Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quantum Physics

Remember that time I gave my daugther a ticket to go back to Hawaii for her 16th birthday?

Well she left this morning. (EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

She called me from the Honolulu airport squeeling about the tropical flowers and the balmy breeze and the friendly sun in the bright blue sky and the intoxicating plumeria scent wafting through the air.

She may not have used those exact words, but I can translate.

It's so HOT!" she exclaimed.

Her exact words may have included sweat and armpits, but HOT was the gist of it.

My exact words would have included sweat and eyeballs. That's where I needed some anti-perspirant. I was just soooooooo happy for her. Happy that she gets to go back, and remember who she is. And where she came from.

But I was a teensy bit sad for me. That I don't get to go back. And remember who I am and where I came from.

I came from Utah, so I guess I'm already back.

It's funny how things go. And come. And then go again.

Or is the other way around what's funny?


It's like we have these little air pockets in our soul where the memories get stuck. For the most part we know how to manuever around them, but once in a while they come up and pop. And then there they all are, 17 years of your life, in your face.

Do I really live in Utah? It seems impossible. I had a whole life carved out for myself and my family in Hawaii . . .

But every morning I wake up here. In Utah. With a beautiful golden retriever sprawled out on the floor next to my bed.

Is that like quantum physics?

Am I getting too deep?

Speaking of deep, yesterday I went shopping with some of my young women from church so we could stuff stockings for soldiers. While we were driving my Laurel advisor said, "I had a deep thought today."

Of course we all leaned forward to engage in the intellectual stimulation about to pour forth from her mouth. In other words, we were ready to hang on her every word.

"Why is the snow white?" she said. "Why isn't it purple?"

Dead silence, followed by lively laughter.

"Can I blog this?" I said.

She granted me permission.

You know there are still boxes that I haven't unpacked. I've tried, but it sends me into a fit of tears. I haven't hung my pictures or photos or paintings yet either. I haven't even emptied my son's back pack from his last day of 5th grade at Laie Elementary.

I just can't face it.


Do you guys want to unpack it with me? Together?

Maybe tomorrow.

I can't think about it today. I'm too pooped out from basketball games and practices and carpooling to and fro and here and there, plus trying to find someone to install new windows and fix the leaky roof and install new rain gutters. Plus I'm wondering how we're going to swing property taxes. Plus yesterday I spent most of the day at Primary Children's hospital with my hemophiliac son for his annual check up.

When I fell into bed it became clear to me that I'm not living in a Thomas Kinkade painting afterall.

Kinkade cottages don't leak!

And you never have to shove laundry off the bed in order to sleep.

But I do get a charge out of hospitals. It's seriously like a bolt of electricity for me. I would rather go to a hospital than to church.

Is that bad? That I feel more in-tune with the Universe when I walk the hallowed halls of a hospital?

While I was there yesterday I got some cool ideas for my magic quilt project. I also got pumped about turning Lulu into a magic dog so she can bring joy to all the sick kids.

(I also got some fun ideas for my SAM-e video if I can get my bootie up that ladder.) (I mean, if you can get my bootie up that ladder.) (Finally passed cleavage lady, btw.)

Hey, if you're not going to vote for Pedro, will you vote for me! Again.

(And again and again.)

UPDATE: I'm at 2188. #18. But people in the top 20 move up in spurts. Sometimes HUGE spurts. I am moving steadily--like 10-20 votes an hour. I'm getting about 400 votes a day, but I'm thinking I need to get 500 votes a day to stay in it.

Will you guys help me spread the word by posting a link on your blogs either to my blog or to my SAM-E page. MAHALO!

Vote for Me
Good Mood Gig from SAM-e

P.S. Just think how many hits I'm going to get from science students after this post is published . hee hee

P.S.S. I'm going to bed without editing. Sorry 'bout that.


Barbaloot said...

Maybe part of your daughter's birthday present should have been that she got to take you to Hawaii with her:)

T said...

down with cleavage lady!!!

I think one unpacked box or backpack is totally human... leave it for years if you must - but that means the others have gotta be tackled before your year is up! You can do it... Shoot, just think of all the bloggy fodder it will give you :)

IWA (e - va) said...

I so hear you on this! Our crate came, My husband put all the containers in the front room and because of that, i never walk in the front room, because it reminds me that i havent unpacked yet. Dont plan to for awhile either.

I <3 <3 <3 Primary Childrens really! I think that is the happiest hospital i have ever been too. I heart the nurses there too! and the breakfast cart!

Cant wait for the Video.. You'll be in the top 20 fo sho!

Yay again for T!

wv: UNTICS.... We have to figure out some untics for the rest of the top 20!

Mariko said...

I'm sad you couldn't come. I was planning our date.
But I'll try to see your kin.
400??? That's a lot of votes a day, miss.

Martha said...

Notice that you have just moved ahead of Anhtuan
because I went around the School of Ed again. Am I a good friend or what. What's T cell number so I can invite her over? Josh saw her at the beach yesterday I guess. I invited her on facebook to come to tennis, but she probably never got it. So maybe tonight we can play.

Martha said...

Shoot, now he's ahead of you by 1. This is rigged. I'll go to the front desk and make Ruth K. vote for you. Oh she already did today.

val of the south said...

We've been here 2.5 years and still haven't unpacked the majority of our stuff! We just shoved it all in the greenhouse and go hunting through it all if we really need something!! :]

DeNae said...

Deb, I think you're grieving. My suggestion? Buy new pictures, new frames for new photos, new decor for your new life...

...when you're ready.

And meanwhile, choose a room in your house (or a hall, or whatever) and make it your "Hawaii" room. Hang all your pix, put up all your Hawaii decorations, etc., in that room. And visit it whenever you need a fix.