Friday, January 1, 2010

Live like we're dying

I lub this week.  The week after Christmas is my fav-O-rite week of the entire year. 

It's the eye of the storm.  It's the cushion between the before and the after--the past and the future--where you can actually live in the NOW!  

The hustle bustle of Christmas is over and nothing is pressing or scheduled or expected until after the new year. 

How sweet it is.

In a few days I will have to kick it into gear and get busy.  Whip myself into shape.  Stop eating chocolate and reading autobiographies about Andre Agassi.  In a few days I'll have important things to do--meetings to conduct and activities to plan--goals to set and resolutions to make. But for now I am basking in the beauty of this middle place, where I can get away with simply existing. 

And existing simply. 


Actually I'm not going to make any resolutions this year. Instead I'm going to make a bucket list because I've decided to take Kris Allen's advice and live like I'm dying.  At least in 2010. In fact, if I happen to get my own talk show in 2010, Live Like We're Dying will be my theme song.

I'm taking advice from Kris Allen now because I got John Mayer's new album for Christmas and I'm kinda worried about him. I think he's depressed because all he sings about is broken hearts and getting stoned. Either he's depressed or he's going country. Either way, let's all send a message out to the universe so he can find another super-hot super-famous girlfriend and regain his Zen master status in my diary.
So anyways, as I say fare-thee-well to 2009, I am composing my bucket list to help me live like I'm dying.  Here's what I have so far: 

1.  Clean my bathrooms. Clean bathrooms are like clean underwear and you don't want to die with unclean underwear. 

That's all I've got right now. Any suggestions?

Happy New Year, peeps!  May we be all be as blessed, (or a little more blessed (or even a little less blessed would be okay, (as long is it's not too much less))), as we were in 2009.   

In 2010 may we all live (and clean our bathrooms) like we're dying.

Lub You All!!!!


tattytiara said...

Definitely on the same page - I've always followed Ghandi's advice: live like you're going to die tomorrow, and learn like you're going to live forever. A very happy 2010 to you!

DeNae said...

I love this week, too. Not ready for Monday, and certainly not sporting any clean bathrooms!

Happy New Year!

Crazy Sister said...

I'd have to put shaved legs into the same category as clean bathrooms. Very necessary, but easy to slack off from doing.

Martha said...

How about sell tons of oranges so you can come to Hawaii?

Kristina P. said...

Happy New Year, Crash!

IWA (e - va) said...

Happy new Year... Ditto on the interium Week.. I heart this past week!... but guess what... i was closed blinded every day.. and every day as i sat in my closed blinded house, i had thoughts of going to open it... but our neighbors are just too close here at TVA and our new neighbors are constatnly walking up to my windows and trying to have conversations! sooo that's my excuse and Im sticking to it!

Your last post with pics looked like Keilani Hayden! I love how they are in surf shorts and snow boots!

So guess what? I watched a video on facebook and kute kasey and her new hubby are totally on it in the last 5 seconds of it.... Its on Dallin muti's part 1 video of new years in Laie!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Very deep...

I live like I'm dying everyday because I tend to eat the carbs and sugar that will surely put me WAY over weight and give me Diabetes and well... you know how someone kicks it from there...


Lots of LUB to ya!

Happy New Year!

The Garden of Egan said...

Wow, I had never thought about dying with unclean bathrooms. Now I have another neurosis to try and overcome.
Thanks for that Crash!
Seriously, thanks for being such a fun blogger to follow. I sorta admire you a ton and verge on stalking.
Hope your New Year is great once you get out of the eye of the storm!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Aloha everyone! HUGS!

Garden, I have never thought about dying with unclean bathrooms either, but I had a slumber party with unclean bathrooms and that's worse than dying, believe me. At least if you're dead you don't have to face the humiliation. That's for stalking me! LUB YOU!

Oh Shelle Belle, I'm so happy to see you again. It's just like old times. I'm coming over to your place today too. LOL about the carbs. Good one. LUB YOU!

LUB YOU too IWA! Even if you are closed blinded. I've lived at TVA and I was closed blinded too. You need space to be enlightened like me. And privacy too. I think Dallin Muti is my friend on Facebook so I am going to go check out Kute Kasey. Hey, you were right about Keilani Hayden. She's been my surrogate daughter for the past 3 days. So fun.

LUB YOU TOO MARTHA! I like that idea. So sad you're leaving on Sunday! SNIFF!

Crazy Sister, I don't LUB you YET, but I LUB your idea about shaved legs. That is definitely going into my bucket list.

DeNae, LUB YOU! Happy New Year. May we both channel Erma Bombeck in 2010.

Happy New Year Kristina P. LUB YOU TOO!

Happy New Year TattyTiara! You remind me of Sabrina the teenage witch every time I see you.

Kritta22 said...

I'm working on my list as my New Years goals. Sounds good, since I already made the list! :)
Tim McGraw sings a good version of Live like you are Dying. He's country.
I hope your year is wonderful and full of happiness!

Sandi said...

I wanna see the video! I wonder whats on it because KK spend a good part of New Years Eve in the emergency room with a friend who got hurt by some fireworks that landed near his eye! yikes! she said the whole town was filled with smoke cuz of all the fireworks...crazy islanders. IWA.....come back here and tell me what the heck you do about the TVA cockroaches- my girl just might not make it there!

prashant said...

I love this week, too. Not ready for Monday, and certainly not sporting any clean bathrooms!

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SWIRL said...

awe-- too cute! Loved the pictures!! So glad you guys are spoiling Martha!