Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ancient Chinese Secrets (and fortunes) (and scrapbooks)

Today I ate Chinese again.  We all know what that means. It means I got another fortune cookie.

Anyone who is anyone knows that I am a firm believer in fortune cookies (especially with the added ending) and ancient Chinese secrets. 

The last time I ate Chinese--10 days ago--this was my fortune: 

I took it as a sign. 

This was my fortune today:


I think it's sweet how the ancient Chinese know each of us individually, so to show my appreciation and gratitude I decided to be obedient unto their will and write that letter.  I was going to write to Santa and tell him that I wanted a new job for Christmas, but I decided to go straight to the source:

Dear SAM-e Good Mood Blog Judges,

Mahalo in advance for your careful and thoughtful and deliberate and conscientious consideration to quite possibly, and very likely, award me the great honor of being your next Good Mood Blogger. As Gad as my witness, I pinky promise not to let you, or the world at large, down.  


P.S. Your honorable judges, instead of writing me back, would you mind slipping $1 into an envelope and sending it to Matthew Blanchard at 8444 Brody Marsh Ave/Las Vegas, NV/89143?  He is a very sick 12-year-old boy who needs a good mood something fierce. Today he received five envelopes containing $1 bills and it put a smile on his face. Tomorrow let's hope he receives ten envelopes! 

THANK YOU for your  help! 


And now for a few apologies: 

1. I posted Matthew Blanchard's house number without the 8 in an earlier post. DARNIT! It's 8444 Brody Marsh Ave. I'm thinking the mailman will be able to figure it out though because how many Blanchards live on Brody Marsh Ave? Thank goodness I did post the address correctly on Facebook and on my Magic Quilt blog. PHEW!   

2.  I made Dolly look like George W. when I posted her entry into my Why Would DEB-e Make the Best Good Mood Blogger contest. Her comment doesn't make sense out of context. It doesn't make sense in context either, (unless you know that Sean, the winner of my video contest, is her son and he followed us around for hours filming our every move). But anyways here's her comment in it's entirety: 

Dolly said... 

I got to see some of that footage and it was so funny!! I can't wait 'til he gets the video made so you can see how GREAT you look and SOUND in real life. In fact, I think I missed out on my directorial debut opportunity with TLC. I should have had my son filming you for the past two months while trying to win this contest. I could have pitched this mini series as the next hit reality show.

The pitch would have been: The Amazing Race-- From Crash Test Dummy to Good Mood Blogger. Tune in to find out if dummies really do have feelings.

If the Sam E judges can't see the obvious choice-- (material and writing that is so original and totally relates to the people who really need to be be in good moods)... then at least you would have become a celebrity on TLC and you would have gotten to do the vote for Debbie all over again on Dancing with the Stars!

You would make Bristol Palin look like a klutz. Oh wait, Bristol Palin already did that. : ) 

Okay, one last thing. Congratulations to Barbaloot for winning the cute visiting teaching message/giftie thingies. Barb, I'm going to be in your neck of the woods tomorrow. Where can I meet you? 

As for today's MAHALO-for-supporting-me-through-my-voting-ordeal giveaway, it's really coooool. If you're into scrapbooking. It was donated by my very talented sis-in-law, Jennifer, who is a scrapbooking wiz. She wants me to win so badly she has donated at least two dozen 12 x 12 one-of-a-kind ready made scrapbook pages and kits. 

If you would like to win this lovely, super expensive prize, just leave a comment telling me you sent a magic dollar to Matthew. (And don't take refuge in a lie.) That's one entry. If you blog or tweet or Facebook about the magic dollar drive then you get more entries.  

MAHALO to all and to all a good night!


The Mom said...

I sent my envelope last week. Does that count? And I shared it on Facebook too.
Just because Love makes the world go around.

Garden of Egan said...

Mahalo Dummy. I get goosebumps when I think about your Chinese fortune.

I wrote a letter to Matthew last week....ok I didn't write a letter but I clicked the paypal thing. I hope that counts in Gad's book.

I think the SAM-e people need to check out their ancient Chinese secrets. What's their number, I'll give them a call. They need to hurry up and hire ya!

