Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Empty chairs at empty tables

Remember that time when I lived in Hawaii?  

And my life was full of students . . . 

And friends . . .

And famous people . . .

And Wolfgang . . .

That was fun.

And remember how I always taught Les Miserables, and Wolfgang wanted to push Jean Valjean down the stairs? 


Can't really blame him, I guess. 

And remember how he thought Marius was a stalker and I told him he didn't understand the first thing about lub?


Maybe I was a little hard on him.  He's married now.

And remember that part in Les Mis when Marius sings that song about empty chairs at empty tables?

There's a grief that can't be spoken.
There's a pain goes on and on.
Empty chairs at empty tables
Now my friends, my friends are gone

Yeah, that song.  

I wish I understood that song better.

(btw, if any of you know my daughter, she could use a little teeny hug!)


val of the south said...

I'm on my way to fill up one of your chairs!!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

sorry. moving kinda sucks

Sarah said...

You have friends here too! You just havent met all of us yet. I read you every time you post, you are hilarious!

Sandi said...

I am wishing I could reach out clear to Utah and give your cute daughter a hug.
I am loving the pics of your friends...and guess what? I know Beau, that makes 4!!!
Hawaii and friends are hard to get over huh?

Chief said...

awww...sorry your homesick! Luvs to the little one...

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

You couldn't have said this better. I love Les Mis, in a wish it didn't have to make me so sad kind of way.

And Miley is singing about butterflies flying away and this whole post visit is a bit of a downer. But that is ok. You have to go down in order to go up.


Anjeny said...'s loads and loads of hugs for she ok? What's wrong?

I'm feeling ya, girl...moving really is a itch with "b". We are missing you big time here.

Kristina P. said...

Send your cute daughter a nice, warm Snuggie hug from me.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Ah. First things first
HUG (for your dd)
HUG (for you)

You need more just knock on my blog and I'll pass them right out.

I understand what you're going through except for that having all the cool friends before I moved thing.

Moving and not knowing anyone is no fun. But hey, you are in Utah so that state's cool factor swung up like thirty notches so surely there's a kindred spirit around somewhere. Track them down.

Until then, free hugs from Philly. Anytime.

I am LoW said...

You should have moved HERE! I'd be sitting right by you. And following you. And calling you all.the.time. And knocking on your door all hours of the night AND day. I'd be your stalker... I mean, er, uh, friend! :-D

Martha said...

I just know your magic pants will come today and they will make you feel better.

Why don't you call Steph or Laurie O. and hang out with them?

Morgan and Derek said...

I have moved 6 times in my six years of marriage and it never gets ANY easier! I'm sorry hon. :)

springrose said...

Sorry you feel lonely! I think for you it is a double whammy, you moved and you no longer have a job!! Make some more of your apple pies and take them to church to bribe people to be your friends, how can they resit!?! Apple Pie and the Dummy! It's a win win!! And say chin up to your beautiful daughter! If you lived in Idaho instead of Utah I would invite you all over and make some washer necklaces! They are double functional, fashioniable and a weapon to use against muggers!! Go get some and make them with your daughter today!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Martha, you were right, my magic pants DID come today and they fit perfectly. I told you I wasn't a size 6. MAHALO!!!! I lub them!!!! I needed knew pants too! AND I needed some magic. I'll post photos tomorrow.

I would lub to hang with Steph and Laurie O. It's not really that I am lonely for lack of nice friends here. It's just that I miss my life there and my friend THERE sometimes. It just hit me hard today. Poor Val and Jillybean saw my eyes sweat a little.

But we had a fun lunch at IKEA and that helped. Photos coming tomorrow.

Sandi, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU KNOW BEAU! Girlfriend, were we meant to be best friends or what? Thanks for the hugs.

I'm sorry I was a Debbie Downer today. Get it, Debbie Downer. hee hee

Kristina P. WOW! I feel so honored that you would give my daughter a snuggi hug. MAHALO!

LoW, I should have moved by YOU. I need a good stalker. ;)

Poor Morgan and Derek. Six moves????

