Friday, April 23, 2010

Mingling with the upper crust

I feel like all three of the pointer sister combined because I'm soooooo excited.

The Storymakers conference starts today, which means a lot of serious, writers/bloggers have been gathering together to rub shoulders (which is kinda hypocritical if you ask me, because I got the stink eye when I tried to gather everyone in a circle for back massages).

Sooooooo, do you wanna hear who I met last night? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya? Pinky promise you won't get jealous?

I met DeNae from My Real Life Was Backordered. WOO HOO! What a sassy-pants. Sassy, sassy, sassy! That sassy chica has got more talent in her pinky finger than I've got in my whole thumb. Mark my words, peeps, she'll be hitting the big time soon.

I also met Kazzy from Kazzy's Ponderings. What a treat! She's got karma. She's got calm. Plus she knew our dear friend, April in college. I've added her to my sidebar so we can all be calmed by her ponderings.

I also met . . . drumroll, please . . . the queen bee of Mormon blogging, (Dooce doesn't count, right? Because she's a recovering Mormon, right?) I got to meet the One True Sue at Navel Gazing at it's Finest. I know you're all trying not to break the 8th commandment right now. (Especially Jami.) Do you guys want to know what Sue is like in real life? She is a cutie patootie. Not only is she miss thang blogger, she's got perfect, flawless skin and a sweet little shy smile. That's right. You heard it straight from the horse's mouth. (And not the house horse's mouth).

I also met Melanie Jacobson at Write Stuff (and her sister, Amy). What a spit-fire slash fashion plate! You know her blog header? That's exactly what she looks like. The girl just had a baby and she's working on her third manuscript. This year! (With the fourth all plotted out.) And I bet she wrote the whole thing in heels. Can I just kick you, Melanie J. She truly does have the write stuff.

I also met the sweetest person in the history of the world, Amber at Making the Moments Count who is kicking my booty in the Service Soapbox writing contest. I don't begrudge her though because everyone is kicking my booty and I'm just so thankful for all 18 of my votes. I have 10% of the votes, which technically means I'm the tithing! I couldn't be more honored. Much mahalo 18 voters. ANYWAYS, Amber shines! Her soul could light the world on fire. I'm putting her on my sidebar as well, so we can bask in her glow.

And finally I met Don Carey, who grew up in Laie, Hawaii--my old stomping grounds. He's also friends with my x-door neighbor, Martha. But now he lives in Texas and there ain't a trace of Pidgin in his southern drawl. It was like chicken soup for the soul to see a fellow former Hawaiian, especially one who is now a published author!

Well, I'm off to the conference, where I get to meet Annette Lyon. YAY!!!

P.S. I promise I will secure some photographic evidence for your viewing pleasure.

P.P.S. Just so you know, I also got to meet T is for Tonya at You Asked for It! while in St. George during spring break. We did lunch with Shelle and April, plus hubs, but I didn't blog about it because it was during my "stiff necked" period. I have been anxious to meet Tonya for a while now and guess what? I wasn't disappointed. She's feisty too! How come there are so many feisty bloggers? hmmmm?


Kristina P. said...

I don't want to brag or anything, (Haha, of course I do), but I have DeNae's phone number. And we text.

And I've met all those women. And I've met you. And I adore you all.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Kristina P, don't you dare try to one-up me in my comment box. I have DeNae's phone number too. And we TEXT toooooo! So there! And I have LoW's phone number too. Betcha don't have LoW's phone number.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

btw, Kristina, I adore you too!

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so super jealous! I'm trying not to break any commandments at all but I AM green with enviousness!!!!!
I met April and Tonya and Shelle so I'm trying hard to be famous.

Some bucket list will come true and I'll get to meet DaNae (we email by the that better than texting?) and then my other person on my bucket list is Kristina and I also want to meet some totally famous chic named Crash. I want her to say mahalo to me!

Have a blast at the conference.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

What is Utah, like the code word for Blogger Central or something?

Who blogs in N Kentucky? NO ONE.

No. One. (These days not even me.)

Okay jealous rant over.

katie t said...


Sandi said...

Look at Kristina trying to keep you in your place. haha. I actually love to read her blog as well but I never comment because when there is sooooooo many comments I'm sure mine would just blend in with the rest. So I need you to be happy with your "tithing" status, because when I comment here, I usually get a response and it makes me feel special. Hooray for feisty- I do indeed read all of those blogs you mentioned and that is probably why...the feisty factor, which I totally relate to. But you are the only one I comment on. So now YOU should feel special! Have FUN!

