Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WOOHOO! (This one's for you Martha)

(To understand this post, read this post first.)

Victory is just as sweet the second time around. Even when it's not against cheaters. (Although, for the record, they did try to cheat, but there was a line judge this time.)

(I'd like to bear my testimony that line judges are true. AMEN!)

My daughter won her second match by the skin o' her teeth. So now she plays for the regional championship tomorrow. MARTHA, ARE YOU SO PROUD? (Don't mind me and Martha. Martha was just my daughter's tennis coach in Hawaii. That's all.)

So after I posted about her first win I grabbed my boys and my dog and jumped in the car. We were racing to the 2nd match when my hub called and said, "Have you already left? Because she's down 3-0 in the first set."

"I don't care," I said. "We're coming." Then we popped in Shakira and started fist pumping with all of our might.

Halfway there my hub called again. "She lost the first set 6-1."

"Well, get her head back in the game. We're almost there!" I told him. And then we pushed replay and pumped out fists harder.

See tennis is such a head trip. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. Tennis is just like life. The line between seizing an opportunity and letting it slip away is paper thin. And things can turn on a dime. If you give up. Or out. Or in.

My daughter has sacrificed too much to get to this place and I wasn't about to let her go down without a fight.

When we showed up she was up 4-3 in the 2nd set. My in-laws said, "Oh, she is playing terri . . . "

I told them to talk to the hand and walked away. Briskly. Because life is too short to walk away slowly. Not with so much on the line. And anyway, it was my daughter's day. Shikira told me so. And I had to tell my daughter so.

So I pushed past the other team's loud mouth coach and got all up into the fence and started singing at the top of my lungs. Today's your day! I feel it! You paved the way! Believe it!

Then she hit me in the head with a ball and told me to shush.

J/K peeps. None of that actually happened. Martha woulda sung it though. I'm pretty sure.

Anyways, it went back and forth and back and forth. My daughter fought for every point until finally she won the 2nd set in a tie-breaker. And then she won the 3rd set too.

Shakira was right.

Told ya so.

On the way home my daughter laid in the back seat and, in between charlie horses, got all existential on me.

"Whoever thought of tennis is a genius, " she said. "Because it's just like life. You go up and down. And when you're down you have to fight to get back up. But you have to go through the down to appreciate the up. And it's all up to you to win the battle."

"Waka Waka" I said.

"Huh?" She said.

"I dunno, but that's what Shakira says."

And then I had her rub some Bengay on my shoulder, because all that fist pumping can take it's toll on a dummy like me.

P.S. Despite the aerobics teachers best efforts, my daughter also got Academic All-Region.

Was that too Braggety Anne?


T said...

I'm fist-pumping for you... but only little mini-ones (they're big in spirit)

I guess line judges AND shakira are true now!

robin said...

oh my goodness! I got all excited because my screen said 0 comments so I was thinking that for the VERY FIRST TIME I was going to be the FIRST COMMENT. Then I clicked on it and deflated because T beat me to it. No fist pumping for me tonight. hahaha!!!

val of the south said...

Never too Braggety Anne!!

Yay Lil' Crash!! Well done!!

wv: restiv. You both need some major restiv - what with the charley horses and fist pumping!

Dolly said...

So awesome! Go Tum. She is brilliant and deep and opposite of clumsy. She's not like Bella Swan at all.. except for beautiful and white.

I miss you guys so much and I feel so far away from you all the way over here in Provo trying to start a Utah life.

If you go visit your in laws anytime soon or at all, make sure to sneak over to say hi to us.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Congratulations, that is very awesome.

Martha, congratulations on your son's mission call. You have to join up with the missionary mom website.

The link is:

you have to register and then they will assign you to an email group of sisters who have children serving in the same mission as your son. It is a wonderful resource and better yet you can ask others questions who have been on the road before you. Like do you really need electric socks or stuff like that. I am in a group with Florida moms and it is really wonderful. And you can meet up with the moms of the elders your son serves with. It is pretty cool and so I hope you can check it out. I would recommend it for anyone with a son or daughter serving a mission.

Thanks crash for letting me message Martha in your comment box. I feel like I really know her but I have no idea how to contact her other than this. :)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I hope that link will work.

Momza said...

Sounds like the little chick is much like her mother hen. Shakira would be proud. And Chuck Norris.

Barbaloot said...

Congrats to her!!!

springrose said...

I don't think I could handle it if my kids were in sports. I know they eventually will be, but I just wont be able to attend the games. I would end up being one of those parents on the news that got kicked out of the game, forever. Mama Bear shows her ugly face to fast. You don't mess with the kids!!! Whoever you are.
Congrats to you, your daughter and Shakira!!
I gave the quilt to little Riley's mom on Saturday at the General Broadcast. Riley started chemo yesterday. Not sure if she is going to be moved to Primary Childrens from here. With all they have going on I haven't goten a picture yet. I hope we will eventually but no one but family can see her. I'll let ya know when I get more info.

Martha said...

Ok, so what's next? Does T go on to states or the conference or what? How do they do it in Utah? And where are the pics?

I would have been dying having to leave and pick kids up during the matches. It's so awesome when you win with a huge comeback. Tennis is so like life. I think that's why most kids try it and quit, it's too hard and mental.

Thanks for the mission info, Nutty. I need lots of tips because sending this skinny Hawaiian kid to Alaska to freeze is going to be hard.

And springrose, I used to be so nervous watching my kids. I used to sweat and shake and freak out. Watching my daughter run was the worse (good thing she quit that). Then at my son's varsity bball games I just hoped he'd play his best so the coach would keep him in.

At least with tennis you are never subbed out, that's why I love it. But it's all up to you and no one else. And every game you can start over so it's possible to come back. See most other sports when you're down by a lot it's almost impossible to come back. With tennis you start a new game every 5 mins. It's awesome.

Sandi said...

I love it when cheaters's the best! Congrats to your daughter, that is awesome!! I'm glad you survived it all, sounds like you might have been on the verge of a heart attack :)

p.s. another message to Martha: My nephew is in the Alaska mission and 2 of my friends have boys there too- when does your boy leave?

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Congrats to your daughter!

You should be can Braggety Anne all you want. You've earned it.

Kazzy said...

Shakira... a dirty little pleasure!

And all of that BenGay means you are a fab mom!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, I must know what Danielle is looking through in her profile pic. Is that a telescope? Are you spying on me, Danielle?

Sandi, me tooooooo! I don't know if I was more excited the cheaters lost or my daughter won. ha ha

Martha, T goes on the States next week Thursday. Gotta get my fist ready to pump again. Which reminds me Val of the South, can we do Tooele Tuesday instead?

You're right about it being like life--hard and mental--so people quit. I'm so proud my girl didn't quit. That helped her in her life right now too. Funny how it all bleeds into each other.

Springrose. If Riley comes to Primary Children's I'm going to go see her. I wish my puppy was old enough to be a magic dog already. I can't wait to take my puppy to visit all the sick kids. Thank you for making that magic quilt. I need to tell the story on my blog, huh? I've been so dang busy I haven't had time to breath. Busy for me means I'm in the car listening to Shakira and driving my kids to and fro. I went through a whole tank of gas since Tuesday.

Momza, I LOL'd at the Chuck Norris joke.

Dolly!!!!!! I also laughed at your joke about Bella. T will be happy to be unlike her. ha ha HOW ARE YOU GUYS ADJUSTING ANYWAY? I must call you soon. We don't get over to see the in-laws much. They're always out here with us. But I need to come stop by.