Sunday, December 20, 2009

Something borrowed, something true

Well my kids made their first snowman!!!!

How cute is that!?  Almost makes me wish his hat really was magic because this is a snowman I think I could trust.

I think I could trust this snowman too.  If he wasn't out shoveling snow in his PJ's.   

Soooooo, Kute Kasey got married yesterday.  I would have thrown some calrose rice at her if I hadn't been so busy partying like a rock star all weekend.  (And trying to figure out how to braid a cotton pickin' pastry puff into a cotton pickin' breakfast strudel for the cotton pickin' ward Christmas party.  FTR, if I was still on the activities committee there would not have been any strudel associated with the ward Christmas party, but unfortunately I'm just the YW prez and have no power and authority over the ward strudel.) 

So, Kute Kasey, by the time you read this you will FINALLY be a member of the big girl's club. 

Welcome, welcome!

How does it feel?  I should probably offer you some words of advice since I'm an expert and you're not. 

The best tip I can give to anyone getting married is GO TO BED ANGRY!  Don't let anyone tell you differently either, KK.  I do it all the time and it hasn't effected my marriage at all. 

Besides, when you go to bed angry you don't have to deal with all that fortune cookie crap (wink wink).  
Most of the time I don't even know it's time for bed unlessl I get angry.  In fact I'm pretty torked off right now so I take that as a sign from the universe that it's time to hit the hay. 

Get it?  HIT the hay! 

Ba dum bum

G'night everybody.  

G'night KK.  Thinking of you.  I'm so happy you're FINALLY married so your mom can get back to acting out in my comment box.  

Hey Sandi, how was the wedding? Huh? Huh? Huh? We will now turn the time over to you to tell us EVERYTHING! 

P.S. Don't forget to bear your testimony that you know Hawaii is true.


DeNae said...

I love the advice to go to bed angry. I've been giving it for years. The longer into the night the fight goes, the stupider it gets. Just go to bed and finish discussing whatever is left to discuss in the morning.

And that is one awesome snowman. Looks like it was made by a pro!

DeNae said...

And I stand by my use of the word "stupider".

Dolly said...

I love GO TO BED ANGRY! It works for my hub all the time. When I see him the next morning, he is so nice and sweet and I'm like, is this even the same person that was so angry last night? Going to be angry is the cure for anger. "Sleep is the universal vanquisher." (don't remember who to credit for that quote.)

My advice to KK is to Plant yourself where you can bloom! Find the best environment in which you can feel the least thwarted by the elements and plant yourself there....

Kristina P. said...

Cute snowman!

What if I go to bed apathetic or melancholy?

April said...

What if I just go to bed angry at my kids and make my hubby listen to me vent about it. Not that I do that. Cause my kids are perfect. I live in Utah! The land of perfection. I am Utarded. They are Utarded. Well except for my youngest who is in Maui right now playing. Tho, he did take some of his Utardedness with him when he took his phone swimming. That was stupider than going to bed mad. (That was for you DaNae.)

BTW...Sandi has posted some cute pics on facebook...being that she doesn't blog!

April said...

ps...nice pj's on the hubby! wait till he reads this, will he be going to bed angry? ;)

T said...

congrats to KK.

Going to bed angry is never my problem... it's when I WAKE up angry because the dream version of my hubs is kind of lame sometimes... that's when I should just stay in bed all day... with my computer of course!

WV says sentri - ummm... I have to give a password or something now, I haven't been gone THAT long have I?

Tiffany said...

I never got the "go to bed angry" advice. Now I know why my marriage is not absolute perfection.

Thanks for that special advice, it may save just exalt my marriage. We may even get translated.

Colleen said...

That's a very trustworthy snowman? Honest, true, chaste, benevolent. Snowmen bring the good things about living in Utah to at least three (you are there, your family is there, AND that handsome snowman). Did you hear that the entire state of Hawaii is out of Christmas trees? That brings the number of bad things about living in Hawaii to. . . . . . . ONE (Jimmy Fallon)! Speaking of contests, when does Real Simple send us to NYC? I'm getting excited already!!! know you don't really have to take me, so stop keeping it a secret!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Hey! Yea it's your long lost in-love-with-your-apple-pie friend!

Both Snowman's are absolutely adorable :)

I don't miss the snow shoveling and seeing your hubs doing it makes me miss it even less, which is not at all!

