Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leave Better

Can I just be fer reals for a sec.

This race has been kinda HARD. I HATE being in the limelight. HATE it. It makes me itchy. And even more than that I HATE being annoying. The thought of my friends rolling their eyes and saying "GRRRRR, I wish she'd leave. me. alone!" puts me into a fit of tremors.

I'm kinda wimpy for someone with a stone cold heart, eh?

I get scared to ask for votes sometimes. Social media is awesome, but it can bite you it the bootie too.

Can all of you join me for a sec in a group hug for one of my cute Beehives. She got so excited about this job competition that she sent a message out to all her Facebook peeps asking them to vote for me. Oh gosh, it started a storm that is 125 message replies strong. People were swearing at her and threatening her and sending out all these poisonous vibes into her universe. And mine.


I just want to be a positive force in the world, is that so wrong?

Place of refuge, remember?

But even though this race has been uncomfortable, for some reason I've been totally chill for like a week. Chilled out major. No meds. No chemical substance (besides tryptophan). No hard core exercise. Just calm. Like PEACE out, man!

Before Thanksgiving I went to Walmart and I felt so chillaxed I decided to smile at everyone who met my eyeballs (which frankly wasn't that many), but only one person smiled back.

Why did only person smile back?

I live in HAPPY Valley for goodness sakes!

On the upside, this race has also been SO. MUCH. FUN! I have loved catching up with so many old and dear friends. I have loveloved giving stuff away on my blog. And I have loveloveloved receiving so much support from my friends.

I am the luckiest dummy in the world. My friends ROCK.


It's almost over and I shiver with joy to think on it's conclusion. But I will miss the constant reminders that I am lubbed. And that peeps believe in me. It has confirmed to me how much we NEED positive vibes swirling around us. We must must must send only positive vibes into the universe. For everyone's sake.

As Judy Blume would say, "We must. We must. We must increase our trust!" (I think that's what she said.)

So many people have sent me positive vibes which have helped me increase my trust. In others. In myself. And in the power of the universe.

Today I received these photos from one of my old students, Becky Suzuki, in Japan:


And did you see my name in front of the Hachi statue? Becky didn't know how hard I bawled my eyeballs out through that movie. I mean, serious SOBS! Even talking about the movie later threw me into fits of tears so much so that my children, bless their hearts, did tease me incessantly. (Here's the post to prove it.)

I LUB HACHI SO DANG MUCH! I can't believe my name is even in the same vicinity as that amazing dog.

It must be a sign of good things to come.

Mahalo Becky Suzuki!

And I also received these photos from my cutie patootie next door neighbor kids in the old hood from Laie. Nana and Jimmy and gang (Martha's kids) are responsible.

You guys, that's MY HOUSE!


I AM 10-A.

They're standing on MY front porch saying VOTE FOR DEBBIE.

I painted that front porch. And those wood chips . . . I did that too. THAT'S MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!


Martha and Swirl can both testify that I SOBBED gut wrenching cries of pain and anguish when I was dragged away from 10-A. Huh, Martha? Huh? Huh? Huh? Even louder than my Hachi sobs.

Gosh, I sob a lot for someone with a stone cold heart, don't I?

MAHALO Nana, Jimmy and brat pack friends. LUB YOU!

Okay, I've been wanting to post the lyrics to what I like to call my theme song--the song which plays behind my SAM-e video--for quite some time. And this seems like an appropriate moment:

The song is called LEAVE BETTER by Paul Benton.

Show me a world without so much hurt and I will
fly like the wind to it.

Show me a place that's
all filled with grace and I will strive to get to it.

If we get through all this, we can have all we wish.

Leave better all that you find. So leave this world
with a smile.

Lets not complain of all that's insane,
but rather do something about it
yeah yeah.

Let's not look back at all that we lack, but rather
prove that we can change it.

If we get through all of this, We can have all we wish

Leave better all that you find. So leave this world
with a smile.

I have seen a lot of things in my life, that leave me feeling hopefulinside. 

That's why I want to stand today and say,

Leave better all that you find. So leave this world
with a smile.

Leave better all that you find.

I testify that this is true. And that my name is Deb. And that I approve this message.


Click here to vote.

P.S. Video contest is still open until Sunday. Videos will post on Monday and voting will run Monday -Friday. Two winners will receive $100 cash each. Click here for more deets.


Sandi said...

Yo 10-A I think it's safe to assume that you are leaving the world a better place - I mean you payed those darn basketball fee's on time and everything!
Can't wait to see all the videos...laughed my head off at the first one. My kids would KILL me if I attempted something like that...too funny! Do we get to see all of the entries?

Garden of Egan said...

That is so dang darling!!!!!!!! I love Japan!
I haven't been there, but I can still lub!
I lub 10A too, but I haven't been there either.

I'm gonna have to come up with a clever pix so I can be awesome like your international friends.

I so hope your little Beehive has thick skin. How rude!!!! Give me the rude dudessess names. I'll go give 'em a shot or something.
Give her a lub for me K?

I'm off to vote!

IWA (e - va) said...

Love love love the song I put it on a Christmas carpenters playlist last night and i kept getting weird stares all night long as it played in between Christmas waltz and sleigh ride! But i thought it important for everyone around me to hear it! So do you know him?

Poor beehive... What the heck is up with her FB friends.. Please let her know that there is nothing wrong with her, but she might want to re-evaluate who she calls 'friends' on fb! Crazy Utards!

Just so you know, i have never been harassed for posting everyday and in fact many of my friends will usually post it and send it on to their friends... but then again , im very picky about who my FB friends are! (and i dont feel bad one bit about allowing them to do some good in this world by voting for you!)

As far as Smiling at people in Utah.... Are you crazy?

Thanks for posting the lyrics!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YES, Sandi, I will preview them on my blog as they come in. The ones I get before Monday. I have heard of at least 4 in the works. Maybe 5. Or 6. I'm so excited to see them too. This is getting more and more fun near the end.

Iwa, I love the song too. We always love the same songs. It's like we're total soul sistahs. I LOVE the Carpenters Christmas too. How funny you stuck that in between. ha ha ha No, I don't know him. I had never heard of him and when I went to make the video I just accidentally dragged that song behind my photos just to see if how/if the program worked. Tatum had downloaded it from her EFY CD. I was so shocked at how lovely it was so I wrote a letter to him asking permission to use it and his lawyer said GO FOR IT! That was a direct quote.

My Beehive does have thick skin and has weathered it well. Me, I'm growing thick skin too and am over it. People are weirdies. I've always known it. ;)

Garden, Japan IS so cute! It's the most darling place ever. You should take some IDeeeHO photos to add to the pot. ;) Make sure there are chocolates involved.

Barbaloot said...

I feel so badly for your Beehive! People can be brutal. And for you, too! Glad you re-connecting with friends and getting good messages, too:)

Garden of Egan said...

Hey, uh you need to check me out soon as I get off work...........teeheeteeheee. I'm purty excited.

springrose said...

Riley and her mom Karen Ewing were supposed to arrive today. Then go have her platelets checked and then they will know if she can check into the hospital. I will check facebook and see if there is any kind of update. Otherwise just call tomorrow at PCH. Ly and your doing great. You are leaving the world a better place!

saru said...

Hey there Sis. Frampton.
I am so happy that you liked the pictures I took. I hope all your friends enjoy them as well.
Still voting for you... Good luck and enjoy the last leg of the race.
Love, Becky