Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Plan

Yesterday morning I was laying in bed thinking about my plan. My life plan, that is. I just laid and laid and laid there as the minutes ticked away. Tick, tick, tick. My poor hub had already gone back to work after the holiday break, and my poor kids were still crashed out from our late night movie/popcorn/Sprite party. And poor me, I was just laying there, thinking, thinking, thinking about my plan.

Glad I did it though because I was able to conjure up a vague outline of an obscure rough draft of a six-and-a-half-year plan.

Six and half years.

That's how long I have left until my twins graduate from high school. GULP!

I would tell you about my six-and-a-half-year-plan but it's top secret.

Word: Always keep your plan vague and obscure and top secret. That way no one can sabatoge your plan but you. And that way no one will ever know if you don't follow through with your plan. They'll just think, oh, I guess she meant to not do that.

Kinda like when my daughter trips or slips and falls and cuts her head open she always jumps up immediately and calls out, with blood dripping down her face, "I MEANT TO DO THAT!"

If your vague outline of an obscure rough draft of a plan doesn't come to fruition, alls you have to do is jump up and call out, "I MEANT TO NOT DO THAT!"

And that, my friends, is how I maintain my good mood.

(hee hee) You're welcome.

P.S. This advice also works for New Years resolutions, mission statements, short-term goals, grocery lists and traffic school.

P.S.S. Remember how I was preparing that YW lesson on Sunday? Well, when I showed up to church two of my Laurels had come prepared to teach a combined class lesson about virtue. And guess what? They didn't use the lesson manual either. They used the more current, hip, trendy Preach My Gospel manual.

Smarter than the average Yogi Bear, these youngins! Resourceful too.


DeNae said...

I hope your 6 1/2 year plan includes me, cuz I was actually talking with Ken Craig the other day and we were making plans that included you! I know! It's very exciting...

LKP said...

that approach is very effective with diets as well! :)
as in, "i really meant to NOT be on that diet!" or "i really meant to NOT avoid that extra bite of 7 deadly layers of chocolate bliss cake!" see what i mean? your approach is HIGHLY universal! :)

and i hope YOUR plan includes denae as well, cause i was just telling my husband about BOTH of you this morning and reading some of each of you two's posts to him. he couldn't stop laughing!
have a marvelous wednesday.

LKP said...

i've got 4 1/2 years before my only graduates high school, and i'm already in panic-mode. :( so i need to get my 4 1/2 year plan going as well. thanks for the reminder.

Marie Carlisle said...

We have the best girls in our class, don't we! Good luck with your plan! I know all of your mini (but end up being big) plans end up great! I really will start thinking about getting the Magic Nurse quilt going. It's a great mini idea that will end up GREAT!! You do so many amazing things!

Kazzy said...

Only 5 and a half years here, and I am already kinda giddy and kinda panicky about it. gulp...

I think you are swell. And I like your plan.

One Cluttered Brain said...

Haha. Good point!
Never reveal your plans to others...
BUT that's how I get my stuff together...Because I ALWAYS (Eh er...almost ALWAYS) accomplish my goals when I tell others what I'm gonna do.
Well, that's how I work anyway...

wendy said...

Preach My Gospel Manual.....never heard of it.
I think that is an excellent idea to keep our LIFE PLANS/MISSION STATEMENT top secret.
No one can judge you when you didn't get it done (which is most likely in my case)

because I usually almost always, MEANT TO DO THAT.

and If I keep my plan really really secret, chances are I'll forget what they were in the first place.

T said...

shoot - plans, everyone wants PLANS from me now.

I like the "I meant to do that" kind of coping... I suppose that won't get me a nice high paying job anywhere though...


my youngest graduates in 10 1/2 years... and by then I think my plan will be to do daily stretches to keep my body functional :)

Martha said...

My plans are more short term. Here were my holiday plans and whether then came to fruition:

1. Get parents and inlaws presents- nope
2. Get family presents-kind of
3. Clean the house- kind of
4. Bake and take treats to neighbors-sort of
5. Get Adam to the MTC - YES

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha, I didn't do any neighbor gifts or send any Christmas cards this year. I bet nobody missed me and my holiday was ten times less stressful and 100 times more enjoyable.

I think I will do New Years gifts instead. Or maybe MLK day gifts.

You got the most important thing done. Your son is in the MTC. Phew! Is it weird without him? Do you guys miss him? It was so fun to see him before he left.

T, everyone wants plans from me too. Plans shmans! And now I have to speak in Sacrament meeting next Sunday too. Do you think I should mention the YW lesson manuals? hee hee

Wendy, I've been thinking about you a lot lately. How are you doing? I've been thinking about a lot of people lately. If I could just get my thoughts from my brain into other people's brain.

Cluttered Brain, hee hee, are you trying to get me to spill my guts. lol. You're right, of course. but it's not as funny that way. I did tell someone about my plan. It was Marie. She's here today in my comment box and she told me to GO FOR IT!

LPK, I love that you read me and DeNae to your hub. I'm honored to be placed in such company. DeNae is heelarious.

DeNae, OF COURSE my plans include you. Send me deets sistah!

Hi Kazzy. I think you're swell too! ;)

IWA (e - va) said...

I'm using that this year, "It's top secret!" haha!

When my husband starts bringing up plans.. goals... resolutions..I just usually tell him, "I resolve not to resolve!" (and then he rolls his eyeballs at me!)

Yay for the youth! Now you have an emergency lesson all done just in case the teacher doesn't show this year!!

Happy New year!

Garden of Egan said...

Well, in 6 1/2 years I'll be ready for the nursing home I'm sure.
Please put that in your planning.

Oh, and about the kids growing and happens like tomorrow. I promise.
Just yesterday I was preggers with my very first! And then BOOM! She's pregger with her first!
There ya have it.

nevadanista said...

This is so inspirational, you have no idea :D

Mariko said...

Good plan. I like vague plans. I recently made some pretty big promises to myself and my hub and suddenly think that one or the other of us is going to expect me to keep those promises.
Now why did I do that?

I hate the end of vacation.

Why can't they pay us to watch Despicable Me and take naps? And why do I have to feel guilty for wanting to do that when people around are working hard?

And Martha: Looking forward to meeting your daughter. I'm not looking forward to school, but, I guess it comes with the students. Dang.
(I'm sure Mrs. B likes her though. She just has to put on that sub face. It's always a nasty face.)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Mariko, I hate the end of vacation tooooooooo! Waaah! But you have had a really long vacation (sorta) so it's like Sunday night blues to the 10th degree. Good luck, girlfriend. Wish we could just enjoy our children forever! Even when they're not that enjoyable.

Hey, Chowen slept over the other night. It was so good to see her and to hear all about D.C. We thought and talked of you. Miss you!

Donna said...

My youngest child graduates this June....I am thinking about making a life plan.
Actually I would like to be Oprah. I understand there is a opening.