Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ten in Ten--Day 1

Okay, I've decided that computer voting is WEIRD. I mean, fer reals, how is it humanly possible to earn 500 votes in an hour when you haven't moved for days? Is it plausible to jet from #24 to #11 in between Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School? 

Just saying.  

But this is what I'm up against. And I'm in it now. In it to win it. I know I can do this job, so let's GET Em!

I'm still fluctuating between #20 and #21. If you're new to this contest, I just need to stay in the top 20 until November 10th. I'm hoping this Final Countdown Giveaway will give me a little more exposure. Enough to keep me hanging in there for 10 more days.   

First I want to express my deep gratitude to each of you who have been faithfully voting for me and rooting for me. My stone cold heart has never been closer to cracking.  

And can I tell you a secret? Please don't tell anyone, but remember that day I threw that tantrum and almost chucked a spatula at my hub? And then I ran away? To my bedroom?Without any shoes? And waited for him to come after me and apologize for being a man? But he didn't?

Well the word he said that made me snap was . . . can't.  I hate that word. can't. Isn't it ugly? Especially when combined with the words make and it. My mom only made $5,000 a year, raising seven children, alone (in the snow) (uphill both ways), and I never heard her say those words. She probably thought it all day long, but she never said it. 

I grew up thinking I could

If I wracked my brain and figured it out. 

I grew up thinking there. is. always. a. way. 

Well, I've never told you this before, but I've always harbored this sneaking suspicion that my hub didn't think I could. At least when it came to my dream. And making it pay off.  

The pay off is so important. To some. 

For me it's not about the pay off. I just neeeeeeeeeeed to say what I need to say. Can't is not an option. 

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling kinda down about the odds and the obstacles in this dagnam voting race. I'm not going to say the "ch" word, but how do you combat certain strategies?  

As I laid there sulking my hub looked at me and said the most beautiful words. He said, "you CAN do this!" 

He said the word can. And it sounded so lovely. I think he has finally figured out my primary lub language.  

When I first started this competition he didn't say much. His silence was like an eyeball roll to the soul. But then he started seeing my votes adding up and multiplying. He saw that people were supporting me and moving me and pushing me forward. His co-workers started coming to him and telling him that I was funny and that they liked my blog.  And he started changing. . 

Now he's saying things to me like, "If this doesn't work out something else will. You're going to make something happen. You're going to make your dreams come true. People are behind you. You can do this."  

THAT is the most priceless gift you guys have ever given me! MAHALO!

So, let's give it a try. And if it doesn't work, let's give something else a try. 

Today let's just start by pounding the pavement and getting the word out about this opportunity in my lap. 

If you want to know deets and rules about my giveway click this link.

In short, alls you have to do is post this link to your blog or facebook page or twitter to get the word and ask your peeps to click on it and cast a vote for Debbie. (AKA Crash) (eeek. I'm blending my identities. That's kinda weird, huh?) 

Once you post the link, make sure you leave a comment on either my facebook wall or here in my comment box on the blog so I can enter you in the drawing for the prize of the day. If you post the link on all three venues you get three entries.

Todays giveaway was generously donated by my good pal in real life, Anjeny, from Ramblings of an Islander.

She donated two darling homemade letter boxes. One of a kind, peeps!

Each box includes four regular size greeting cards w/envelopes, four note-cards with envelopes, and four tags. Inside the flaps there is a little address book attached and a little pocket for storing postage stamps and and a pen in its holder.

Made with lub and aloha. And she said she'd throw in some Caramacs to boot!


JLPierce Ohana said...

I voted! I know it counts for tomorrow cause I already voted this morning too- and posted it on my twitter, which posts to my FB.

sarahlynn said...

I did it! We are all voting for you here at our house. xoxo

Mariko said...

I'm voting every day.
I saw your daughter, and she was tall and gorgeous.
Is that what Utah does to people?

iMaLLheaRt said...

I'm voting and sharing!
Shared on facebook and on twitter!

Martha said...

