Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spectacular Spectacular!

Remember a few posts ago, when I told you amazing things are happening in my family?

Well there's more. And it's even more spectacular than before:

My oldest son is sewing!

And my daughter is driving. On the road. She passed the range, (despite car five.)

Check out the keys in "start" position.

And check out that concentration!

In other news, my twins are playing baseball, which isn't amazing, per say, except that since the day we moved to Utah they've been anxiously awaiting baseball season.

My youngest twin has been particularly ANXIOUS. According to their age they should be in the minor leagues, but they wanted to try out for the major leagues. My particularly anxious boy couldn't wait to find out so he called the coach himself and asked him straight up, point blank, "Did I make it or not?"

hee hee hee

Thank goodness the coach said YES. Both boys are now Blue Jays and today is their first game of the season. My particularly anxious boy couldn't sleep last night and I found him jumping rope to Rocky Balboa at 10:30 p.m.

This morning he couldn't eat.

And look!

How cute is this?

I wish he would lay out his church clothes this neatly on Saturday night, but apparently baseball trumps church when you're 11 years old.

Just saying.

Most spectacular of all is that my hub has been doing some major pruning.

I followed him around and cleaned up after him because that's what I do best.

(And worst, come to think of it.)

This is the enormous pile I built out of his tree clippings. Photos usually make things look 10 lbs heavier, but in this case, the photo doesn't do justice to how much this pile really weighs. Mostly because underneath the tree clippings are all the leaves I raked last fall.

When asked how we were going to haul this honkin' heavy pile off the property, my IL's told us we should just split it up and see if our neighbors have any extra space in their garbage cans.

hee hee ho ho ha ha ho ho hee hee ha ha

They're such a hoot, those two!

Maybe more amazing than the pruning is the fixing. Learning some fixing is the reason we moved to Utah in the first place. But in order to fix something you need to break something, so I broke the electric window in our Sante Fe.

That's how my hub tells it, but technically I didn't break it. Technically I was just the last one to roll it down before it slipped off it's track and refused to roll back up. My hub spent the better part of the day yesterday trying to get it back on track, which involved much disassembling and tugging and yanking and reassembling. It was all worth it because I learned something new about my hub. He only has two hands.

I probably could have learned that the first time he said it, but he repeated it several times to make sure it sunk in.

Just so you know, it takes more than two hands to get things back on track. By my count it takes at least six.

Now that my hub got the window back on track it glides up and down like buttah.

Unfortunately we have all been forbidden to roll that window down ever ever ever again.

Such a spectacular kill joy, my hub.

P.S Just thought of one more amazing thing that happened last night. My older twin came to me and said, "Mom, I've been brushing my teeth with toothpaste for four weeks now!"

hee hee


katie t said...

lol. i saw them walking to practice last night. they are the best! THE BEST! and the placing out of the "equipment" is priceless.....

katie t said...

oh yeah and kudos to ALL 3 of your boys for tolerating my random carter. he idolizes those boys so thanks!


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Katie, Carter is so cute. Tatum was riding bikes with him last night. It was priceless.

Hey, was it you who won 2nd in that marathon over the weekend?

Heidi Ashworth said...

Out of personal experience I can say with the utmost confidence that someone, someday, will forget the window moritoruium. And it will most likely be you. Just saying. (This was a multi-chuckler post. Off to read the MQ entry.)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Very spectacular indeed. Love it. I do not however love baseball but that might be because we didn't live close enough for my boys to walk to practice. The day they gave it up for good was a happy day for me. Does that make me a bad mother?

Martha said...

I need Z over her to help me sew May Day costumes. May S. keeps giving me more! They are doing this Philipino bamboo dance thingy with long poles that you beat together. It's actually quite cool and Nan and Jim are jumper kids. They will finally be stars and they like it!! I know, amazing. They usually complain for months about May Day.

We also need T over here to practice tennis with Josh so he can do well at states.

Then we need you and Al (since he can fix things now) over here to help us move and clean up our townhouse and fix our new house. We signed the mortgage papers this morning and get the key later today. Do I even want the key? It's such a huge mess and ordeal. I can't decide if I'm up for it. Can't I just go on living my nice, peaceful, easy life in the townhouses? Perry says no! this will be worth it. He better be right or else.

That is so cute how he laid out the baseball stuff. The twins sound like my Nan and her new bball team. She leaves like 1/2 early to every practice because she's so excited about it. They practice every day for 2 hours!!

LiafromLaie said...

I was confused there for a second when reading about how you would haul your yard trash off. I kept thinking, "Get someone to loan you their truck and take it to the local dump." But after much thinking... does Utah even provide such a service?

Anyway... I used to have the same problem with an old car and an automatic window. We'd have to keep a set of needle nose pliers in the car in case the glass fell down in order to get it back up.... then it took a lot of coordination to roll the mechanical portion in such a way as to get it to keep the glass up. LOL!

T said...

when I broke our automatic window ManOfTheHouse fixed it and then shoved a domino in front of the controls so that I could never break it again... never could play a decent game of dominos again!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ARG! I just wrote a huge long comment and lost it all.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I hate it when that happens.


Probably the most interesting thing that I said was that my verifier said disho. hee hee My verifier knows me so well. I am kind of a dis ho.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Here the cliff note version of my super long comment.

Miss Heidi, I'm always so happy to see you.

Pat, I don't like baseball either because it's long and dull and the fans are aggressive.

Lia, we have pay to dump our trash here. $7 minimum. That pile will cost a pretty penny. Unless we shove it in our neighbors trash cans. ha ha ha

T, that CRACKED me up. ha ha ha hahahaha what a creative hub you got there.

Martha, CONGRATS!!!!! wow! Good luck. I know what you mean about hoping you're up for it. The real world is kinda lone and dreary sometimes. Maybe we should move to Missouri. ;) SIGH. Let us always remember the good old days when life was simple and frustrating as opposed to hard and frustrating. ;) You guys will love the project. At least it will keep P from blazing trails for a while. btw, I will miss May Day this year very much. No one puts on a show quite like Laie!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Martha, one more thing I said. Guess who Tatum played tennis with today. Tyler A. He lives close by. It's so sad though because he is in so much pain. It killed him to play. He has like a crack or a fracture in his sternum or something. So sad. The docs say they can't do anything.

katie t said...

why yes. yes it was! i admit it. i took 2nd in the sl marathon plus i met my time limit goal! waaahoooo!

Annette Lyon said...

Hot dang! What's next? Showering with soap?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Katie, are you serious? You amaze me! What an inspiration!!!

Anette, I checked out one of your books on tape from the public library. The Water's Edge. Woohoo! You're famous. I wish it was narrated by the author. But I'll get to hear your voice this weekend because I'll be in your Saturday workshop. ;)

verifier says unfat, which means I'm skinny! woohoo

cfoxes said...

Crash Test Dummy...

We have a lot in common. My 15.5 yo Daughter is starting to drive. You should pop over and read my blog for today about what happened with her last night.

As for my dad...You are on your way to doing your part for others. Be yourself.

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

I tired to comment earlier and it wouldn't let me! :(

I was just gonna say that you wouldn't have had to haul off that load if you lived in St Georgia. You'd just burn it. It's the redneck way.:)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh gosh, I wish I was a redneck!

cfoxes, that story was awfully familiar. hee hee And thanks for your encouragement. ;) You're sweet.

LiafromLaie said...

I don't think Hawaii would every be able to make people pay for their trash. All the locals would be up in arms. And a $7.00 minimum for trash? That's CRAZY! Cars in Hawaii would probably average $21.00 per truck.