Sunday, June 7, 2009

Martha, Martha Martha!

Why does everything always have to be about Martha?  

Because it's her birthday, DUH! 

Shhhhh.   When she wakes up let's all yell SURPRISE!!!!  You can wait in my bedroom and yell it from my window.  You can even whisper surprise!!!! from my bedroom and she'll still hear you.

After we whisper surprise!!!! from my bedroom window we can go downstairs and whisper Happy Birthday!!!! from my kitchen window.

And then you can help me make her favorite breakfast, German pancakes.

(Let's add Farina.  HA!).

Or would that be rude on Fast Sunday?

One thing you should know is there's more to Martha than meets the eye. She not just a girl who pushes other mothers down in order to win the Turkey Trot.

Martha is the best neighbor in the world. She's the glue that keeps the whole neighborhood together. She plans all the neighborhood potlucks and parties (except Labor Day--she assigned that one to me, so now all she has to do is remind me to plan it.) 

And not only that, she entertains us too. Her hub is a rock star. He has a band and sometimes she's the lead singer.

Here she is singing La Bamba. (I think she's on the Bamba part in this photo.)

She also makes sure all the kids in the hood know how to play tennis and basketball.

And she makes sure all the adults in the hood get a pair of magic shorts from (or is that just me and my hub, Martha?)

She also makes sure everyone in the hood fills out their kids scout forms and organizes their kids practice/games calendars (or is that just me, Martha?)

And if you get pregnant with twins, she'll get pregnant with twins too just so you don't feel so alone and ginormous.

She makes the best pasta salad, and the best wheat bread and the best caramel pecan cinnamon roll thingies.

And she borrows the best eggs too.

But, ftr, she lends more than she borrows.

Here she is lending my hub and I her umbrellas during the flood.

And here I am sharing her umbrella that she lent me. (See Amanda, I'm not a stupid dummy after all).


Life would stink without you!

P.S. My son is finally home! It was the most exciting reunion ever (for about 10 minutes).  

I just downloaded his camera.

Oh, sorry, were you fasting?


I am LoW said...

Am I first?

I am LoW said...

Get out!!! I AM first?!?! Woohoooo!!!

Yummy lookin' food, that's my kinda boy, taking pictures of the food he's about to partake of!!


Melanie J said...

Could there be a more perfect photo essay for a boy? Baseball and food and all's right with the world.

Sandi said...

Oh wow I am so hungry now. I love the pics, a perfect documentation of his trip I bet- so glad they are home all safe and sound and maybe a little fatter.
Is it just me, or does your hub look a little like Simon Cowell (black shirt and all) in the pic where you Martha is sharing her umbrella's with you two?
I will run over to Martha's blog and say happy because I wouldn't feel right about coming into your bedroom to yell or whisper it to her. We all need a neighbor like Martha! - I know the right thing to say on a Fast Sunday such as this is that we all need to BE a neighbor like Martha but oh well.

Sandi said...

Well, I went to tell her happy but she didn't have any recent post so maybe she will never see my comment, so I guess I will now come into your room and YELL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS MARTHA!!!

Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday to Martha! And I am HUNGRY all of a sudden!

springrose said...

Happy Birthday Martha! Maybe Crash will make you some of the yummy looking food from her sons trip for your birthday dinner!! Sounds good to me, what time is dinner Crash. Maybe I can catch a flight and be there in time, OK, realisticly it would have to be tomorrow nights dinner! Can't pack that fast!!

IWA (e - va) said...

Haha Sandi.... Your right in the pic his profile looks like Simon, but in real life there is no resemblance.... plus her hubby is always smiling and laughing!

Happy B-Day Martha!

Yay your son is home! I love that big red pepper on his plate!

DeNae said...

If I had any shame at all I would not confess that I have had way more breakfasts of peanut M&M's than of german pancakes.

I'm telling you, having wonderful neighbors is the best gift any gal could ask for! Except maybe breakfast in bed on fast sunday!

