Thursday, December 9, 2010

One more DEB-e for SAM-e video entry! (The one that made my skin itchy to film)

Hey, here's another DEB-e for SAM-e video entry sent in by an extremely talented teenager (Dolly's son):

7. Sean's Video

Seans got skillz.

*Disclaimer: No, we don't eat pizza for every meal (just every other), and no, my daughter and I don't wear the same jeans every day (just every other). And yes, we let Lulu sit on the furniture.

If you want to vote for Sean he's the third voting poll down on the left side bar.

Vote for ME too while you're at it. I'm on the right hand side bar. Just click that big ole' yellow button with my big ole' face on it.

If you want to view the other video entries click here.

(Less than two days left to vote!)

MAHALO SEAN! You da bombdiggity.

BTW, my post for the day is right below you so alls ya gotsta do it scroll. Kritta (Magic Quilt Kritta) is in the comment box if you want to say aloha.


One Cluttered Brain said...

WOW! That video def. blows mine out of the water...That is WAY good.
He's got REAL skillz.
I just did one for fun to make y'all laugh....

Wow.. is this SAM-E thing based on more than votes? 'Cause seriously, you really should WIN...

I'm gonna write a note to the SAM-e judges right now.

To SAM-E judges-
Debbie is a friendly happy person. She really could put ANY person at peace (LOL, have you seen my video?) Anyhoo, Pick Debbie for the next SAM-e blogger cause she rock everyone's WORLD with her laughter!


T said...

I had a friend tell me once that pizza every night of the week as long as it comes from a different pizza place.

Dolly said...

He stayed up late several nights trying to get it done in time. Is the very last day of voting considered "just in time"?

(He takes after me in more ways than any kid should.)

He would not let me help one bit. Except for running errands for him and bringing him food while he was working on it. He also didn't use any of my suggestions. He used the opposite of all of my suggestions. I'm so proud of that!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha Dolly. You make me laugh. I lub that you are proud of him for not taking any of your suggestions. Just the opposite. That's how reverse psychology got it's big break.

I'm so proud of him. He is an artist. The subtle eye for camera angles is breathtaking.

One Cluttered Brain, you are so darn sweet. And I lol'd at your cute video too. Thank you for always cracking me up.

T, ha ha I second that.

Martha said...

Nice job Sean. Is Sean going to be in Utah this summer?

Susan said...

I LOVE YOUR FAMILY! You're all too cute, and happy. We sit around and watch movies, eat popcorn and play games too. Good luck, Crash. They're crazy if they don't choose you--you always make me smile.