Sunday, December 6, 2009

IMUA! (and get that corn out of my face!)

In my own defense, for those of you who called social services on me for letting my son wear shoes with no soul, I DID have a pair of brand new shoes on the sidelines which I finally got him to change into during half-time.

Here is the evidence I presented in court:

Speaking of court, I got 100% on my first traffic school test. (Well, technically I wasn't at traffic school, I was at the DMV getting my Utah drivers license, but same diff.)

I also passed my eye test with 20/20 vision!

(Soooo thankful I'm back in Utah where perfection is attainable.)

Okay, so I've had the Red Raiders on my mind this past weekend. Partly because Kute Kasey is getting married in less than two weeks and then she'll do her student teaching at Kahuku high school, which means she'll officially be a Red Raider for life (unless she moves away, in which case she won't be allowed back on the campus.) (See this post if you don't get that inside joke.)

So anyways, I found the perfect wedding present for KK at D.I.

It's a Kahuku-For-Life t-shirt.

Actually I'm not the one who found the t-shirt at D.I, my Rock Star brother and his wife found it, but what KK doesn't know won't hurt her, right? (until the honeymoon.) hee hee (SORRY peeps, I should have warned you to cover your ears.)

Not judging or anything, but ain't giving a Red Raider FOR LIFE t-shirt to D.I. a bit oxymoronic? D.I. is a second hand store. It's for people who want to divorce their clothing.

FOR LIFE is TILL DEATH DO US PART, right? (Unless you move away).

Isn't giving a FOR LIFE t-shirt to D.I. like casting your pearls before the swine flu?

Speaking of t-shirts, last week I got this design in an email from a good friend in Laie who made t-shirts for the Kahuku fans to wear at the state championship football game against Kamehameha.

I lub this t-shirt because the back made me laugh. (oops, sorry, can't see it. It says "Don't be a HATER, cause you ain't a RED RAIDER for life.")

But the front made me think.


Or as the Robinson's would say: KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Great advice!

Unless you are a red raider for life and you just lost the state championship game to your rival school.

Am I right, or am I right?

I don't think my friend thought about the Robinson's when he made his IMUA Kahuku t-shirt, but I did cuz I'm just a dumb haole.

I thought about how if the Robinson's traveled through time to meet the Red Raiders after the game last Friday, they would probably sing that Rob Thomas song about letting things go and letting things slide and letting things roll right off your shoulders.

And then the Red Raiders would probably do a few little animated Kung Fu Panda kick-offs with their little animated heads.

Because fo' reals, shouldn't great advice come with a warning?

WARNING: Do not give the KEEP MOVING FORWARD advice within 30 days of serious disappointment, anger or pain.

Great advice is all about great timing. Otherwise ain't it kinda like saying there are other fish in the sea to someone who just got left at the alter, or you'll have other children to someone who just had a miscarriage?

It's redundant, like the doctor who keeps telling you to PUSH HARDER while you're in labor.

There is a time and a season for every purpose. A time to push harder and a time to keep moving forward.

And a time to put on your stretchy pants and scream GET THAT CORN OUT OF MY FACE!

Maybe great advice is less about great timing and more about great delivery.

For instance, it might be more effective if Rocky Balboa traveled through time to tell the Red Raiders IMUA.

Ya get me?

But what do I know? I'm Just a dumb haole.


kasey ferrell said...

OH yay i cant wait to be a Red Raider for life! Oh and of course i will be blogging my adventures at kahuku high school. I have a feeling its going to be VERY interesting!

The Mom said...

I want you to do a column about the word verification words they use when you post here. Today it's Donizerl. There has to be a story there.

Don said...

Red Raider 4 Life @ DI - that is just too good!

However, in keeping with the "benefit of the doubt" philosophy, I'd have bought a Red Raider 4 Life t-shirt, had they existed in the mid-eighties. And that shirt may very well have ended up at DI - not because I've lost my Kahuku Spirit, because I haven't.

But the shirt doesn't say Same Sized Red Raider 4 Life.

Although that would be a really good program if someone could figure out how to pull it off.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

he he he at Don's comment. Very very true, unless you are you and you can fit in your cheer skirt 4 life.

So true about the timing thing.

The Garden of Egan said...

I guess I need to be a Hawaiian or at least have visited there to have understood about 99% of what you said. But it was funny.
Glad you got the bishop to get your poor son some shoes!

Martha said...

I'm wondering what teacher will be Kute Kasey's CT and what subject is she teaching so I can put my kids in there in Jan? And how come I don't even know her? I mean I work in the School of Ed. don't I?

I can't believe you gave up your Hawaii driver's license. Because police hardly ever give tickets to people who are visiting, and since you have a Utah license now they won't think you are visiting (although, I'm still hoping you guys are just visiting--just thought I'd give it one more plug).

We didn't go to the Kahuku game we listened to it. They did bare testimony of it in church today that the Red Raiders are true.

Keli'i and Megan said...

Love this. Love "Nacho." Love it all. You sure you're not apart of my fam?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

First of all, Megan, I wish I was part of your fam. I would have married any one of your brothers had I not already found the perfect hub to drive me crazy for the rest of my life.

