Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome to my world . . .

This is my world:

And this is me being open-blinded about my world:

(Told ya.)

And this is me getting my kids out of bed before school to shovel the driveway instead of the lawn:

Not to mention the driveway of the cute little ole' lady across the street who's husband, the meat cutter ran off with his meat wrapper thirty years ago. 

(Perfect people are people too.)

And this is me forcing my kids at gunpoint to get cold feet and earn their own Christmas money all at the same time: 

And this is one twin feeling  glad tidings of great joy because he smashed brown slush in the other twin's face and made him cry. 

And this is my daughter wearing the pink fuzzy slippers given to her by her basketball coach who says she shoots like a flamingo.  

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  I've never seen a flamingo shoot a basketball so I can't speculate. 

Enuff said!


Heather and Kyle said...

How is the orange selling going? How are you liking these really cold temp? I don't remember it getting zero before. I can't wait for Cali for nicer temps!!

The Garden of Egan said...

Oh, those poor poor children! I think slave labor is against the commandments in really should close your blinds if you're going to do that stuff. You should make them sew clothes or something, not oranges.
I have seen Flamingos shoot basketball (we have herds of Flamingos in Idaho) and you probably should take it as a compliment.
Don't have too much fun being open blinded! You might see things you don't wanna see.

Becca said...

Shooting basketball like a flamingo is the second best compliment - right behind shooting basketball like a poison-dart tree frog. I have lots of experience with this, so you can just trust me on that one.

(My word-veri is lamed. As in I Have Been Lamed By Sub-Zero Temperatures.)

Kristina P. said...

Toto, you aren't in Hawaii anymore!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Bet you wish you were Hawaii now don't'cha?

But those mountains sure are purrty. Do you think 7 year olds and 3 year olds can use shovels?

Homer and Queen said...

Not really Hawaii now is it? :(

OldBoatGuy said...

That looks alot like my yard, except there is NO ONE TO SHOVEL snow! Except me! Poor me!

IWA (e - va) said...
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IWA (e - va) said...

Did you really make them go out in the middle of a snow storm to get the funniest winter pic, or are you the best photoshopper in the world?

(ps. redo.. bad spelling in the first)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Child labor, my arse. Hmph!! It's about time those children learn how to labor!

And no I didn't photoshop that snow. ha ha ha ha

Verifier says, Okeete

Okeete then, I'm off to sell some oranges. CheeeHoo!

DeNae said...

Beautiful! And you are doing such a good job with your kids! Making them earn their Christmas money in the most ironic possible way: Standing in the snow and selling nearly-tropical fruit!

BTW, I had lunch with Krissy Richards yesterday. She told me you two are pals from way back! And also that she says Hi.

Big world, small church.

Lisa said...

I'm uber jealous over here! Could you please ask your Universe to send me some snow? (and some of those Utah-sold California-grown oranges too?)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

DeNae, what the what? Are you kidding me? Krissy and I were pals, and then pen pals forever after she moved. Do tell how my name way brought to your attention? So do you know the Bennions too? Chuck Bennion? Had a major crush on him back in the day. Well, more on his twin brother Ted, actually.

DeNae said...

Krissy just waltzed right up to me all sassy-like and said, "Hey, I'm friends with one of the bloggers you follow. Her name is Crash."

So then I asked how she knew I followed you, and she said she follows BOTH of us but doesn't comment.

So I pushed her face into the three-bean salad because it just felt right to do that.

I've known her for 2-3 years. Her hub is my stake pres and my hub is the clerk so they're together all the time, and we have several mutual friends. So Krissy is just a darling, regular feature in my life!

Nope. Don't know the Bennions. But if I meet them, I'll be sure to tell Ted you said, "Hey, sailor."

You're welcome.

SWIRL said...

your world looks BRRRRRRR- cold! Brings me back to my childhood-- shoveling snow before seminary! ugh...

