Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cutie Patooties

This morning I caught my son doing this:

"Guess who I am . . ." he said. I couldn't guess.

"David Hasselhoff," he said.

Of course! DUH!

What a cutie patootie!

I'm kinda lubbing all my cutie patooties right now.

But I'm worried about Lulu.

Do you think she's getting enough attention?


Dolly said...

Where's the like button?

Susan said...

I worry for you. Your kids are too beautiful. Seriously, when they get older, we should set up one of your boys with my oldest daughter. If they got married, the offspring would be so striking people wouldn't even believe it. Gosh, do you think i like my kids as much as you like yours?

Dane and Taylor said...

so cute! Hey you need to email me the info for the match today! I am needing some good tennis and chill peeps

DeNae said...

You really are at a time in family life that my friend calls 'the golden window'. The kids are all old enough to essentially be self-maintaining (no more diapers or bottles or babysitters) but not yet grown and off to college or missions or marriage. It's a sweet, sweet time. (And your kids look just like you. Even "The Hoff".)

cfoxes33 said...

Lulu's eyes scare me in that last pciture. But what dog doesn't like posing with two cutie patooties?

Kazzy said...

Aw, poor LuLu. She really is starving for some affection...

You have some cute cutie patooties there, friend.

Anonymous said...

Cute kids. But it looks like Lulu's eye is popping out!