Monday, December 7, 2009

Open-minded, closed-blinded

I have my theories as to why people in Utah are so depressed, but I'm not one to speculate and tell.

If I was one to speculate and tell, however, I would assert that people in Utah are depressed because they keep their blinds closed all day long.

What's up with that? They're an open-minded, closed-blinded people.

Ba dum bum.

What in the world is everyone doing behind closed blinds? Messing up their houses?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm more of a closed-minded, opened-blinded kinda gal.

You just miss so much when you're the other way around.

For example, today was a let is snow, let it snow, let it snow day, and believe you me, it's way more emotionally fulfilling to sit in front of a roaring fireplace, drinking Swiss Miss and watching your entire world turn fluffy white if your blinds are open wide.

Speaking of snow, my kids are still trying to get the hang of it. Tonight my hub asked my twins to go out and shovel and when they came back in the house, the entire front lawn had been plowed clean.

LOLOLOLOL! How cute is that?

And at this very moment all four of my kids are outside (at 10 p.m.) trying to figure out how to make a snowman. "How do you make a snowman?" they keep saying.

"You just . . . make it," I keep saying back.

Have they never watched Frosty?

10:06--I am sitting by the fire watching my kids shovel the side lawn.


10:10--One son just booked it across the drive way and did a belly flop into the heap of leftover Frosty the snow blob.

10:16--Wouldn't you know it, they just built a snow volcano! Hmmph.

What's that saying again? "You can take your kids out of Hawaii, but . . . you can't make them stop building volcanos?"

True that.

10:28--one twin is crying because the other twin just smeared brown slush all over his face.

Anyways, case in point: I wouldn't be able to see any of this if my blinds were closed.


April said...

BAM! First! Now to read it! lol!

April said...

I'm half and half. Half my blinds are closed, but then again, we are at work all day and I don't like my neighbor's yard. But I am also half open minded. I have to check myself on that a lot. (See neighbor's yard comment.)

We are still waiting for our snow........

Mariko said...

Jake only learned how to make a snowman when we were in Oregon for Christmas a couple of years ago. He was trying to just pile it up together instead of snowballing it and rolling it. I thought it was so cute.
The other thing that people on the mainland never do is go outside. They park the car in the garage and never even touch the outside. And they drop everyone off at the door at the mall.
The weirdest part for me about Hawaii was how there was no inside hallways at school.
I'm totally cloze minded.

IWA (e - va) said...

Did they ever clear the drive? tell um tomorrow! :)

Wouldnt you rather have them closed, so that when you sit by the warm fire, you can close your eyes and pretend your sitting on the beach at 12 noon, being burned to a crisp! Give yourself a couple winters!

Jillybean said...

They cleared your lawn, but did they clear the snow off of your driveway and sidewalks?
Will you now need to drive on your lawn?
I would open my blinds, but I don't have a fireplace to sit in front of. I drink my hot chocolate in front of the computer, and if I open the blinds it creates a glare on the computer screen and I can't see anything.

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

I open my blinds. I don't remember that about Utahns. Interesting, very interesting.

Snow volcano, awesome!

The Garden of Egan said...

It sounds like your kids are learning how to build Frosty the Volcano. I think that will become a new thing for us snowlubbers.

Closed blinds....hmmmm I don't know what to think about that. In Idaho, I keep my blinds closed so I don't see how dirty my windows are.

Anonymous said...

Amen. What else was I supposed to do yesterday when I was stranded in my apartment, but sit and watch the world fill up with snow and think of how much I love my heater? I guess I could've been listening to my neighbors and their loud music. ...

Heather and Kyle said...

That was really funny!! Hey I was just wondering about Friday. Are the kids coming too? They are welcomed. I am just trying to figure out food.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

We tried to make snowballs but they wouldn't stick just wet, we gotta get the wetter snow. Oh you'll love it (haha).
It's my guess that we're closed blinded because we're also nosy? At least the folks around here are. All like, "let me see inside your house. Why are you walking around nekkid?" :)

Sandi said...

I hate it when people leave their blinds closed all the time. It seriously drives me crazy and makes me wonder what they are hiding in there. So I am open blinded, but I'm probaby not open minded too. but I am probably nosy. And now I'm just confused. Your kids are cracking me up- did ya get a snow day??

CaJoh said...

I don't think it's restricted to Utah. I live in a townhouse with a big window. I do find it interesting that so many of our neighbors keep their shades drawn.

Almost reminds me of a scene from a movie where the owner of the house (while trying to show the president the great view he has) tries to draw his curtains and can't. It seems the Secret Service nailed the curtains to the floor (Just in case there are snipers sir). So… perhaps they are afraid that some crazy sniper will be sitting up in the mountains with their sights trained on their living room chair just waiting for someone to sit in it…

The Crash Test Dummy said...

CaJoh, you are such a cutie patootie.

Sandi,you crack me up. Of course my kids didn't get a snow day. Are you kidding me? Utah doesn't get snow days unless it's 12 feet deep. High five on the blind, btw. You DO get me!

