get loose. They slam it, smash it, blast it cross court out of reach. And then they pump their fists and sound a barbaric war cry. My daughter and her doubles partner get kinda psyched out when they do that. They're like lambs to the slaughter, those two.

But not this time. My daughter and her partner refused to play the head games. Instead they played their guts out. They really gave it their all, and it was bee-U-tiful to behold. They lost, but not 6-0 like they usually do. Instead they made Alta earn their win at 7-5.

Victory isn't as sweet when you lose, but losing isn't as sour when you play your best.

What's that old saying? It ain't whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game?

That is so dang true.

Every point was a battle. Smooth. Graceful. Respectful. There was no cheating. No loud mouth coaches. No poor sports. Both teams played like champions.

I couldn't be prouder. And I couldn't be sleepier. My daughter pushed through one of her psychological barriers and that's even better than winning.

Speaking of pushing through psychological barriers, I'm going to hear Nie Nie speak tonight at the Wilkinson Center. So excited!

K, peace out, peeps.


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Ok that might explain your visit to my comment box at 2 am. I wondered if that was a typo. You might need some help for your insomnia.

T said...

I'm tired on your behalf... take a nap so that you can make it through Nie Nie's presentation :)

yay for busting down the psychological barriers... but boo for growing up.

If I continue to spew all my stories out onto my blog do I have to carry them the rest of my life?

Barbaloot said...

Gosh-I stopped caring about the "kids" in my class before I even graduated. I somehow got disengaged from the whole scene. I keep in touch with a few close friends---but other than that I don't think much about them.

I must have a stone cold heart, too. When it comes to the past anyway.

The Wixom Zoo said...

I'm not too gosh darn sentimental since Facebook came around. Why do I wanna see someone in public when I can stalk them from the privacy of my own computer chair???

val of the south said...

Your mom is super wise too! I really like her insight - I never thought about it that way...but it's so true and why I still don't feel like a grown up...perhaps I forgot to leave a stage...

Martha said...

I'm having a luncheon tomorrow at my new house. Can you come? Well Swirl is coming, and Joni, and Jodi, and Jocelyn, and a couple of others.

Glad T played so good and hard. When they play their best it doesn't matter what the outcome is.

Rach's vball team had their last home game tonight. It was super close so she only got in at the end. But she spiked it and had the game winning point!!! And she was the cutest one!

Jim and Nan are in Haunted Lagoon. They think it's so fun. It's a lot of time.

Oh, and Swirl is doing another play. They had tryouts today and Jim is the star,Prince Caspian. He's really excited. I'm surprised he even wanted to do it.

Ok, come to the temple open house.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I got a kick out of all these comments. T, I think you're onto something. I think we need to tell as many stories on our blog as possible so we don't have to keep repeating them over and over and over. But sometimes I think God is a genius because he made us repeat ourselves when we grow old so our posterity will remember a few things about us. In the end it's like all we are is boiled down into a few stories about Janzen sweaters and Joyce shoes.

If we write all of our stories down now at least we will be more than that when we're gone.

Barb, high five for stone cold hearts. I'm with you on the disengagement this.

Wixom hahahaha I loved your comment about Facebook. A year or two ago a whole bunch of high school friends started adding me on Facebook and it was so weird. One night my hub and I just spent a few hours looking at people and saying "NO WAY!" High School people stay frozen in your memory somehow and when they grow old and gain weight there's almost a sense of vindication. ha ha ha

Val, I always felt like that too. Like when am I going to feel like I've arrived at maturity. But you really do carry all the memories of who you were at different stages with you. It's almost surreal. When I first moved back here I would feel like a split personality whenever I drove through Provo. There was me now and me as a little girl. All the feelings of my childhood would come up. I don't know if you forget to leave a stage, but maybe you're not ready to leave a stage when it's time. So you stay stuck there emotionally.

hmmmmm . . . deep thoughts.

MARTHA! MARTHA MARTHA! You would have been a great Alta player. hee hee Yes, of course I want to come to your luncheon. Are you making your yummy macaroni salad. Please take pics and send them to me. YAY for Jim making the lead. Prince Caspian, WOW! That is so cool. And YAY for Haunted Lagoon. Oh my goodness, yes, that was so much time. But I'm glad my kids got to be part of that. Take lots of pics because they look super ghouly and you never know when you might move away and never get to do that again.

Seize the day!!!

I won't be coming to the temple open house. SNIFF. I wish I was so dang bad. But I know someone who will be coming. he he he


IWA (e - va) said...

I love this post! really! I dont know what Im going to laugh about when your MIL stops talking! sorry but i hope she never stops .... btw, how was your seatbelt dealing with all of it! LOL!

Yay for T! and all that she put into her matches!