Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reunited, and it feels so good!

As ya'll know, I got my stuff.


And I made it through the labor and delivery without being a big baby.

sniff sniff

I had to work out a few lumps in my throat when I saw my couches, but mostly I was strictly business. And strictly ballroom. (If there is one thing I know, it's how to dance around my emotions.)

Until I saw my car.


Oh bee-U-tiful, for spacious skies!

My car!

Lookie, peeps!  That's my old car sitting in my new driveway. 

Oh, Martha and Swirl, does it tug at your heart strings to see my old car in my new driveway? 


When I took my car for a ride I had to do the heimlich on my eyeballs because they were all choked up.  I couldn't even see where I was going.  Alls I could see was the leftover sand everywhere.  


And the clock.  The clock said 9:00.  But it wasn't 9:00 in Utah, it was 1:00! 

As Gad as my witness, I will NEVER change that clock. So help me Gad, I will drive in Hawaiian time for the rest of my live long dayz.

But the thing that really gave me whiplash was my son's trombone mouthpiece sitting in the cup holder.  

Do you know how long that mouthpiece has been sitting in that cup holder reminding me that my son will never be a trombone player? 



And then I pushed play on the CD player and guess who was there?  


That darn John Mayer is always there when I need him. 

Hugs, John Mayer!

So after I got through getting reacquainted with my car, I started unpacking my boxes.  It was like Christmas morning, (if you opened all your old beat-to-helk junk on Christmas morning). 

When you move every single thing you own is wrapped and wrapped and wrapped in packing paper and each little bundle sends a surge of adrenalin through your veins as you unwrap it.  

The suspense practically kills you.

You're like "OMGosh  . . . here's my . . . soft scrub.  YAY! And here's my . . . vanilla.  Woohoo!"

My red spatula is in heaven.

Look how happy it looks to be surrounded by friends!

Friends are so important!

The Relief Society lesson on Sunday was all about friends.  

After it was over, I lingered . . . but to no avail, cuz I don't have any friends in Relief Society . . .

I used to have friends in Relief Society . . . 

I was just about to start pouting over it when some sweet lady named Carol Bell came up to me and said, "ALOHA! Welcome to our ward."  
Hugs, Carol Bell!  And kisses too.  (((Air kisses, of course (don't know you that well) (ftr, I don't know John Mayer that well either, but I would have kissed him))). 

Here's a cute story.  There's a girl from my high school in my ward.  I was kinda excited about it so I went and sat behind her in Relief Society and I was like, "hey, girlfriend, remember me?" She looked at me with a blank face so we exchanged deets.  Then I was like, "so do you remember me now? Huh? Huh? Huh?"  She was like, "Ummm, I'm gonna say yes, cuz you kinda look familiar . . . " 

Then there was this kinda awkward pause before she got up (politely) and moved to the other side of the room.  

She probably just isn't used to me as a Hawaiian tropic model. Luckily, I was in a really good mood on Sunday because Sunday's are so spiritual.  Anyway, I know I'll win her over eventually.  That's what dummies do.  

Not whining, just sayin'.  

I did meet someone at church who is related to someone who knows someone who married someone who I almost went with to a bath house in Korea.  Come to think of it, I actually did go with her to a bath house in Korea, but then we decided students and teachers probably shouldn't see each other nekked so we chickened out.  

It's a small world afterall, ain't it?

My neighbors are really nice too.  My next door neighbor's name is Kimbree, which means cute cheese.  I know we'll hit it off because I LUB cute cheese.  She brought me a pear pudding pie on Saturday.  Then yesterday she brought me some pear butter.  And today she called and invited me to do my canning with her.  I LOL'd and said, "Girlfriend, are you serious????  Do people really can?"  Then I told her, "If I canned with you, when would I watch America's Next Top Model?"

Poor, poor Kimbree.  She has no idea that she now lives next door to the dummy!  


Chief said...

I feel a bond. We have the same car. 'cept mine is red. I love my car

The Crash Test Dummy said...

High Five, Chief. How lucky you have a RED car!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Happy Day - The car arrived!

IWA (e - va) said...

Yay... you got all the important stuff.... like pineapple and coconut milk! haha! did you really pack and ship that stuff?...awww.. you're too funny! well at least you can say that it's "Real" pineapple and coconut milk.. because it's was purchased from hawaii!

Good move in Korea! haha!

I take it, it's pear season... LUCKY YOU LIVE where fruit is CHEAP!

The Garden of Egan said...

I'm so glad you got coconut milk from Hawaii and your car and your slobbered on trombone mouthpiece.

Glad you're reunited and I hope you find LUB in Relief Society.

Jami said...

Oh beautiful lady! I'm so happy that you got your beat-to-helk stuff. I wish you many, many friends in your new ward. I've no doubt you soon will have those Utahan RS gals fighting to sit next to you. You, my dear, are a delight, a silly-smart, dummy-delight! To know, know, know you is to lub, lub, lub you. And they will. Yes, they will!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Oh my... I feel like I am living my moving to Utah experience all over again and it's causing me to hyperventilate.