You're kids need some stories to tell...
So when they grow up they can say they walked to school in the snow UPHILL both ways!

we miss ya
tho-- don't miss the snow ball fights I am sure our kids would get into if our families were together.

Saw Kute Kasey yesterday- it was a bit awkward.. I was all bright and saying HI KUTE KASEY- before it registered to me.. she was looking at me like... "who are you@!:!?" and I said... ""oh..uh.. your kute kasey..." and she said...
all red in the face.. " yes I am".
and we passed in awkwardness.. as I realized... dang that CRASH- introducing me to all her kute friends here.. who don't have any idea who I am.. and now think I am some strange staulker! (like the time I almost bound over to wolfgang to talk about his upcoming marriage... only to remember in mid-tride.. he didn't know who I WAS!~
You should have a WARNING label somewhere on your blog..
that reading you blog might make the reader socially unacceptable in real life!

Although I wouldn't trade it in the world .. since now this is the only way I get to see CRASH at all.. no more running over for an onion or such...
miss you
but I guess I already said that.
drink some hotcoca for us!

Martha said...

I changed my mind. I don't want to come visit you guys. It's too cold there. We will be Hawaiian Popsicles.

Martha said...


OK I met Iwa that same way and we starting gabbing and now I see her all the time and we are sorta almost friends. Still haven't met Kute Kasey. And of course Will was in my tennis class, but I didn't realize it until the end of the term.

Martha said...

By the way, Swirl, I need my flash drive back that I gave you like a month ago. I have come over three times to get it but you are always at hockey and I'm getting tired of it.

Martha said...

Those slippers are way cool. Can we go to one of the "Flamingo shooter's games"? They do play in an inside gym right? Have you thought about selling fresh Hawaiian pineapple?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha Swirl, about your warning label. Hee hee This blog makes you socially unacceptable in real life.

I lub that! It's true for me too. I'm always cracking up over serious things in public because I'm blogging it in my head. People must think I'm kooky.

That is funny about Kute Kasey. I can't believe she doesn't remember her best friend, Swirl. Especially after you tried to steal her away from me. ha ha

IT WAS SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU. I needed that today. It made my day. And it made my day to hear Martha flogging you in public over her flash drive. ha ha

Way to go, Martha. If you turn into a Hawaiian popsicle I hope it's a Melona. Mmmmm.

DeNae, that is crazy. I can't tell you how many letters Krissy and I exchanged before we were 13 years old. She lived right through the block from me. I'm so glad you pushed her face into that three bean salad because shame on her for not commenting. I had no idea she was lurking in the shadows. Kinda surreal, actually.

And LOL about the sailor comment. You da bomb!

Sandi said...

Love the sailor comment! Love the flogging courtesy of Martha..haha. If I ever meet her in real life I will be sure NOT to borrow anything!
Swirl- I'm sure Kasey remembered you and your fantastically KUTE KUPKAKES! I will have to give her a flogging as well for making you feel like a dork. haha. She has wedding on the brain you know so I might cut her a break. But if she sees you again she better be more friendly. And even more so to Martha if she knows whats good for her!

April said...

Note to not borrow flash drive from Martha, shoot a basketball like a flamingo or sell oranges in a snowstorm.

Martha said...

There goes Sandi picking on me again. Just don't be getting in a race with me because I will trip you and push you accidentally.

Swirl hasn't read the comments yet because I just went over there and asked nicely for the flash drive back and she actually found it. What I don't like about Swirl is that she's always gone when I need her. She's always at hockey, and I want her to stay home and play with me since Crash isn't here anymore.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha April, try selling in 16 degree weather. Even better. That will be today's post.

Sandi, don't play tennis with Martha either, (if you want to keep your girly parts intact.)

Martha, ha ha We should do a TV sitcom called "What I Don't Like About You." :)

Sandi said...

hahaha..that could go right along with KK's new post "what I like about you" well- kind of.
p.s. I think I can actually hear evil laughter coming from your boy!