Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friends Forevah . . .

It's been a long time since I've just upchucked onto the page without thinking about structure and organization and theme and conflict and word choice and timing and punch lines, yada, yada, yada.

Would you guys mind terribly if I just upchucked here tonight?

I was going to say, would you guys mind if I just crashed here tonight, but I crash here every night, (ba dum bum) and besides, that would be focusing on the pun rather than on the simple regurgitation of my thoughts and feelings.

Speaking of word choice though, upchuck is definitely appropriate because I've been sick today.

Homesick, that is.

The warmer it gets, the more time I spend outside, and the more time I spend outside, the more I miss Hawaii.


Plus, it's OIA Tennis Tournament/State History Day competition weekend in Hawaii.


Does anyone have a tissue?

Do you guys remember last year when my life was full of ironing costumes for History Day and buying Gatorade for tennis tournaments?

Remember how I got all Braggedy Anne on you guys and told you to start spreading the news because, nani nani boo boo, I was going to NYC and DC with my kids who qualified for the national competition?

And remember how I saw the Jonas Brothers and Regis and Kelly and Jim from The Office and Denzel Washington and those nasty Black Eyed Peas and the naked cowboy and that guy from the double decker bus brochure?

And remember how I fell in lub with John Adams and my hub fell in lub with the GPS lady and how I got a serious case of post vacation depression after I got home because Michael Jackson died and we decided to move to Utah?

Remember? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Neither do I.

It was probably all just a figment of my imagination.

(I would do links, but nobody does links while they're tossing their cookies. Even if they're just tossing emotional cookies. It was a year ago, go look it up.)

Well, this morning I woke up and put on my Hawaii History Day t-shirt (the fitted one, with the Kim Taylor Reese Hula dancer silk screen) for good luck. And then I concentrated real real hard on all of my favorite people in Hawaii who were about to pop out of bed and try to win themselves a History Day competition or a tennis match. I would have put on my tennis skirt for good luck too, but . . . well, I look like a freakin' idiot in a tennis skirt, so instead I just kept my fingers crossed all day long.

Just between me and you, I MISSED MY FRIENDS SO MUCH TODAY.

And then the coolest thing in the history of the world happened. They missed me too.

So if you don't mind, I'm going to upchuck a quick thank you note to them:

Kameron, thank you for texting my son, your best friend forevah, ten minutes before you went on stage. And ten minutes after you qualified for nationals. And thank you also for sending me a Facebook message telling me how much you missed my ironing skills. YOU Da Bombdiggity and I LUB you!

Terina, mahalo for sending my daughter, your best friend forevah, all those goofy photos and videos of you, Ethan and Josie chilling before you went on stage, and for calling and texting after you guys qualified. I MISS YOU ALL like MAD and I LUB You!

Colleen, my best friend forevah, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for calling me TWICE today to keep me in the loop and tell me how much you miss me being there to help. That made my day! I MISS YOU too, and I LUB LUB LUB you!

Martha, my best best friend and x-door neighbor forevah, HUGE HUGS for always giving me the play by play of what is happening in the hood and on the tennis team (congratulations to Josh) and in your exciting Hawaiian life. I MISS YOU SO MUCH and LUB your whole famdamily.

Swirl, aw shucks, thank you for sending me that uber long email today inviting me into your wonderful world of projects and making me feel like a ROCKSTAR. I needed that today. LUB you, girl.

Oops, did I just split my stone-cold heart wide open for a sec?

That felt kinda weird.


IWA (e - va) said...

I thought of you today! really.. i was singing to a car full of kids and then told them that in utah Helk is a swear word.. we all laughed and giggled and laughed again!

My daughter did her first State history day competition today.... she's only a fourth grader so doesnt get to go to nationals but her group got an award.. and now she thinks she unstoppable!

IWA (e - va) said...

aya.. First...

I still drive by townshouses and look to see if I'll see you!

Hey i think kameron is my student... He's a smarty pants... and the nicest kid!!!

DeNae said...

I've beem there. You make a life for yourself in a place that is different and wonderful but also maybe a little difficult at times, and in order to manke it work you just give your whole heart and soul to the people who are on the journey with you. And they give you theirs. And then it's time for one of you to return to the "real" world, and there's a "you" shaped hole in their hearts, and a "them" shaped canyon in yours!

