Friday, December 17, 2010

Randomicity (Please dont hold me responsible for this post. Its very very late. And I am sleep walking.)

I'm up late and I'm in a huff. You wanna know why?

None of your bizness, that's why!

(See what I mean? About me being all sassy pants)

When I get huffy I start vacuuming, and when I start vacuuming I start thinking--usually about how I should get huffy more often because I get so darn much done that way, especially when my thoughts begin with GRRRRrrrrrrr! and RaRrrrrrrrr!

What I hate is when my thoughts start getting all mushy and I start thinking things like, "Oh, goody, My Three Sons is on! I lub My Three Sons! Especially when Chip is eating cookies with his shirt unbottoned at the Lazy Susan table in the blue kitchen!"

Sometimes I catch myself in time to turn my thoughts back to something grumbly like, "Why doesn't anyone tell uncle Charlie how awful his bowl haircut is?" or "Is Mrs. Douglas really that dumb to go to to bed with all that blue eye shadow caked across her lids?"

Other times I start wondering about the deep mysteries of life, like does Mrs. Douglas ever get huffy with Mr. Douglas? Maybe when the cameras aren't rolling?

Which often leads to me wondering was I right or was my hub wrong?

Which often leads to me wondering why did Thriller play on the radio today? It's the middle of December for Pete's sake!

That kinda self-talk only gets me nowhere because honestly Thriller is one of those cross-cultural songs for all seasons.

And anyway, it doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong, even though I am and he is. The only thing that matters is lub. All you need is lub.

(Define lub again.)

Okay, it's very late and I dozed off in between the last three or four sentences, which means this is my first ever stream-of-conscience writing to date.

Since I'm already being random, allow me to just spill my thoughts. In no particular order.

This morning I found my son trying to reassemble the wise men. He was trying to put their heads and bodies back together. I think he's a healer, that one! Either that or he's the one who broke them.

Today I went to watch my twins sing with their 6th grade class. They sang that classic Christmas tune Santa, You're Too FAT! Is it just me or is that kinda rude? I hope Santa doesn't develop an eating disorder.

I found my box of checks today. Did you know they were missing? Well they were, along with my hammer and all of my other important papers. I have been searching high and low for my check books since I went to Colorada over a month ago. Guess where they were? They were in the wrapping paper bin under my bed. Of course!

Too bad I didn't start wrapping Christmas presents earlier.

There was an Office Marathon on TLC today. Which allowed me the opportunity to catch up on 12 loads of laundry. Some of them 8 weeks old.

Was that TMI?

And last night Nacho Libre was on! Which always reminds me, "My life is gooooooooood!"

I better go to bed and apologize for being little miss sassy pants!


wesley's mom (sue) said...

My husband can always tell when I'm in a snit because I start cleaning like a madwoman. I'm sorry about your husband being wrong and not admitting it. I mean it's one thing to be wrong, but to be stubborn about it too.....well, there's just no excuse for that kind of behavior.

ps~Thriller is definetly one of those songs that knows no season.

Momza said...

I clean like a maniac when I'm angry.
And I think afterwards,
Anger isn't as bad as some people say it is...Anger just cleaned my house with a fine tooth comb.
And you know what? When my yahoos know I'm about to explode, they start cleaning too. No kidding.
I should probably feel bad about the psychological damage I'm doing to them, but hey, it's their messes anyway. It's better than the alternatives. My BFF is ALWAYS could eat off her kitchen floor, that's how angry she is. But if you were married to her husband, you'd clean like a madwoman too. Or if you're like me, you'd divorce his sorry self and stop cleaning like there's no tomorrow. Okay, I'm done.

Barbaloot said...

Did Nacho take the Huffiness away? I can't imagine being huffy after hearing the "bubblegum" song.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

hee heee. I am furious right now, so I should take advantage and get to cleaning. But I would rather take a long winter's nap.

T said...

righteous anger does not equal cleaning around here... it usually equals cooking, and eating.

of course, so does unrighteous anger... and giddy happiness... and mild annoyance...

dang, I think I just figured out my problem :)

IWA (e - va) said...

hahaha! Is it a full moon there?... I made the observation at TVA that all the husbands were wrong and in trouble when there was a full moon! haha!

Never heard that song before.... And Im in the land where everyone calls each other fat and its acceptable to do it and not rude at all... even though i think its rude and i get offended and upset and .... *exhale* yeah.... lol

Good on TLC for giving the world an early Christmas gift! .. now only if ABC family would do the same with Gilmore Girls, then my vacation would be set and i could tell everybody.. No thank you, Im Busy! But thanks for inviting me!

Yay for clean laundry....

I <3 your randomness!

Martha said...

A week ago I was huffy and gave my hub all helk about it. It worked and he has since straightened up. Today he's been wonderful (oh maybe that's because I haven't seen his since 8 am and it's 10 pm now). First graduation and EIL placements and now he's grading mountains of papers. You might remember doing a little of that.

So we put together our Christmas present without him. Well, Adam did anyway. We got a huge tramp. The kids have been on it nonstop and they now have tons of new friends. I decided the best way to make friends in a new neighborhood is to invite kids to bounce on the tramp. Then they all came in and helped me ice Christmas cookies.

Then Adam took the kids to this huge waterslide thingy. I'm sure Rach will post pics on facebook tomorrow so look for it.