Friday, October 29, 2010

Visitor Passes

The worst part about trying to win a job with votes is that you start to forget things. Things that don't pertain to votes.  Like Laundry.  And like yesterday I forgot my daughter had gone to Hawaii. I served her up a heaping plate of chicken curry and set it on the table with the rest of the plates. 

When she didn't show up for dinner I was like, "Where IS that stinker?" And my kids were like "Uhhh . . . she's in Hawaii," and I was like, "But she LUBS chicken curry!" 

Then today I was making flubber in one of my kids classrooms and I TOTALLY forgot to pick up my 14-year-old from school. My 14-year-old who can't take the bus because he attends a school out of bounds. I pick him up every single day, but it didn't even cross my mind today. 

Until my hub called and said "Did you pick up Zach?"  

"Who's Zach?" I said.  

By that time I was already 40 minutes late. I drove to the school. And back. And up and down every street in our town on the off chance that he decided to walk. Then I drove back to the school and went searching. There was a dance going on in the gym, so of course I went in and started tapping kids on the shoulder. 

"Have you seen this boy?" I asked everyone. 

"What boy?" they said. 

"This boy," I told them, pointing to my face. "He looks exactly like this." 

No one had seen him, but while I was searching the dance floor a little pipsqueak ninth grader asked me to dance. I was just about to start busting a move when my son called. 

"Where ARE you?" he said.  

"I'M. AT. YOUR. DANCE!" I screamed into the phone. (It was kinda hard to hear over the Monster Mash.) 

"What are you doing at my dance!?" He screamed back. 


"Why would I be at a dance?"  

Turns out he was at a basketball game. 

"You didn't tell anyone you were my mom did you?" he said.  


So my daughter called tonight!  She went back to her old high school today to see all of her old friends.

So do you wanna hear the funniest story EVER! Iwa, are you ready for this? 

If you know anything about Kahuku High School you know that their motto is Red Raiders for LIFE. At least that's what the t-shirts say. 

For LIFE!  That's a long time, right?  That's like until the day you die, right?  

When we moved from Hawaii, school had just started. My two oldest kids wanted to go to school one last time to say goodbye to their life-long, childhood friends and teachers, but Kahuku High wouldn't allow them a visitor pass because they had attended the school previously.

"But they really want to say goodbye to all of their school friends and teachers." I told the secretary over the phone.

"They'll have to say goodbye to their life after school," The secretary told me back.


"Sooooooo . . . do they get to keep their Red Raiders for LIFE t-shirts?  I said.


"Just sayin'."

So today my daughter went to her old school with her best friend and guess what! They STILL wouldn't give her a visitor pass. 


How heelarious is that?

They turned her away.

 They TURNED. HER. AWAY!  Because she attended Kakuku High School at once time. They told her she's not a visitor, even though technically she flew across the ocean to VISIT. 

Tell me that's not the funniest thing you've ever heard! 

My daughter didn't go away, of course. If there's one thing she knows, it's who she is. SHE'S a VISITOR.  She don't need no pass to tell her that.

So about the contest. It's FEROCIOUS, peeps! Crazy fierce competition. I don't know how people can get hundreds of votes within a matter of minutes. How do you fight that? But I'm fighting. I mean, YOU'RE fighting for me. Thank you kind blog peeps. 

My daughter said that everywhere she went on campus today people said, "Hey, I'm voting for your mom!' 

That made my eyeballs steam up a little bit. 

Thank you kind Hawaii peeps!

I want to win really really really really bad, but if I don't win then I'll just make my own good mood blog. And I'll buy myself a new computer and pay myself $30,000 to write about the things that make me smile every day. 

I'll have to take a loan out to pay myself, but if I pay myself with interest just think of how rich I'll be. 

Does that make sense? 

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IWA (e - va) said...

hahaha! Did she forget to where her Fo Life shirt? Im glad she snuck in! She did right?

btw.. your doing pretty darn good being on Page 4!

Momza said...

Love the Monty Python rock it sistah.
Kudos for your girl knowing WHO. SHE. IS....ya taught her well.
I've voted for you everyday this week. Sure hope you win whatever it is you're running

Mariko said...

That is redonculous.
She should have just snuck in.
I hope she did anyway.
I should tell that to all the graduated students who come to visit me at school.

Martha said...

Wow you are posting every day now. I can't keep up. I'm three days behind.

Could Mariko go back to school already? Rachel says the sub doesn't like her because the girl next to her keeps talking to her and they both get busted.

Martha said...

So yesterday T got roped into coaching our little tennis team. Kevin had to go to a funeral and I was at Tom's soccer game and not a single parent was at the tennis match. So T took charge and gave Anne and Grace inspiration. She was a big help.

Friday night we set up some dubs w/ Josh, Rach, and Nate R. They had a blast I think.