I love that you are such a magic person. Dollars and quilts and fortunes.
You are amazing.

OK and I kid NOT!!
My VW:

That has got to mean something!

Marie Carlisle said...

I love this! I sent my moola to Matthew!

Dolly said...

Water spewing out of my nose-- almost choked, but worth it. You crack me up. I seriously could exploit your talent and personality and become a Hollywood Producer even though I have no clue how to do that job. I'll just use my Hawaii real estate formula. A little start up money + a great idea + scrounging for raw talent for the supporting roles + get far enough into the project that it's Do or Die! = My personal formula for success. Hmmm, I just may look to it.

Dolly said...

And since I procrastinated, I just sent my dollars to the correct address. : ) Life in slow motion does have it's rewards.

IWA (e - va) said...

You always have cool prizes! People love you! Why cant the judges just see that?

Our dollars are being sealed with Christmas pictures from our kids right now as I type... This has been a service filled Christmas and just another fun thing for them to do!

DeNae said...

Matthew is LOVING these dollars, Deb! A huge thank you to your wonderful readers - keep 'em coming! Matthew's dad is having knee surgery on Monday, and they will soon lose their insurance because he can't work. So yes, this family definitely needs a reason to smile.

And thanks to you, too, Debbie. You're a gem.

I am LoW said...

First of all, I am sending a dollar today but I do not want to win. No offense, but I don't want to scrap book.

Second of all, I blogged about fortune cookies today too. And nerds. You should check it out!

Third of all, again, I think you SHOULD win and DESERVE to win. And they'd be crazy if they didn't pick you!! I mean that! (I don't say anything I don't mean!)

Barbaloot said...

Really? I won!? Hooray! This makes visit teaching this month so much better:)

I'm at work from 8-5, but I have a break from 12-1. Can I meet you somewhere? I usually go to my parent's house on my break---which is all of 5 houses away from your in-laws.

Barbaloot said...

And also, I'm gonna talk to my nieces and nephews and see if they want to donate dollars with me:)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Barb, what's your house #. I can find the rest. If I can't get there between the hour of 12-1, I will drop it off at the house earlier. I need to be back to pick up my boy for practice by 1 p.m. so I may get an earlier start.

LoW, I will be right over.

Thank you all for laughing at and lubbing me and for patting me on the back every so often.

Garden, chant? REALLY? Wow! That is appropriate. I have a chant in my head right now that starts with S and ends with -e.


My verifier says aspipro. I'm a pro at aspiring. hee hee

LY everyone!

Barbaloot said...

It's 97---on Westview Drive, not circle. Pizza guys always get that wrong:)

Right across the street from the cul-de-sac, between two red houses, with a flag pole. Is that enough description? :)

Hopefully I get to see you, but if not, then thanks and have a great day!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, Barb, I'm on it!

Barbaloot said...

Shoot-my dad said I missed you by five minutes!! I'm so bummed. The lady that comes in for me during lunch was late and that's why I wasn't home yet. Boo.

But thank you so much! I love the visiting teaching---what do we call them? Gifts, I guess. So cute. My mom loved them, too---but she's on top of things and has already done her assignments so I'm not sharing with her:)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Darnit Barb. I'm sorry I couldn't wait. I had a zillion things to do and ended up picking my son up late. oops. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE. I used to fantasize about living on that street. How weird is that?

Barbaloot said...

Well---at least we tried. I wish you lived on that street too! I mean, I know you have famous people in your ward and all, but our ward is pretty dang awesome as well:) And I happen to think my house (or, I guess my parents') is one of the best on the street:)

T said...

Yay for Barb... even if she did miss you. (and now maybe I can stalk her when I'm up there Saturday... okay, I'm way to nice to do that... or maybe it's that I'm way too loud to stalk??? one or the other~!)

wendy said...

Of course I sent Matthew some money....had to
My son's name was Matthew. It was a good omen to do something nice for this boy.
besides...give said the little stream. (who KNEW streams could talk, quite magical really)
well, wait they do babble, that is like talking...right??

but I don't need to win the scrap booking stuff. I. DO. NOT. Scrapbook. or anything like unto it.