Andrea, you are so sweet. I am coming to Philly to collect on those hugs. Mark my words. I am going to drop by your blog and hug you too. You moved too!

Springrose, what the helk is a washer necklace? Sounds like a must have. Like a very practical approach to beauty!

Lub it.

Thanks for all the hugs guys. Blog buddies are the best.

Anjeny, I just want to squeeze you especially hard. T is just frustrated that she doesn't know anyone well and they don't know her. Everyone is nice, but she doesn't have that group of friends to HANG with. She's also got strep throat.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Sarah, thanks! You made my day.

DeNae said...

Oh, Crash, you look so happy in those pictures! And I totally know how hard it is to do what you've done. And now I'M one of those empty chairs because I didn't get any of your comments-cum-invitations to come play with you today until I got home to Vegas! I hope your new friends helped you feel a little more settled, and I'll be back in UT in October. You're first on the list, baby!!

Martha said...

Ok, I wanna see pics of each color of those pants. They picked a good day to come.

Nan heard that the McDonnell's might move in there. I don't know if you know them or not. The mom went on the Big Island trip last year, but she's pretty quiet. On the trip I sat next to her and said, "Hi, I'm Martha, what's your name?" Noone knew who she was because they had just moved and they volunteered me to find out. I think she was going through what you are now.

They have an RM, a senior boy, a freshman girl, a 5th and a 4th grade girl. A & J were already friends with the senior boy and hung out with him last year. Nan unbelievably likes the 5th grade girl too. So if they get your house that would be alright.

They have painted and are now recarpeting your house so it's almost ready for you to come back to. So they can live there for a year and that's all. Then you guys come back, OK?

Bloggin Betty said...

Moving is so crummy! I would hate leaving all my students, family, and friends. I am putting on a sad face just for you :(

April said...

Awwww need a hug, your cute daughter needs a hug! My boys went through this when we tore them from their friends in AZ. They were so sad. So down, the tables were empty for a short time, but then, they were filled with more friends then they could have dreamed of! Now go kick a soccer ball at a pic of meany soccer dad!

wv says "amen"tic.....muwahahaha!!! give that ball a good HARD kick!

Amber Lynae said...

I hate starting over after a move....

If my longs were long enough I would hug you... but it would be really weird to be hugged by arms that were that super long and not see the face and person they belonged to.

T said...

hugs all around! Shoot - you know, if you just lived in the Southern part of this lovely state of ours we'd have those chairs full all the time... I even have a boy your daughter's age. Wait... except then I'd have to make her follow the hussy rules (the "how long I can talk on the phone" to girls that ask me for my son's phone number on the beach...)

heck - I'd give her a whole 1/2 hour, just based on the fact that she's a member of the dummy family.

IWA (e - va) said...

Awww. I miss you lots! FB me your UT address please! Today i sat next to a couple of your old students in the library pic 1.. the pretty girl throwing gang signs on the right.... and then the guy in pic 3 (in the front right with his hands clasp together) he sat down as i was reading it and then i took a double take and said,"hey that's you!" He said he loved that class!

T is soo cool... she'll find a crew in no time! Hug her for us!

Sandi.. I love that you know everyone here! I think you really belong here and not there!

My eyes are sweating for you here! cant wait to see the magic shorts!

Jillybean said...

Big hugs to your daughter, and you!

Fun day today, Max is still talking about taking pictures.

Do you want me to Bedazzle your new magic pants?

Youngblood4ever said...

Hugs to your daughter. Hugs to you. I'm coming over...I'll bring the cookies and milk. Cookies make everything better.

Youngblood4ever said...

Ice cream too! I'll bring ice cream too. What is your favorite kind?

Dolly said...

OH my Gosh! HOW did you made me look like a super model in that photo! You have got to email that to me because I NEED a new profile photo on facebook and NO one ever takes good photos of me!

NOT even when I am with Jack Johnson in the photo. Oh wait, that was you that took that goofy photo of me with JJ and even his cuteness couldn't even salvage it. You are so redeemed. That photo of me rocks even if I am saying so myself.

Pahleeeese send it to me one's of these days.