Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is there a Best Day Ever quota?

Today someone in New York found my blog with the search words: eyeballs stuck on your plate lyrics.  

Could there seriously be another dummy somewhere out there who thinks Sean Kingston's eyeballs are stuck on shawty's plate? 

Do you think it's my soul mate? 

Or do you think maybe, heaven forbid, I'm not as dumb as I think I am (and Sean Kingston needs to work on his enunciation?)

Either way, it's oddly tragic, being as I'm too old to change my self perception or find my soul mate. 

Speaking of eyeballs, last night mine were stuck on John Mayer's plate. NO JOKE! I was sitting across from him at the dinner table. He's not as cute as Jack Johnson, and he spoke to me in scrawny, scruffy tones, which I had to strain to make out.  

"I will see you at my next concert, right?" he said, and then he winked at me.

All I could do was nod and think, I HAVE GOT TO BLOG ABOUT THIS! 

But then I woke up.  

I laid there in the darkness thinking DANGIT and trying to decide if I should blog about it anyway, when my thoughts were interrupted by squeals of delight.  I looked at the clock--4:35 a.m. and my kids were still wide awake. They were having a brat pack slumber party with Martha's kids and two other former rugrats who grew up in the zLaie hood before blowing that taco stand and moving to the mainland. 

So anyways, I laid there in the dark thinking DANGIT and GO TO SLEEP RUGRATS! completely oblivious to the fact that tomorrow--which for you is today and for me was yesterday--was going to be the best day ever! 

(BTW, how many best day evers do we get? Is there a best day ever quota? I vote Utards should get more best day evers since Utah is the most superlative state in the union.) 

So what does a Utarded best day ever look like? 

I thought you'd never ask. 

It's full of friends and flour and four wheelers. And fluffy white snow. Loads and loads of the most bee-U-tiful fluffy white snow. 

And I am barefoot in the kitchen making fresh hot rolls and homemade chocolate chip cookies, and chopping broccoli for my piping hot soup--a few of my favorite things--while the kids run in and out dripping wet and tracking mud all over and saying BEST day ever!

It's as close to living in a Thomas Kinkade puzzle as I'll ever get (unless I find my soul mate or meet John Mayer.)

What started out as a simple snowball fight between old friends this morning . . .  

turned into a full-blown four-hour funfest (with a little help from some of the cute boys in the neighborhood who showed up on four wheelers.)  

Ready . . . set . . .

you go, girl! 

One of these boys is not like the others . . .

Not only did I open my blinds, I pulled my blinds all the way to the top so I could have a better view.

So that's what the best day ever looks like.  

At least from my living room window. 

As for the rest of the brat pack back in Hawaii, WISH YOU WERE HERE!  

Or vice versa. 



NeenaLove said...

i am just cracking up at the picture of "one of these boys are not like the others". that is soooooooo LA'IE! lol

Mae Rae said...

I am going to give you a quota! There can only be a total of 363 days of the year that can be the best day ever! The other two are set for relaxation and recovery for the others. Those are the days you lie in bed for more hours than others and sleep and catch up on the bill things that life throws at us. Happy New Year!

springrose said...

My 3 year old just came over while I was reading your post and declared he wants That for Christmas. Meaning the thing that goes in snow, (yes I know it is a 4 wheeler!) My kids got to sled yesterday as well. Just down a little sloap. What fun!!

Barbaloot said...

I really wish I was there, too. Especially when those cookies come out of the oven...

Sandi said...

that does indeed look the best day ever! thank goodness for the cute boys on white horses who showed up- or red 4-wheelers...whatever.
I'm so glad you bucked Utard tradition and had those blinds wide open baby! you are probably the talk of the town. (You might need to share your favorite soup recipe)

CaJoh said...

You have to realize that the best day ever is only the best until something better comes along.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and wishing you and yours to have a very happy and prosperous new year.

DeNae said...

Wow, you live in such a neat place, Crash! And I love those days, where things are just a little different, everyone is happy, and you feel like you're living the plot of a Lifetime Original Movie.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

DeNae, you are so right on. Lifetime Original Movie indeed. I lub those days too!

CaJoh, my wise friend, happy New Year to you too.

Sandi, ha ha. I'm quite sure I am the talk of the town. And I'm not sharing my ancent Chinese soup secrets either.

LOL Neena Love. Ain't it the truth.

MaeRae, that is good advice, but I think that's a little too much fun for me. I need at least a week of relaxation and recovery a year.

Mariko said...

So you can have fun in Utah. At least, YOU can. :) And that's good enough for me.
Seeing your other old friends in Hawaii, makes you wonder-- why do people who live in Hawaii only go to Utah? I mean, there is always Idaho.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

It does my heart good to see all those kids together having a blast. Love love love it. And what about you and Martha? Aren't you staying up til 4:30 partying like rock stars? The thing I have found in the past that when you leave something and really really miss it and then you get to visit and have to leave, well sometimes it hurts worse the second time. But I should not rain on the current parade and borrow trouble. I am so glad they got to visit and have so much fun. And I am glad to see that the boys are still playing with Nan. Does that mean she has not turned into a total girl?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Mariko, we also say Chowen this week. She and Tatum stayed up all night watching The Mentalist. I thought of you for some reason. And I missed you much.

Nutty, you are so right. Martha did cry a little bit one night. And if I didn't have such a stone cold heart I would have cried a little bit too. Nan, is a tom-boy, who now looks like a girl. She's quite adorable all-of-a-sudden. In another year it will be awkward. You get me?

So happy to see both you guys here! I am going to come visiting teaching tomorrow, I pinky promise.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

okay right now I am totally missing the snow and my husband is jumping up and down because he does NOT miss the snow!!! Dang it!

Love it... looks like a blast.

prashant said...

I really wish I was there, too. Especially when those cookies come out of the oven...

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SWIRL said...

awe- totally feelin the love!