Debbie, you must be newlywed if you're still walking around nekked. No joke, when I first got married, we lived below my SIL and BIL, in a basement apt. Whenever I would go visit her she would open the door in her garms. EEEK! It scarred me for life. Shhhhhhhhhhh . . . if you're related to me and you're reading this, keep that on the DL.

Heather, yes my kids are coming. I hope that's okay.

A word of advice to Garden, CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS SISTER! There is a whole lot of bee-U-tiful things going on in Ideeho. But I must say, that's good reasoning.

Jillybean, hahahahaha

Iwa, I do do that. But I don't close my blinds. Every morning at exactly 8:15 a.m. the sun beats into my living room on one particular corner of my couch. So I sit there in my bathing suit and I close my eyes and pretend I'm at Hukilau. Sometimes I even hum that tune. I get my daily dose of seratonin that way.

Mariko, hee hee That is so cute about Jake. That is exactly what my kids were trying to do. But Debbie's right, the snow wasn't wet enough. Yes, Mariko, that is my kids number one complaint. "Why isn't anyone outside?" Sometimes you feel like the whole place has been hit by nerve gas.

April, congrats on your victory. You're number 1.

LoW, I should have known you were opened blinded. Of course you are!

Martha said...

You got snow, we got waves and I mean big ones. Can you say Eddie Aikau? Well it's on. Check out the news page at hasn't been held since 2004. Traffic is backed up to Laie from Waimea. It's crazy.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Whoa Martha! Are you serious? The universe is intense right now. It must be in lub.

Martha said...

G was on facebook last night with Nan telling her about the snow. She says to save some for us.

Now you can leave your blinds open even more because I bet you don't have neighbors walking up to your kitchen window to bug you like I used to.

Martha said...

Hey you are there now. Check out this web site.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hee hee Martha, I wish someone would bug me at my kitchen window like you used to. But even in Hawaii with buggy neighbors like you I couldn't keep my blinds closed.

We started a Facebook account for G last night. Tatum scooped up a cup of snow to save. It's in the fridge right now. Don't be fooled if it looks like water when you get here.

I'm sure there will be plenty of snow to go around when you arrive. We bought some sleds so we can party. The kids don't know yet.

I've got the live feed going right now. SNIFF. It makes me so happy/sad. How does that happen?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

And to make it even more poignant Jack Johnson is in the background singing Rudolph from my playlist.

Sandi said...

Uh Oh...Martha is going to get me in trouble at work because I just HAD to check out that quiksilver link and now I can't quit watching! I love Waiamea- oh how I wish KK's wedding was on Oahu!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oooh, me too! Me too! Only I'm not at work, I'm just mopping my kitchen floor so and I can do two things at once.

I've never seen Waimea so crowded!!!

Oh, it does a heart good to see Waimea again.

Heather and Kyle said...

Yes deb that is fine. I just wanted to make sure. See you Friday

Alyson (New England Living) said...

It's true! Westeners keep their blinds closed. Totally opposite in New England. NO ONE has blinds on their windows. You can see what they're doing 24/7.

OldBoatGuy said...

Blinds are for temperature control! In the summer, close them to keep the sun out, in the winter open them to let the sun in. On cold winter nights, close them to add a layer of insulation, on hot summer nights, open them and the window to let cool breezes in. ELEMENTRY! Hee Hee

Tiffany said...

I dont have blinds I have curtains, and boy do I open them up. My husband will come upstairs and say.."Why are all the blinds open, you are still in your pajamas." or "Are you gonna close the blinds? People can see everything we are doing, like we are in a fish bowl"

I might keep them open cus I like people to see me, in all my glory. It helps that I have mostly windows across the front of my house. I am sure with all my fans out there they just park in font of my house and watch. Like I am a reality show or something.

Still when I had blinds, I kept them closed all the time, I was worried about peeping toms, and murderers and well...Light. But I am better now. I love the light.

So Open up your blinds Utah, let in the light!!!! Plus we all need to see more reality fish bowls filled with Mormons doing Mormon things.

Martha said...

We've been watching the surf competition all day streaming online. Adam just hurried home from class and jumped in his car with Nate R. to head out to Waiamea. Hope he makes it there and home.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh, Old Boat Guy, why do you always have to make so much sense? You had me almost convinced, but then New England Aly came on and gave you the old one, two, punch. New England-ers are just as cold, if not colder, than westerners. And just as hot. So take that. There's some other explanation.

Amen Tiffany. We should have a pep rally. I'll wear my old cheer skirt. And Martha, you are not going to see Adam until midnight, at least.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

WOW...I don't even HAVE blinds! That way people aren't really stalkers, it's more of a "go ahead...I'm and open minded and a NO blinded kinda person!!!"

People in Utah are depressed??? I'm living in the wrong state fo sho!

I would cry also if someone was smooshing my face in brown snow...yuck...

Lub and miss ya!

OldBoatGuy said...

Go ahead, gang up on me. I'll get even...............

Kritta22 said...

Crash can I have a list of all the people that played on the magic quilt por favor?
I don't know where my comment went.

val of the south said...

My home teacher came over one night to give my kids a blessing and he walked over and closed our blinds was too weird!

Just wait until you get a snow blower (the whole shoveling novelty wears off pretty fast!) they'll clear off EVERY surface. My kids even snow blow the street!!