DeNae said...

Oh, and bee-tee-dub, Crash, you asked how long my posts take to write. The one about pushing people off bridges took a couple of hours. The one about the deranged ninja kangaroo took maybe 45 minutes. The one I'll put up in a day or two has taken six hours or so already and still has a few revisions left in it.

I know, I either need to publish this nonsense or move on to a more productive way to spend my time!

Thanks for asking!

nevadanista said...

Happy birthday to Martha!!! It still makes me happy to see those Turkey Trot pics :D Hope you have a great birthday Martha :)

♥georgie♥ said...

fasting...NO but I did scratch and sniff my screen that food looks yummmmy! glad your son is home safe n sound!

SURPRISE and Happy Birthday to Martha

April said...

Happy Birthday Martha!!! I hope Crash is being a good neighbor today!!! What did she give you for your birthday? A partly used bag of Farina? I'm right aren't I!

Mmmmmm french fries!!! Food on Fast Sunday....I'd be upset, but I can't fast! HA! Low blood sugar and fasting does NOT mix!

I'm glad your boys are home safe and sound and full.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha for Georgie scratching and sniffing her screen. It killed me to fast and post these photos.

I made Martha some German pancakes, but they looked gross so I bet they tasted gross too. Anyway she was fasting so it was probably for the best that they looked gross.

I also gave her some Corel. She collects it. And I like to borrow it. J/K I never borrow it. And she never lends it out.

I wonder if she'll come around to her surprise party today. Her house has been very quiet! You can't even hear a pin drop. But I did hear her hub steam vaccing last night late. He must have been trying to be nice for her special day.

April said...

WOW!!! Those walls ARE thin!!! I'm afraid of what else you have heard....GULP!!!

Mary said...

Ha! That's a man in the making. He took pictures of the most important things: sports and food. Soon, girls will join the ranks. :)

Martha said...

Thanks for the birthday pancakes and Corelle and wishes. Guess what Laura got me? Yep, a pack of homemade cards.

My hubby gave me what I wanted which was a fixed scooter and lots of candy. My kids gave me nothing, zilch, nada. I told them that I would extend their deadline and accept late birthday coupons. They did however, clean up after dinner.

So we had the missionaries for dinner tonight. When the list came around the only day I could do it was today. I was also thinking that since it was my bday that maybe I wouldn't have to make anything. I was wrong about that. Luckily, I picked up a Stouffer's Lasagna last night after I took McCarrey's to the airport and shoved that in for dinner.

Martha said...

Wait.... Josh just handed me a baggie full of coupons. He's now my favorite son ever. One of his coupons says he'll even beat up Tom for free. Tom is the 4 year old and likes to wrestle and get beaten up.

Martha said...

Are you serious? Cookies too? Crash just made me cookies too. This is like more than she has ever done for my bday in all our years as neighbors combined. Let me tell you peeps it's been almost 10 years.

What did I do to deserve this? Oh yeah, I'm supposed to watch their twins while they are off having fun in DC.

Martha said...

Have to say, Z is sorta cute. No wonder 1/3 of the girls in his grade are in love with him.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Whew! I was just coming over here to say I CAN'T believe Martha didn't even show up for her own surprise party!

I'm so happy Josh is going to beat up Tommy for free. I was going to give you that coupon too, but now I don't have to. I just sent Garrett over with some birthday cookies. Hopefully they are better than the German pancakes.

Youngblood4ever said...

Holy Moly! You have a great friend I think (and you are a great friend for singing such wonderful praises!). Happy Birthday to Martha!

Oh, and I am so glad your son made it home in one piece. I think the french fry picture is my favorite. I almost licked the monitor.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HA! That could TOTALLY be my kid! hehehe!

Well where do I buy that WHEAT stuff oatmeal mush or whatever that she brought over to you... she obviously lubs it...and I want IN on the Hawaiian clique... ya dig??