Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Losers are just winners in disguise (Contest winners, sponsers & another cute giveaway) (SAM-e judges, this is a good post for u 2 read) (just sayin)

I need to say a few words about winners and sponsers. Thank you thank you thank you to the awesome sponsers for my DEB-e for SAM-e video contest, Marty Haws from the I Won't Cheat Foundation (Injecting Ethics into America's Future), and my very good friend who wishes to remain unnamed so I'm calling her Lobstah Head. (And no, it ain't Lady Gaga.)

The winners of the video contest were Jim and Nan, with 106 votes and Sean with 99 votes. CONGRATULATIONS! They will each receive $100 cash for their efforts.

The losers will receive I Won't Cheat t-shirts because losers are just winners in disguise. (That's what I always say.)

Also thank you to the Minnesota Treatment Center (DON'T DO DRUGS! And if you do do drugs just STOP IT! NOW! (You're welcome for the pep talk)) for sponsoring my Why Would DEB-e Make the Best Good Mood Blogger? contest.

The winner of the contest and $30 cash is . . . drumroll, paleeaze . . .

Tonya, (T) from You Asked For It!

Cue the confetti and Balloons:

Here's is T's winning entry:

T said...
CTD is always the first blog link I click to check because it's a pick me up moment that starts my day right. Setbacks in life? Debbie finds a way to learn a lesson from them, and shares that lesson in a touching manner. Huge life changes? Debbie takes them in stride, looks for the positive and jumps in with both feet. And somehow--despite her enduring wisdom which from anyone else would make me feel like my IQ were in the single digits, her readers leave each day feeling uplifted and wiser themselves... Thank you Deb for being funny, for being thoughtful, and for being you - because you rock!


Braden said... (Braden nearly won with this entry, except he said he wasn't entering the contest, just appealing to the judges.)

Esteemed SAM-e Judges:Please accept this comment as my heartfelt and considered endorsement of Debbie to be the SAM-e Good Mood Blogger. Debbie should be the Good Mood Blogger because she is always in a Good Mood (at least on her blog which makes it perfect!). More than that, and I am now being completely serious, Debbie makes other people get in a good mood.Debbie is very funny, like make-me-laugh-out-loud funny. But she's a supportive and warm friend behind the humor. She cares deeply about people and has cultivated a wide group of friends from every walk of life and region of the country. Debbie is a good mood incarnate, and her good moods are highly contagious. I assure you that you will be glad you chose her.


Braden Bell (esteemed author extraordinaire!) (Okay, I added the esteemed author extraordinaire part.)

Dolly said . . .

If the Sam E judges can't see the obvious choice-- (material and writing that is so original and totally relates to the people who really need to be be in good moods)... then at least you would have become a celebrity on TLC and you would have gotten to do the vote for Debbie all over again on Dancing with the Stars!

Emily said . . .

She is good friends with Jack Johnson so he will probably do the soundtrack when you make SamE Good Mood the Movie.thank you

Anjeny said...
No one can spin a tale like Debbie...she can deliver a sad sob story in a way that by the time you're done reading her, you actually feel good. No one can make you laugh like Debbie can. So there ya go Crash!!

Sandi said...
You would most definitely be the BEST good mood blogger because even if YOU aren't in a good mood, you somehow make ME laugh. A LOT. If further proof is needed, you must be a good spokesperson for their product because I ACTUALLY BOUGHT SOME! Thats all.

Miss Shelby said...
Aunt Debbie would make the BEST Good Mood blogger. I have been reading her stuff for a while and love it--it's definitely entertaining. She's the happiest Aunt I have for sure--and the smartest. I love how she used to be an English teacher and we can have great disscussions about books together. Staying in Hawaii with her for three weeks was a blast and she has a happy home.

Emily said...
If I could see the world thorugh Debbie's clever, creative eyes every day, my life would be better. Enough said.

SWIRL said...
Debbie is hee-larious... and peeps come to visit because we all want to wear crash-test-dummie-rose colored glasses... or just crash/test/helmets.. if it meant we could be as funny and optimistic and hopeful and full of joy as Debbie is! She just gotsta win!

To express my gratitude for all of your support during the voting stage, I am going to be giving away little things on my blog all week, starting with the cutest thing evah! Visiting teaching message/gifties made with lub by my Laurel Advisor's sister, Brenda. This is such a great idea I can't believe no one else is doing this yet.

You know how you want to do your visiting teaching, but sometimes you put it off because you don't have anything to bring your sistahs? Well Brenda puts together these little message/gifties and sells them for only $3.75. This month they look like this:

I've been buying them for the past two months and it actually makes me excited to go out and do my visiting teaching.

Brenda has donated three of these message/gifties so if you haven't done your visiting teaching this month and you would like to win them just let me know in my comment box. And good news, if you don't win them you can pick some up at Lemea on 45 W. Main Street in American Fork, UT. (801) 492-0046.

(While you're there look for the Jozy's Jewelz collection. The collection is made and sold by another sister, Jozy.)


One Cluttered Brain said...

For cute. Seriously. For cute.
Love the ornaments.
And that i commented before T.
And that T WON.
But I really won cause I won a cool ultimately COOL T shirt.
Sent by Debbie herself.
You ROCK girl!
I did get quite a number of views on my video I made for it's all good.
Love you Debbie.
You put EVERYONE in a good mood!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Yay for Jim and Nan and for Sean also. Who wouldn't be in a good mood after winning cool hard cash.

T said...

oooh, now I can do the happy dance... well, except that I can't move right now... long story (okay, short story - but a stupid one...) I'll dance tomorrow.

and you know all the comments were only good because the subject matter was SO EASY!!

See, you DO always put me in a good mood!!!

Braden said...

Oh man, if I'd known I had a chance to really win money I wouldn't have been all magnanimous! I was just trying to impress the judges with my unbiased, disinterested comment.

Still, it's nice to be a runner up and being called an author extraordinaire is pretty darn cool! Congratulations, T.

Barbaloot said...

I totally have not done my visiting teaching yet...I wanna win!!

Love reading all the nice things people said about you. It's so true and you so deserve it:) I think you should print and frame all of them so you'll always remember how awesome you are.

T said...

hey Braden... too late to renege on being magnanimous!


(the smilie lets you know that I know you were kidding - and also that I'm kidding too... man, is this a beautiful language or what???)

Dolly said...

Um, I feel like President Bush right now. My comment got totally chopped up into a little sound bite that did not reflect it's full meaning. It didn't makes sense after the ...

What was in the ... and after the ... was much funnier. Remember the Bristol Palin clutz part. Yeah- that was funny. Oh well. I guess editors have their ownz agendaz.

At least Sean was a winner!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

LOL ha ha ha ha ha Dolly! ha ha ha You are right. ha ha It's just that the whole comment was in context with the post and I didn't want to have to go back and explain. ha ha ha Plus I wanted to make you look ridiculous. ha ha J/K. Maybe I'll go back and publish the whole thing.

Hey, my sponsor is going to send the check directly to Sean.


hehehehehe ownz agendaz heheh

Guess what else Dolly, I got to try on a Burka on Saturday. UGH!!!! Are you kidding me???

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Braden and Barb, I replied to your comment on my other post. oooops. ha ha