Glad you got all your stuff. That is a good good day.

Sandi said...

hahahaha...I love that poor cute cheese girl and her canning invitation! She will soon found out just who she is living next door to!
So fun to get your stuff- I really hope you do continue to drive on Hawaiian time..and with the aloha spirit too, so that you can just smile when all those rude utard drivers wave with that friendly middle finger.
p.s. guess what? I know 3 people in your RS picture can you believe it??
(well dont, because I am totally lying.)
enjoy the pears!

Martha said...

Aren't you glad I told you to pack those cans? And you were just going to give them to me. I knew you would need them if only to take a picture of for your blog.

Yes, it tears at my strings to see your old car in your new driveway and to see a BYU red pickup truck in your old driveway. They are putting in cupboards today and not being very quiet about it either.

You will never in a million trillion years believe this. Not sure we do either, but here goes: We are buying our townhouse! They say it's for real this time and they had a big meeting about it yesterday. We are not holding our breath, however.

Fall semester starts tomorrow. I'm home for a quick lunch and then back to tons of students waiting for help at my office. It's crazy... new students are everywhere-- lost, and confused.

We had the funnest ever enrichment last night. It was at Gunstock and we did water aerobics. They all said, "Hey, Martha do you do water aerobics?" I said, "Are you serious, I don't do anything unless a ball is involved."

I was a good sport, and did the aerobics thing, then someone got out a ball and we played Keep Away. It was so fun. We would dunk anyone with the ball, so you had to get rid of it fast. My kind of fun.

Don't change your car clock ever!!

val of the south said...

Yay, you have your car! Now you won't have to wander parking lots aimlessly trying to remember what you drove (not that you've done that - oh wait, except for the two times I've lunched with you!!)

Youngblood4ever said...

Wanna come can with me tomorrow? Peaches. I am even planning on playing the Peaches song by Presidents of the United States of America. Getting me all excited to be peachy sticky!

Wanna come sit by me in RS next week? I am always the one to find someone to sit by. If I am already sitting down, no one comes by me. Either I really stink, or I scare people. Maybe its both.

T said...

canning - that's a thing I can't do... but it sounds so silly to say I can't can...

WV says scragr... I'm pretty sure I should be offended don't you? or maybe it's not talking to ME after all...

April said...

awwww....your first canning date! how special! Now if Kimbree is going to teach you how to bottle then take her up on it!! I love bottling! I learned to bottle meat. It looks horrible but tastes great! Then you have it ready when you need it. Chicken. hamburger or pork. True story!

Sandi said...

Crap. April is turning into a Utard. It's only a matter of time for you, Crash.

Homer and Queen said...

uhhh April...I thought only old people said "bottling"!

Jillybean said...

So glad that you and your stuff are back together again.
You should totally join your neighbor while she's canning, however, if someone wants you to scrapbook with them, run away.

I am LoW said...

So.... did Kimbree come in to watch ANTM with you? huh? huh?

April said...

Pfffff! If you use cans it's canning if you use bottles it's bottling......right?

{Stamping my feet} I'm not a Utard! I'm not! I'm not! You can't make me! Alright, maybe just a bit.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

FYI, no she did not come to watch ANTM with me. Something about having a real life.

Jilly,another neighbor asked me if I scrapbook or blog. I said NO WAY! I have a real life.

What I don't get is why can't people just buy canned fruit? And April is right, it's bottles not cans they put the fruit in. If you want to be really precise, it should be called jarring.

Youngblood, no I don't want to come jarring with you today but I do want to sit by you in Relief Society.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha VAL, I so thought of that. Seriously, I went to Walmart and it was so easy to find my car in the parking lot. Every car I borrowed was silver and do you know how many silver cars there are in Utah? It wasn't just the two times I was with you that I couldn't find my car. Hooray for TEAL!

Martha, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The irony is thick today. I have to say that I DO hope, for your sake, that you get to buy your townhouse. The timing was a little funny, but I'm going to take that as one more sign that we needed to be here. I'm also going to add, I'll believe it when I see it. ;)

I'm envious that you get to hang out with all those lost and confused students. BTW, I lub water aerobics at gunstock. And lub lub lub Kyndra Smith. you can tell her that too.

Emily, we are so related. ;) I think of emailing you all the time to give you the updates, but I'm the worst emailer on the face of the earth.

Which reminds me, JILLY, I've been meaning to email you back too!!!!!! LY!

Jami, you are so sweet. Thanks for the hope.

Iwa, YES, I did bring that pineapple and coconut milk with me from Hawaii. haha ha Such a silly goose. I've got to make me some pani po po. I think I'll make some for Kimbree too.

Sandi said...

yay for pani po po- I just talked my ward into trying it out for our annual ward luau! maybe we could come and borrow some of that coconut milk you shipped over?

Tiffany said...

Oh I am so grateful all your stuff is there. I have been worried.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Just email me booger ;-) You can give me the dirty details!

Martha said...

I came to see if you had posted anything today and then I realized you called the Santa Fe "YOUR car". I thought it was Al's car. Your car was the Dodge van.