Friday, December 10, 2010

My Last Wishes

Now that we've come to the end of the road, THANK GOODNESS GRACIOUS, I should say a few words in recollection. Something poignant about how four score and seven years ago I had a dream . . .

But nah!

I just gotta be me.

So in less than 24 hours the voting polls will be closed and I will be a regular ole' citizen again. HALLeLuJAH! (Did I spell that correctly? That looks weird.)

At the stroke of midnight it will all be over. I will turn back into a pumpkin and I will return to my castle tower where I will sit and wait.

I will wait and wait and wait. And wait. For 10 whole days. For my prince to come and ask me to try on the glass slipper.


It's been charmed. Fer reals. But you wanna know the real reason I did it all? Besides the fame and fortune and honor and glory and pop-U-larity, and all the free SAM-e products. And did I mention the fortune?

The magic quilt.

Oh, and world peace. I did it for world peace too.

But mostly for the magic quilt.

Was that sneaky? To use SAM-e to catapult me into super stardom so I can achieve world peace? Do the means justify the end?

It's just that the world needs more magic--and more quilts--in order to maintain world peace.

You get me?

My friend Dana recently gave me a quote that pretty much sums up how I feel about this project.

So I've got a fresh outlook. I'm taking the project in some new directions. There are so many people who are limping along, dealing with pain, sorrow, guilt, fear, loneliness, and we need more hands and more quilts to lift the burdens. Not to mention more stories. So I'm branching out. In several directions. But my first direction is fleece. Go check out my Magic Quilt Blog for deets.

Fleece is soft, and comforting, and best of all, forgiving, (especially if you buy the no pill fleece).

If you don't cut it straight, no worries, it forgives you. If you don't sew it straight, big deal, it forgives you. It makes allowances for your imperfections. That's where the magic of fleece comes from.

Forgiveness = magic. Make a note, peeps.

So the fleece is a different kind of magic than the group contribution kind where everyone is sewed together with love and unity, but we can still work together as one big, huge group to make bunches of blankets. Every single one of us knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who's in pain. And we can take it upon ourselves to ease it. Instantly. I made four today, all by myself. They are so stinkin' easy even my twelve year old whipped one up for his teacher (after he knitted two more hats for the homeless).

This is what I learned from the voting--if everyone does just a little bit, A WHOLE LOT gets done.

An object lesson is in order to really drive this point home, and I'm all about objectifying lessons then driving them home.

Here's the dealio. There's a sick 12-year-old boy in Las Vegas named Matthew Blanchard. (I myself have two 12-year-olds so I have a special crack in my stone cold heart for 12-year-olds.)

Another thing I learned from the voting is how delicate and fragile the human morale can be. How easy it is to knock someone down. And how easy it is to pick someone up.

If we all did something simple and small, could it snowball into something big and amazing?

Let's try it. Let's all slip a $1 dollar bill into an envelope and send it to Matthew for Christmas. I already sent mine today, but tomorrow I'm going to have each of my kids send one. I don't have much and you don't have much, but what if 1,000 people, who don't have much, send Matthew $1?

He'd have MUCH!

His address is:

Matthew Blanchard/8444 Brody Marsh Ave./Las Vegas, NV/ 89143

Who's in, raise your hand.

Let's look to it, peeps. And then tell all your other peeps too. And so on and so on and so on. Shout it from your blog tops and tweet it from your tree tops.

Those are my last wishes.

Oh wait, one more. Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night.


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Wow I love watching you use your powers for good. I will look to it.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Oh and I was first for first time in a long time.

Kritta22 said...

Excellent ideas!!!

Dolly said...

A surprise ending! I love those kind. To everyone who stayed tune for the whole two months.... it has been a privilege voting with you.

To Crash for making a regular blogger life into a great contribution to humanity- WAY to Go woman!

We are sending all our dollars in one envelope so we can put in more dollars and use less stamps. STamps are nearly half a dollar these days. The dollar just ain't what it used to be. Good thing we have love and good vibes to share instead of just money.

And can you believe Sean got 50 votes in one day on his first voting saga ever? It was fun for everyone to watch your family so I'm sure the voting was for all of you. I got some nice compliments for his work from people who didn't know you guys at all.

Anjeny said...

You couldn't have picked a better venue to promote the Magic Quilt. I think that should be something the judges should put into the consideration...the fact that not only are you lifting people's morales everyday by your humor but you are also doing a good deed for your fellow beings. I know you've touched a lot of lives by the quilts you've given to the sick, take Stan for instance...I know he will be forever be grateful to you, someone who was a stranger to him yet reached out to him in his last days. And his family, I'm sure will never forget what you've done.

And all of us who are in small ways a part of your magic quilt, your kindess and generousity in letting us contribute in the little pieces of fabric and stories. Thank you for letting me tell my story and share a little legacy of my mom.