I shared on facebook too...again. No one reads my blog (oh cuz maybe I never write anything) so no use putting it there.

You will do it!!!

IWA (e - va) said...

So I got the best feeling in the world tonight while reading your blog, like it was me who was winning or something...

I also had the happy feeling of gratitude... when you win this gig, the whole world is not only going to know about this blog but they'll also find out about The Magic Quilt!!! How cool will that be???

So I Posted on FB and twitter! And will be blogging about it 2morrow! Cheehoooooo!

Anjeny said...

Good luck, Deb. You CAN do it!!

BTW, you can reduce your button(the SAMe button) to fit your sidebar. Just change the width from "299" to "210" and length from "443" to "430".

DeNae said...

I've voted every day, sister! And of course you're going to make your dreams come true! And so am I! And some of those dreams we're going to live together, right? So no more Mister Can'tsy Pants!

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

I can't stand the word can't either!!!! Nothing will get me more fired up!!!

And so here is my entry. And I DO have your button on my blog!

I am pulling for you!! I am your #1 fan! :)

Andrea said...

I tweeted you up my sweet! I know you can do this!

Stephen said...

You CAN do it! If this doesn't work out SOMETHING will. The universe will serendipitously deliver your wish, even if it's late.

“Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody.” Henry Longfellow

We are all voting everyday for you at this house. I ocassionally vote for clevage woman just to see her picture again...I often wonder what her face looks like?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hahaha Stephen, about ocassionaly voting for cleavage woman.

Lub that quote, btw. Thanks. And I lub that you are showing signs of trust in the serendipitous power of the purple feather. ;)

Thanks for the voting and spreading peeps! I am keeping track of everyones entries for the drawing.

Iwa, I know what you mean. I had the same feeling. I am so excited to get exposure for the magic quilt. Just think how much comfort and cheer we can spread. Chihoooo!

High five and hugs, LoW!

Yes, DeNae! YES!

Thanks Anjeny. I'm going to go reduce that button right now. ha ha

Mariko, Utah hasn't made me tall and gorgeous. ;)

Martha, I got all your comments. I'll put your donation in the pot. Wooot wooo. MUCH MAHALO

Lucky to be the mom said...

DONE! I don't twitter but I put you on Facebook and my blog :)
Why? I don't even know you...but I also CAN! and I have children and many loved ones in Hawaii :) and I should be there right now instead of in bed ill :(

Mahalo :)

T said...

Anjeny is SO talented!!! and now I'm off to tweet you... and maybe throw up another Facebook shout out :) (because of COURSE you deserve it!)

Dolly said...

I cried even more about this posting than I did from the one that I read this morning about Teddy Stoddard whose teacher inspired him and loved him after his mom died and then he became a doctor and had a cancer wing named after him. That story is fictional and more than a decade old is still tear jerking as it circulates on the internet.... Your's is non fiction and NEW and REFRESHING and MORE tear jerking. I'm so happy that your hub has been converted!

I am trying to call you... it's kind of urgent so please try to answer when I try again. ; )

OldBoatGuy said...

OK I voted for you.

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! I'm totally outta the loop! I have no idea what I'm voting for but I'm headed over.
'specially since you are throwing kitchen items at your hubs...the lub of your life while you should be in church?
What the helk?

Sandi said... got the old boat guy voting- maybe cuz we haven't t.p'd him for awhile! I posted to facebook and I don't have a stinking blog so thats all I can do. I made 7 people at my work vote for you today, I wish I worked with more people! Hooray for the hub telling you that you CAN- we already knew it, what took him so long? haha

Sandi said...

p.s. love the Hawaiian music accompanying Anjeny's donation :)
p.s. did you see Martha's donation? I need to win that one!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Sandi, we need to rig that one so you're a shoe in to win. Two days with Martha! That would be the bombdiggity. Fer reals. You guys would have to take tons of photos and record everything you say so I can blog about it. ha ha

I KNOW, what TOOK HIM SO LONG? That's what I've been wondering all these years. haha