Martha, Police do give tickets to people who have Hawaii driver's licenses. And even on Thanksgiving day. Why do you think I'm in traffic school! And they tell those people that they only had 30 days from the time they moved to become an official Utard. 30 days is all they give us to transition! I extended that transition period to 90 days, but luckily I only received 20 lashes and a swift kick in the okole.

I'm so happy to hear the Red Raiders are still true and that it has been solidified in sacrament.

Garden, forgive me. I have no idea what I said either. It was definitely geared to the Hawaiian insider. Thank you for staying with me.

Nutty, haha about the cheer skirt 4 life. I knew you would get the timing thing. I even thought of you when I wrote it. I LUB YOU!

Don, very good point. A one-size fits-all Red Raider for life shirt is a good idea, at first thought. But hey, do we ship our spouses off to D.I when we grow out of them? No, we put them away and save them for the family quilt we are going to make in when we're old and lonely.

Come on, DON! Everybody knows that. '

To The Mom, that is so true. If my verifier could talk it would tell a thousand stories. Right now it's saying salst, which, when translated correctly, means I am the salst of the earth.

April said...

Kute Kasey a Red Raider 4 Life? It seems like just last year she was a Lobo making mischief! Bless her heart. Now I will be humming the Rocky tune all night....and not Eye of the Tiger...I can't stand that one -every dance group in the 80's did a dance routine to that song. Bless their hearts.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Including me, April. And I can't stand that song either.

Verifier says ressed.

That song makes me feel ressed out.

Or Rocky unressed me with his eyes.

hee hee

Or I hope you all had a ressedful sabbath.

ha ha

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Notice KK didn't say anything about my honeymoon comments.

DeNae said...

I love Nacho Libre, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

And I have to tell you this but please don't go back and change it cuz it's too funny and maybe you meant to do it because YOU'RE too funny...

...but you spelled "altar" as "ALTER", which is TOTALLY what getting married is, huh? Being left at the 'alter' means you can still eat brownies for breakfast and you don't have to get rid of your cat.

And I'm with Tauna, of the Garden of Egan. Didn't really get much of anything else. But I do know what a 'haole' is, which makes me feel kinda like an insider.

And in Utah you get 30 days to transition backwards in time 25 years? What's THAT all about?

(JK, all my UT peeps...)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

DeNae, of course you love Nacho Libre. I would be shocked if YOU, of all funny people, didn't LOVE Nacho Libre. It's smart humor, and you're smart. You even know how to spell altar. And I'm going to say that I misspelled that on purpose simply because I love brownies for breakfast.

Although, if I had a cat, I would definitely want to get rid of it, so maybe I didn't misspell that on purpose.

April said...

LOL Crash! That is why I lub you! Just for your last sentence!
PS- I think KK is ignoring you.

IWA (e - va) said...

I love the Hater/Raider Shirt and want one...

didnt go to the game either.. we listened to it too... got kind of depressing though.. but while i was listening, i was going through the hawaiidigitalsports website and T is in some soccer pics!

Yay for KK.... Good Luck with O&P Kasey! Teaching at Kahuku has been so much fun! Im sure you'll enjoy it just as much! If you ever need a ride, let me know!

MARTHA... Guess who is going to be your daughters Geometry teacher next semester? huh? huh? maybe now you're a little worried..... Well If i actually pass my O&P it's ME! Ive seen her a couple times and knew she was yours even without looking at the roster. She is in my Honors class!

BTW shame on the cop for giving you a ticket... why didnt you offer him one of your pies.. he probably would of let it slide.. unless he's behind on his quota!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Iwa, you can get one from Robert Ah Puck.

oh how sweet that T is in some soccer pics. sniff.

For some reason I love the thought of you and KK riding together to Kahuku. AND I SO WISH YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN MY DAUGHTER'S geometry teacher. My son is in Geometry right now and his teacher is the worst. I'll have to tell that story in a post. Like today. How fun R gets to be in your class.

I wish I would have thought to give that cop a pie. I'm so bad at bribery.

Martha said...

Oh, Iwa Rachel will be so happy to have you as a teacher! She likes her teacher now as a person, but apparantely the lady doesn't teach, she just gives them assignments and they have to figure it out themselves. So a little explanation would be very helpful to her. She has learned how to use her book, which is a good thing I guess.

kasey ferrell said...

Oh no I am not ignoring you lovely ladies! my computer is kind of out of commission this week and last week. It magically flew in the air and landed on cement...but I am going to be teaching PE haha yes so fun! and YES I am excited for the Honeymoon...just wish I knew where it was at....and I am also glad that the Red Raiders are true

Sandi said...

what she doesn't know wont hurt her.
and Crash, I GET YA!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee Sandi, KK still doesn't get it. But WE do. I can't wait till she's part of the big girls club. hee hee

I'm soooo glad someone gets me. In CAPITALS! That does a dummies heart good.

Don said...

A family quilt, huh? Must be a girl thing.

Don said...

Which, of course, means it's an excellent idea.

April said...

Can someone just set an appt for her now? Please? Bless her heart!
WV says blogic.....should we really keep on about this? Really?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha April.

You're right. Is it really blogical to keep snickering behind KK's back about this?

Blogic. That is a brilliant word. You have pipped so many good words and ideas to me, it's amazing.