I will definitely be sending a card to Matthew as soon as I design and make a card for him and like Dolly there, I will just have my whole family put their dollars in that one card I am sending. I once had a few twelve year olds so I do am fond of them too.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you so you get that SAM-e job. If anyone deserve a job like that, it's YOU...and I'm not just saying that because you're friend.

TaM said...

You are not only joyful and full of fun, you are also intelligent, kind and caring. I honestly hope that you win the Sam-e contest.

Martha said...

Ok, so my computer at home and at work won't let me vote for your video contest and I promise I haven't voted yet today. Then the student workers won't let us vote either. So we are missing out on tons of votes here!!!

Martha said...

I can vote for you though, so that's good.

Marie Carlisle said...

Have I ever told you that I love you? Well I do! You are one of the most amazing dummies I have ever met! Okay, the only one I've ever met, but still! I really will work on doing a "Love From Nurses" Magic Quilt. That was a great idea! And thank goodness this contest is almost over, RIGHT? You can walk away from it with your head held high! Remember...You gave it your EVERYTHING! And that's that! We are all better people because of your amazing example. -Marie

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha, yes I know. I haven't been able to vote for dayzzzz. But you guys look like you've got a clear shot at it. And as GAD as my witness, if I win this job I'll send the whole world $100. ;) (Good thing there's no such thing as Gad.) Martha, I talked to Alan about Josh's back. I'll Facebook you.

THANK YOU Marie. Marie is my Laurel advisor everybody. She's a cutie patootie.

Thank you TaM. Every time I see you I think you're TAMN for a second. ha ha You are very sweet.

Hugs Anjeny! Girl, you KNOW I lub you with all my stone cold heart. Thank YOU for your contributions. Stan cried when I told him your mom's story.

Dolly, you are so dang supportive and funny to boot. MAHALO girlfriend. I'm still planning on a pedicure day.


Pat, it is so very very gooooooood to see you here first. Again. It's sooooooo very very goooooood to see you here at all.

Sandi said...

I will put our dollars in an envelope and send them off on my way to Hawaii!! woohooo yep I'm going to see my Kasey girl graduate- if we don't all float away in a flash flood that is. Look at all the projects you've got going, you make me tired just watching you go. Alooooha Crash! Off to vote one last time- can't wait to hear what comes of all this :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Sandi, I'm soooooo jealous!!! Have fun and give KK a big hug from me. Hope you don't get flooded out. Nani nani

Dolly said...

I figured out the voting on your contest is just a once per computer per poll so I had to email my huge family and have them email their huge families and we had Germany, Philippines, Dubai, NM, Arizona, California and Saudi people voting for SEan and I hope that they actually voted for you too! (Some people required too much explanation and then I just had to move on.)

Chumming for votes is a full time job. (It was easier to just say, I am showing off my son's skills and he could win a cash prize.) After two days I'm so done. How you made it happen for two months is INCREDIBLE sticktoitiveness!!!!

My other job wants me back so my philanthropy has to pause for a while. See ya!

The Crash Test Dummy said...


Tell me about it, sistah! TELL. ME. ABOUT. IT.

But now it's over. (HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!)

Well, almost over. Less than 2 hours to go.

Martha said...

Yeah, Sean just came in there from behind, so we had to get our BYUH ohana to get some last minute votes for Jim and Nan. Good race Sean!!

And great race Deb. You did great!!

Dolly said...

Good job Jim and Nan. We loved your video. It was great fun seeing so many old friends in one of our favorite places in the world. Aloha!


wendy said...

Well Holly holy Christmas bells...I can do that.
I have left over American dollar bills form my visit to Utah.
They need somewhere to go.
and besides...what a great name
My son who died was Matthew
who better to send those extra dollars too

thanks for giving ME this priveledge

T said...

I can't believe the voting is over - what am I going to do with those bookmarks now??? I'm notorious for having every page bookmarked that I might someday want to go back to...

when you're the Sam-E girl I'll use 'em again - all the time :)

and my hand's in the air - I took that letter with me to lunch today but only made one stop on the way home... not the post office stop - tomorrow!!!

Sandi said...

Mailed some dollars. Just had to tell you how amazingly good that felt to do such a small thing---keep passing along these great ideas so I can do good deeds that might cancel out the diet cokes and occasional naughty words...haha

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Deb, I know it is ridiculous how busy I have been and when your life doesn't even allow you to comment on your bbff blos, well, that is just enough. Hopefully I will have a little bit more time, well if it weren't for that dang Christmas thing. Anyway, always know that I lub you even when my adoration is silent.

DeNae said...

How did I miss this? I love you, but I need to tell your readers that Matthew's address is 8444, not just "444".

Thank you, everyone!!