YOU are YW Prez!? I've been gone for way to long! Your blog must be my New Year's resolution!!! Congrats! I'd totally be yout counselor if I lived by you... The spirit tells me this... The spirit of Christmas and true lub!

Congrats Sandi's daughter!!!

And she's right, go to bed angry, less fortune cookie stuff the better ;)

OldBoatGuy said...

I guess the reason you go to bed angry, is because your husbands don't know how to make fortune cookies!

WV=mentlyc Something to do with mental accuity and fortune cookies.

kemarias said...

great snow pics. happy holidays and happy new year

Sandi said...

KK should feel very honored to be featured again on your blog! I will bear my testimony of Hawaii when I have recovered! hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

Sandi said...

oh wait I have to comment again so you can see my cute aloha pic :)

Sandi said...

oh crap! I thought you could click on it and see it bigger but I guess you cant. You are going to have to trust me on how cute it is..haha

April said...

I can bear my testimony on how cute the pic is...especially the guy doing "something" to the right of it......

Sandi said...

April is fixated on that guy instead of my cute little family. whats up with that April?

April said...

lol....i'm afraid of what he'll do to your cute little family!

April said...


The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY! Sandi's back!!! And Yay! I'm back too!

I tried to look at that cute profile pic, Sandi and it's hard to see without my glasses. I'm curious what the guy is doing? But I did see your profile and I LOVE Junie B. Jones too!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I wanted to come by everyone's blog and bring some Christmas cheer, but I barely got half my Christmas cards out, before Santa kidnapped me.

I will stop by for New Years.

I am laughing so hard at what the Old Boat guy said. hee hee


Happy Holidays to Kemarias

SO HAPPY TO SEE SHELL BELLE Again! Shelle, I would totally lub to have you as my counselor. But I know you're lying about the fortune cookie stuff. I KNOW you have your ancient Chinese secrets! ;)

Colleen, hee hee. There are just a few other good things about living in Utah. Nearly being translated everyday is a perk, believe me. I can't believe Hawaii is out of Christmas trees!!! FUNNY! About Real Simple. I don't find out until January. I'm trying to channel the secret, but I'm getting insecure. I don't want to turn the universe off and come in second, but frankly I'm trying to protect my ego. And my id.

Don't worry, I will let you know.

Tiffany, you're welcome. ;) I really should be a marriage counselor.

DeNae, AMEN! About the adive ( I should have known you were giving that advice too) and about the word stupider. I stand by that word too. Especially when I'm going to bed and I'm angry.

T, touche!

April, haha You always make me smile.

Kristina P. If you go to bed apathetic or melancholy then JOIN THE CLUB. You're not in Kansas anymore Toto. You're in Utah.

hee hee J/K Utah. I never go to bed apathetic or melancholy. My life is like Disneyland.

Dolly, AMEN. Your hub and I would get along great. I couldn't have said that better myself. And to go along with your advice to KK. Plant yourself where you can bloom, but if that doesn't work out, bloom where you're planted.

And if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

And I would like to bear my testimony that I know Hawaii is true (since Sandi doesn't seem to have a strong enough testimony to do so herself.)




(It pays to watch a lot of T.V.)

I missed all of YOU!

Sandi said...

It is true it is true!! But I don't think Big Island is as true as Oahu. I am so behind in everything that I just cant find a minute to sit down and really invade your comment box with all of my nonsense, as I usually do. But soon, I will.

April said...

Sandi's too busy practicing for our rematch for our jumping contest....that's what she's doing!

SWIRL said...

Merry Christmas Crash! Hope you guys had fun with Martha and Gang- the townhouses were soooo quiet without them! Because she was THERE the townhouse christmas party was hosted by the OTHER circle and not on the basketball court... we protested and didn't go! (just kidding- we had hockey- I mean, you know us... we didn't go normally- but since it was right outside our house it was kinda hard to avoid on a yearly basis.... but this was just too easy to avoid.)

If you can believe--- we held our OWN christmas eve party- and PERRY even came! (It was mainly for the BYUH students in Brian's ward) But I had made a ton of food and thought no one might show up.... so I started wrangling up stragglers...) )

Martha said...

Yep, I left my poor hubby in Hawaii. Actually I begged him to come and he wouldn't budge. So thanks Swirl for feeding him and the boys. I talked to him tonight and after two weeks he is finally starting to miss me and is probably going to bed angry too.