And it takes a lot of time to fill it in, Crash. You may have to learn to live with that breezy old hole in the middle of your soul for a good long while.

Momza said...

Your stone cold heart isn't so stone cold...all this "missin" stuff, is because while you were with there in HI, you gave them parts of your heart and they shared theirs.
And that's always good.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

I'm not sure why but that made me cry a tiny bit.

I'm sorry you miss your friends.

Annette Lyon said...

I got all sniffly on your behalf.

(Where am I? This isn't Crash's blog . . .)

T said...

someone needs a stone cold transplant - because this is not right... sweet, but not right.

what on EARTH did we all do before technology kept us linked via facebook/texting/blogging? I know, we sent sweet letters letting people know we missed them for a few months - and then proceeded to forget. hateful.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

TOUCHE, T, and Annette. ;) I'm not in my right mind. I let my emotions get the best of me. Since it's Sunday, sweet will have to do, but I promise tomorrow I will be rude again.

But thanks for the moral support anyway because it felt good to be understood. Momza, that is so true. And DeNae, that could be on a greeting card, girl. That's how awesome you re.

Iwa, congrats to your daughters. How cute. And I lub that you guys think of me when a swear word pops into your head. ha ha

Braden said...

At first I was going to say something snarky but instead I am offering my solidarity and support. I'm glad you felt like you could vent/share/whatever.

I actually feel similar. I love our life in TN. But I just passed up a possible job opportunity to go back out to UT. I know what you think of it, but for me it's home and my family are there and so many memories. Leaves me feeling just a bit blue.

ANd, thanks so much for putting me on the "Soul Braddah" role! I just noticed that.

Martha said...

Gosh, you're making my eyes sweat. Here I thought you had forgotten us because you hadn't mentioned Hawaii in like a week.

Don't they have a History Day thing in Utah too? Maybe it's not that big of a deal for Utahans as it is for Red Raiders.

Stake Conference today. We haven't planned a potluck in between the houses yet, but it's not too late. We are also going to have a going away party / potluck / dance at the bball court for those moving. I guess after this someone else will have to plan the parties, and hopefully they will invite us.

Garden of Egan said...

Ah, Crash! I would have thought that having weather would have been a balm to your stone cold heart and made you NOT miss all the friends in the hood.

I'm sorry you're having homesickness for the sand and beaches and the oceans and yard parties and stuff. You should break out the hula skirt and coconut shells and go to church wearing that. It would put smiles on lots of the peeps in your Sponge Bob Ward.

It's nice to see this marshmallow side of you.

Hey are you going ot give me your autograph at CBC?

Sandi said...

You only THINK that we think you have a stone cold heart. We are on to you my friend. I miss your friends too! I miss reading your Hawaii adventures and I want you to pack up and get your bum back over there pronto. Sound good?! Do you get to go for a visit any time soon?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Sandi, I know. I'm so boring now. I'm a dull dummy with a dull life. As my daughter would say, it's uber pooey.

I'm going to go visit as soon as I get rich and famous. It's so hard getting rich and famous. Maybe I need to stop blogging while so I can try harder.

Oh Garden, I gave up my spot on the waitlist. I decided I had to choose between the storytellers conference and the blogger conference. SIGH! I hate choices. But I still want to give you my autograph sometime. Maybe you could give me yours too.

Oh Martha, how could I forget you guys??? IMPOSSIBLE! As Kelly Clarkson would say "My life would suck without you." Did you have your potluck? How will the townhouses survive without you guys?

Braden, I want to know what snarky thing you were going to say. ;) And I totally get you about passing on the job offer. Life is so darn hard. We passed on a job opportunity a few years before we accepted this one and it was bitter sweet. And for the record, I do enjoy Utah very much. SIGH!

There, I said it!

katie t said...

didn't you KNOW???? weird is the newest most coolest awsomest EVER way to be....

SO accept it and LOVE it!

and smile :)

lori said...

stop, where would I get my fix then?

and just so you know, the WV is feeling for you too, it says syndpal, like your friends electronically sent you a have a spooky wv.