Sandi said...

p.s. I don't have anybody's phone number.

DeNae said...

I'm commenting from an actual breakout session with Crash! (Hee hee. I have ADD, can you tell??) We're having so much fun! And the deal last night was awesome. And I'll text anyone; send me your number and I'll text you!

Barbaloot said...

Well-if Kristina one-upped you, you 12-upped me. I've met T and April...but that's all. Oh, and I took a class at BYU from Kazzy's husband. Cool, eh?

T said...

"feisty" is good :)

I'm a little jealous about the storymakers conference though... I was just thrilled to get my invite, but there was no way to fit it into my crazy life :)

Have fun!!!

TheOneTrueSue said...

My flawless skin and I thank you. (It's good to be an imaginary Queen.)

It really was so great to actually get to talk to you a little last night. I was about to email you to say that. You are so together and personable - can you say intimidating? :)

The baby hats are so beautiful - I keep wanting to steal one for Josh but I'm resisting the urge. XOXOXO

OldBoatGuy said...

I have met the two most wonderful and talented and beautiful bloggers in the world!

The Funny Farmer and The Crash Test Dummy. So there.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH! I had so much fun! I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Hahahahahaha that DeNae was commenting in my box from a break out session. I had no idea. DeNae, I'm guessing it was the Pacing session. That was the only session dull enough to lose focus. How funny you're pimping out your phone number. Kristina and I thought we were special.

Aw shucks, OBG! How sweet are you!!!!! LY

SUE!!!! Please take a baby hat! Please, please, please! I would be honored to say I crocheted your baby a hat. I wish I had grabbed one to give to Melanie J. Save one for Melanie J too. How did the shower go? I wish I could have been two places in one time. And intimidating? GET OUT!

Be right back. Gotsta drive my daughter to a party.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Garden, you will meet DeNae and Kristina P at the blogger conference in May. They are both cool cats. I hope I can meet you and say MAHALO before you head back to Ideeho. Let's shake on it.

T, I wish you were here so bad!

Barb, are you serious? Kazzy's hub knows my two favorite teachers. They both taught at BYU-H. How cool that you took a class from him. Can't wait to see you next Thursday at the wedding.

Sandi, yes I feel special that you comment here. The best thing I ever did was make Kute Kupcakes for Kute Kasey. Otherwise you wouldn't comment on my blog either.

Andrea, BUM.MER. I wish you were here. It would be so fun to meet you.

Katie, ;)

Kritta22 said...

Yeah well, I bet you all!! I Blackberry Messenger Shelle.

Yeah I know. I shouldn't brag but...

Kritta22 said...

But I haven't met anyone....


Kritta22 said...

So I finished the Magic Quilt today!!!!!

Kritta22 said...

I'll send you pictures to put up on the blog.

I'll mail it on Monday. Our post office is only open until 11am tomorrow AND I'm not rounding everyone up that early! So Monday it is!

Kritta22 said...

I've missed you, Crash! I'm so grateful for my bloggy friends!

Kritta22 said...

K well I'm off to bed! I'll send you pics and hit my pillow!

Sandi said...

I can't wait to see the magic quilt! hip hip hooray for Kritta!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

How awesome and ironic that the magic quilt would get finished on the day I came in last place in the writing contest. It's the tithing on the cake.

I miss you too, Kritta. I would lub to meet you! Someday it will happen. Mark my words.

Braden said...

Tithing is pretty cool. I mean, it kind of makes everything else all work out ok, you know? I agree--Amber is very sweet. At least online and in the nice, supportive comments she always leaves.

Don said...

Good golly, Miss Molly - that conference really was the most amazing thing ever!

It was so good to see you and everyone else, and meet some new people.

And as for the pidgin, it's still there - I just haven't quite figured out how to turn it on and off at will.if you had talked to mein pidgin, it would have just come out. Li'dat.

Vern said...

For the record, I totally voted for you at Service Soapbox. (At least you made the top 5, which is more than I can say.) Does that mean I only have to pay 9% this month?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Vern, how sweet. Thank YOU! I'm so happy for you that you didn't make the top five and you now only have to pay 9% tithing. hee hee!

Don, it was great to talk to you at the conference and catch up on the Laie gossip. (Well, your laie gossip. ha ha) It really was amazing to be there. Can't wait until next year.