Sunday, October 24, 2010

I wish for cake

Okay, here's the cutest story ever told.

Remember that time my brother Stephen tested the universe? It was right after he read The Secret and consulted with Mr. Google to see if it was true. Mr. Google told him to visualize a purple feather arriving into his life within 48 hours, which he did. And it didn't.

The very day I read about this failed test on his blog I drove to Tooele to visit my twins at Hemophilia camp. I found them in the craft tent making masks. As I sat and watched them I suddenly noticed that sitting right in front of me on the table was a purple feather.


Of course I snatched up the feather with the intent of driving past my brother's house and lodging it under his windshield wipers, but I didn't even have to do that because the very next day he dropped by my house unexpectedly on his way to a movie. I could hardly believe my eyeballs. Fer reals. He never drops by unexpectedly. Ever.

While my brother wasn't looking I slipped the purple feather into the front seat of his truck and then giggled like a school girl all night long because I had a secret. I was the cohoots with the Universe.

My brother thought it was cute that I interceded on the behalf of the Universe, but he didn't find it particularly significant. My daughter, on the other hand thought it was awesome.

"That's how the Universe works!" she said. "It doesn't just drop purple feathers from the sky. The Universe needs us to run it's errands."

Here comes the cute story part . . .

So remember a few weeks ago when Jiminy Cricket was trying to send me a message? But I just didn't get it? And remember when my daughter was going through that whole tennis fiasco and I turned into a gangsta rapper while she turned into Mother Teresa?

Four of her young women leaders were particularly supportive and compassionate after that incident so one day she came home from church and made them each a cake. While we were driving around delivering them we found one of the leaders outside taking a Sunday walk with her family. We pulled over, rolled down the window and handed her the cake.

She later told me this story:

She and her husband decided to take their kids for a Sunday stroll after church. Her three-year-old was riding in the umbrella stroller when he suddenly said, "Stop, mommy. I need to tell you something. So she stopped.

"Look!" he said, pointing up. "There's one star in the sky. I want to make a wish on that star."

"Okay, what do you wish for?" she asked him.

He thought for a minute, then said "I wish for cake!"

Just as they were finishing their walk my daughter and I drove up and handed them a cake.

How cool is that?

I mean SERIOUSLY, who has chicken skin right now? Raise your hand.

Me too!

There's a moral here. There's a definite moral here: Be careful what you wish for because someone might pull over, roll down their window and hand it to you.

(Oh, I hope that goes for me too. I hope I get what I wish for. I hope, I hope, I hope!)

(Keep voting. I'm on page seven now. Number 34 in the race. Three more pages and I'll be in the top 20. WOOHOOO!).

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(P.S. shhhhhhhh I have to say this real quiet like . . . I had to take that last post off because of my silly goose daughter thinking chocolate fondue don't count as a date. But we all know better, don't we.)


Becca said...

Chicken skin. Shivers. Happy feelings. Such a great story!

Lara said...

I love that story! A child's faith, I tell you!

IWA (e - va) said...

T's right... We are the messengers! Well at least i would like her to be right, because doesn't that give all of us more purpose in life!

Guess what i found in a store here? Tim tam candy bars! and I thought of you! you could really do a slam with these long suckers! So email your address (mine is iwaleger@gmail ), because Im sending you some!

I <3 cake!

val of the south said...

I apparently need to wish more often for cake!

Or that I could eat cake, that would be a good wish...I miss cake :(

Sandi said...

that IS the cutest story ever. I can just hear it being told from the pulpit from all corners of the earth. I must try to remember that I am an errand runner and try to do better at that. Good reminder! Now I am off to do that voting errand :)

The Mom said...
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The Mom said...

The Mom said...
I totally believe that "our hands are the Lord's Hands" (only you call it The Universe, but we know who you're really talking about . . .)
That kind of thing happened to me just before we got our miracle move to Hawaii 17 years ago.
Someday I'll tell you about it if I haven't already.
There are no coincidences.

(the verification word is Hymens, but I'm SURE it really means, HYMNS, right??)

Annette Lyon said...

That. Was awesome.

I love how you pick a song to start playing that matches your post.

Also: Voted!`

T said...

very awesome! I think I'm going to start wishing for large sums of money - and then walk back and forth in front of Bill Gates' house.

and, on that note - I'm off to vote - again... I can do it daily right???

see, just because I've been blog-absent all week doesn't mean I'm not showing my lub with votes!

Martha said...

I wish for cake too!

kasey kaufusi said...

I wished for cake yesterday and all i got was to cook dinner twice! one for me and suli and his sister and another time for sulis friends! and Suli said he is taking over the GCB today with your voting! good luck!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Cute cute! I love it!

And I totally voted for you!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Very cute. I wish deciging who to vote for in this goll darn election could be as easy as deciding to vote for you. Could you possibly run for all the political positions that need filling this november. Thanks.

Stephen said...

That is a great story. Looks like I missed a good post about your daughters first date while gone. Shucks!