Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ten in Ten Giveaways--The Final Countdown

Okay, my Final Countdown Giveaways start tomorrow. Unless you're reading this tonight and then the giveaways start on Monday.

It's a ten in ten kinda deal. Ten days left to vote and ten items to giveaway.

You do the math.

(It's one per day, in case you can't do math.)

As many of you know I am trying to win a stinkin' job as the next Good Mood Blogger for SAM-e Complete. It's a 6 month gig in which I would have to write 5 days a week about all the things that make me smile. And what doesn't make me smile, right? My mom says she could never think of that many things that make her smile, but it's only like 140 things! I could name 140 things that make me smile off the top of my head.

I would do it right now if I wanted to.

But I don't want to.

I have to get into the top 20 by November 10th to make it to the finals. Luckily for me I am in the top 20, but it's fierce and ferocious in the top 20 and some people have the power to move up 300 votes with a twitch of their nose. In fact I knocked a guy down to #21 last night and when I woke up this morning he was at #5.

I know!

I don't wanna get bumped at the last minute, hence the reason for my ten in ten Giveaway.

In other words I need to get the word out.

If I make it to the finals I make a video and voting starts all over again from scratch. Thankfully voting is only worth 20% in the finals.

So, here's the ten in ten dealio.

--Alls you have to do is post a link to my blog AND also to my VOTE FOR ME PAGE on either your blog, Facebook or Twitter. Tell your peeps about the ten in ten giveaway and ask your peeps to vote. For me. (If they vote for someone else it doesn't count.)

--Leave a comment in my comment box to let me know when you've completed the linky lub. If you post my link on all three venues you get three entries into the giveaway.

--Also, make sure you mention my ten in ten giveaway to your peeps.

There will be one giveaway per day until Nov 10th, (maybe two if I gather enough cool stuff).

Yes, you can enter every single day.

So here's a preview of some of the generously donated items:

Shanna Ormond, who goes by Just SO on her blog, Thesegolilypad is giving away a free photo shoot. She also has a photog blog called The Photog Blog.

It includes an hour long shoot at a location of your choosing. (SO is located in Utah County.) You will get a disc with all of your photos, editing included. It can be a family shoot, couple, senior or infants. No large, extended family, please.

Who needs Christmas card photos? I do! I do! Am I eligible to win, or would that be unfair?

Annette Lyon, that famous author extraordinaire, who gives really good conference presentations about heroes and who talks intriguingly fast, is generously donating a FREE copy of her long awaited chocolate book. Mmmmmmm. (Are you supposed to capitalize Mmmmm, Annette?) (She's a grammar goddess, that one.) She's funny too. You can tell by the title of her book:

If you don't win it, you can buy it here.

And then you can go to Annette's book signing in Orem on Saturday the 6th. I will be there too so if you want me to sign Annette's book I'm down with that. I'll give you the deets when I do the give away.

My good pal in real life, Anjeny, from Ramblings of an Islander, has donated two darling homemade letter boxes. One of a kind, peeps!

Each box includes four regular size greeting cards w/envelopes, four note-cards with envelopes, and four tags. Inside the flaps there is a little address book attached and a little pocket for storing postage stamps and and a pen in its holder.

Made with lub and aloha, peeps! And she said she'd throw in some Caramacs to boot!

And one of my favorite favorites in the music world, Cubworld, is donating a signed CD and T-shirt. Click my Today is Cubworld Day post to read my glowing thoughts about him.

You can also read about him here on Wikipedia. (He has his own Wikipedia page!!!) You will LUB his smooth velvety voice. (And I knew him when, btw.)

I have also secured some Kohls Cash and some major scrapbook supplies.

And can I ask you guys a question? Would anyone like a free ticket to the Bloggy Boot Camp in St. George on Nov 13th? Or is everyone already going? I can't go because my hub wants me to go to Colorado with him, but would that motivate you guys to post my big ole' obnoxious badge on your blog or Facebook page? Cause I don't want to offer it if it ain't no big thang.

K, as soon as the sabbath ends, let's bring this train into the station!

Vote for Me
Good Mood Gig from SAM-e

(That was a figure of speech, btw.)


IWA (e - va) said...

WooHoo.. Free Stuff! And it's Awesome Free fun stuff.. I want the Chocolate book!!!!

DeNae said...

Yay for tickets to BBC! And where's the link to go vote for you? I'll go back and look again.

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

I put your link on my blog before I was bribed.

Just saying. :)

I have been sharing on facebook and I have to say, I love seeing peeps from high school saying they voted for you. It feels like two worlds colliding. I reckon cause it IS. :)

Living the Scream said...

Love the giveaway and would also love to win a ticket to BBC!

The Crash Test Dummy said...


Oops. Sorry, I forgot to put the link up.

LoW, are you serious? Oh, that is so sweet. Thank you.

Sandi said...

I'm with Low- I also spread the word before the bribery. Now you know who REALLY loves you and who is just after the loot.
Yay for prizes this is going to be FUN!

Tiffany said...

I am voting regularly, just so you know on all the computers in my home. I really want you to win because I want more blogs to read written by you. I cant get enough.

Oh and I am so getting me some SAM-e sounds like good stuff!

I also am putting the link on face book so you can get even more votes. Hooray. Soon as I figure out how to do it. It is on.

mandy said...

We LOVE you!!:D You go girl:D We can doooooooo it:D

Mandy and Jake

SWIRL said...

Hey crash- sorry I've been MIA - but I have been voting for you! I saw the facebook post a few days ago from your son... and quickly passed it on.. funny/true/story- talked to my sister and the first thing she said was, "YES!I VOTED for CRASH today!" so you've got a follwing in Maryland too. :0)

Lub you- bumped into Tatum at the temple Open house-- still so adorable!

good luck!

Martha said...

Hey I have $10 Kohls cash too. You can have that. Plus, I don't know if this will help, but our students are leaving for Christmas break. I could donate 2 nights in our studio apartment over the break.

Sandi said...

YES Martha donate that prize and then let me win! I could SO use that for my little trip in December!

Dering Diaries said...

Debbie I love this! You are amazing!! I have posted and will continue to vote for you.

<3 you Cuz!