Saturday, December 11, 2010

All Pow!

The race, I mean. It's done. 

Nailed shut.

Yellow button is. . . going, going, GONE! (As Jack Johnson would say.) 

I'm gonna take the weekend off (to put up Christmas and feed my family and clean my bathrooms and slip into a coma) but I'll be back Monday to announce winners and give prizes and praises. I even have a little MUCHOS MAHALO Giveaway planned.  

But for now I just wanna say . . .  

Wait, what did I wanna say again?  

Lost my train . . . Oh wells. 

Oh yea, so you know how the universe is always sending me signs? Like in the form of butterflies or rainbows or Jack Johnson wrapping his arms around me at soccer games? 

(You didn't think I'd let this race pass without throwing this photo in your face one. more. time. did you? Just in case the judges are watching I want them to think I run with the hip crowd.) 

BTW, judges, if you're watching, I saw Obama too. Coming out of the bathroom at Turtle Bay, back when he was still pop-U-lar. My camera was on self timer at the moment so it wasn't the BEST shot, but still, I knew him when.

I've also seen the top of Fergie's head. 

If you look closely at the viewfinder in front of me you can see it too. 

And here I am chasing Jim Halpert from The Office.

And this is Nick Jonas checking me out on Regis and Kelly. 

And look at me with the Double Decker Bus brochure guy in NYC. 

Where was I again? 

Keep losing my train . . . 

Oh, yea, so I think the Universe might be trying to send me signs about this contest. Or at least sending me winks. Not sure which, but last week I went out for Chinese and my fortune cookie read: 

"You will soon be awarded a great honor." 

My son thinks I'm getting a new church calling, but what's greater and more honorable than YW Prez? Fer reals!

Then today, after the contest was complete, I clicked on the finalist page to see how I ended up. My picture was at the very top of the page, in front of everyone. I wasn't leading in votes,  I was leading in proximity. I'm not there anymore, but for a split second I was at the tipy top. And I think I heard the other contestants chanting "You're number 1! Cuz number 2 won't do."   

Then I went grocery shopping and one thing I like to do to communicate with the Universe is flip through the radio stations in the car. It's like our thing. Me and the Universe. So I turned on the radio and blurted out, "First song I hear is a message from you!" 

It was Radio Head singing, I'm a Creep. I'm a weirdo. I wish I was special. 

I kid not. 

Sometimes the radio thing doesn't work right away, but if you keep flipping you'll usually get the message you want to hear. Like I eventually came across Madonna singing ,"Celebrate!" 

That's pretty straight forward, don't you think? 

Fingers crossed!  

Have a great weekend everyone! (And please keep that weirdo song thing on the down-low. k.)


LKP said...

a JJ hug AND the double decker bus brochure guy?! i knew you were gonna be my connection to the stars!!! :)

have a great weekend.

Dolly said...

I wish there were an ace up my sleeve or a super cute photo of me and Jack Johnson that I could use to melt the thick layers of ice accumulation on my windshield of life, when such moments exist. (And you practically had an iceberg sitting on yours.)

Alas, there was only a super dorky photo of me and JJ.... it was so dorky that even Jack's cuteness could not save it from the delete button. (You did delete it right? I would hate to get on the naughty list and see it posted as a poke in the eye.)

But if it had to be me or you that got to be memorialized into e-media immortality looking like a super model next to JJ, I'm glad it was you.

Happy to see the photo again!

And um... enjoy the waiting and waiting and waiting to get the results. It's all good.

Martha said...

I'm off to Rachel's soccer game. Maybe I'll see JJ there!!

DeNae said...

Now I'm all a-dither cuz I can't click over and vote any more. It's like I've lost control of a very important project!!

(WV: delio. As in "What's the __? I can't go vote again??")

TaM said...

Great picture with Jack Johnson :)

sarahlynn said...

All day I found myself going to my computer and logging on to Facebook (because I was too lazy to make a bookmark of the VitaVitaVegamin blog thingy) and I would be suprised to find that voting was done. Done!


End of an era or something.

Now what other special cause can I take up?

Good luck!



P.S. I'm really gonna miss the quotes for votes. I would open them on my phone in various places and crack up. People moved away from me and then I would feel compelled to read it to whomever was around so they knew I wasn't a total freakshow. Just partly freakshow.

P.S.S. I would have voted for you for free anyway. Quotes for votes was just a nice bonus.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Sarah, I'm so glad you liked quotes for votes. Doesn't Jack Handey just make you deep belly laugh. I was telling them to my mom in the car this morning and she was busting a gut. I love it when she does that.

Thank you for voting so religiously you guys. It is a little weird to be just regular again. Start sending dollar bills to Matthew Blanchard to fill the void. Check out my last post if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Dolly, ha ha Can you believe how much milage I've gotten out of that photo? DOLLY took that photo everyone. That was a magical moment, wasn't it, Dolly. That's when I knew we were destined to be pals. Your response to JJ was so cool. Everyone else in Hawaii just shrugs it off that he's in their presence, but not you. You understand the levity of HELLO, there's a superstar in our presence.