Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rue the day!

That's what my youngest twin said a few nights ago.  

Only he said, "Rue THIS day!  RUE it!"

Let's just say it took me by surprise--totally knocked my socks off, actually, being as I've never heard him use the word RUE before in this lifetime. 

I think it caught me off guard because I was making creamy pototo soup at the time and I was thinking it needed a little thickener. 

Coincidentally, I was simultaneously thinking that I could really use a new sweet scent and since I only own four of the Rue 21 fragrances . . .

You see where I'm going with this?  For a split second I thought my son was going to be the next prophet. 

But then he told me he was plagiarizing iCarly. 

Tonight he told us to "rue this day!" again, but I wasn't making soup or thinking about smelling sweeter so I'm pretty sure I jumped the gun on the prophet thing.  Plus, after he told us to "rue this day!" he asked me "what does rue mean?"

I told him that to rue the day means to regret the day.  

Then he asked me, "what is regret?" I didn't have my google dictionary at my fingertips so I told him "regret is . . . thick and . . . it smells sweet." 

And then, and then, and then, I KID NOT, the most remarkable thing happened.  He broke into a song. It was like a High School Musical moment.  

No, it was more like a Mormon High School Musical moment because the song he broke into was Yoohoo-ooo Unto Je-eee-sus. 

And he didn't just sing it, he BELTED it.  And there was nothing pitchy about it. He was in tune and on key! Randy and Paula would have said "DUDE, you're in the dog pound now!" 

But most stunning of all was that he knew the words.  Every. Single. Word.  

(Do you think maybe he still has a shot at that prophet gig?) 

Anyways, that's not the only surprising thing that's happened this week. My twins had a field trip and guess what?  They said they had the best sack lunch in the class.  

HA! Take that, Hawaii!

Then the older twin checked out art books from the school library!  Did you hear me? I said ART books. The kind of art books that teach you how to draw animals.  And draw animals he did.

Rue the day his 3rd grade teacher told me he couldn't draw to save this life! 

And Rue the day I said I thought Facebook was creepy.  I've decided to eat my words about Facebook because, honestly, there is nothing creepy about being a fly on the wall of those you haven't laid eyeballs on in months.  Flys are people too.  And they have inquiring minds that want to know what their friends are saying to their other friends while they're off fraternizing with the honeybees in Utah.  

Get it!? Honeybees? Utah?  (Hardy har har). 

And finally, rue the day I said I didn't have time to fall in lub with a bunch of teenage girlz. 

What was I thinking? Tonight we had our first date, and ironically I wasn't the one falling. 

But fo' reals, why would anyone NOT want to fall in lub with these girlz? 

It's a done deal!  


Kristina P. said...

I don't think I even knew what Rue the day meant. I have gone ice skating once in my life, when I was a YW, and it was a huge disaster.

Momza said...

Just a big smile over here! Lucky You, Lucky if by Inspiration or something, if you believe in that kinda stuff!

T said...

haha - sounds like those girls are gonna have you wrapped around their little icy fingers before long.

with all that prophecy and rockin' sack lunches you might have that prophet gig in the bag (so to say)... but I'm still trying to figure out what kind of person WANTS that job...

val of the south said...

My kids thank you ~ you have set the standard for me on Field Trip sack kids shall never be embarrassed again!!

I have a musubi maker and seaweed...all I need is a certain dummy to give me my lesson and I would totally lend her my musubi maker and gift her the rest of the seaweed...just sayin'

Sandi said...

well well well. you have gone and done it. it didn't take long at all. You are a full fledged YOUTARD! Heres my proof: your kids are overachieving, using big words, knowing the words to hymns, singing on key and being artsy fartsy! and look at you missy- presenting your boys with the BEST sack lunch in the class, as well as planning and executing a YW activity where everyone had fun and learned about helping others when they have fallen. You are a swell representative of the beehive state....I'm a little nervous about this.

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

That is the WHITEST group of YW I've ever seen! You MUST be in Utah. :-)

MaeRae said...

:-) that is all! too bad you can't bold in comment land!

Anonymous said...

It's true. I had the worst sack lunches ever growing up. It must be a Utah thing. I'm sure your kids' lunches are amazing in comparison to my childhood. :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Mary, the funny thing is I didn't even try to make my kids the best sack lunches. And in Hawaii I didn't even try to make them the worst sack lunches. I didn't do a single thing different.

It's all relative. That's alls I've got to say.

LoW, That's what I was thinking. I really felt it during the primary program. I'm sooo used to seeing little brown faces everywhere.

Sandi, OMGOSH, girl. What a revelation. And look at me using the word revelation too. It's true. I'm full fledged. And it's beginning to dawn on me that maybe I have been Utarded all along. And it ain't half bad.

Ouch! STOP throwing things at me.

Val, let's do it, baby!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

What does it say about me that I totally knew that quote was from Icarly? Probably nothing good. I even watched much of their marathon yesterday. Sheesh.

I knew you would love YW's. It really is one of the best callings in the church. Love you in your red coat. Way to make a statement.

Dolly said...

Rue the day I chose to fly on Friday the 13 from the east to the west. We will be traveling for 31 hours. Not only do we have to endure traveling on Friday the 13th but it has to be extra long because it will still be Friday the 13th when I get to Hawaii. I will be thinking of all of you land lubbers and please send us your prayers to the skies. We all highly dislike the travel part of traveling.

Four more hours to go. I needed a Crash distraction.

And along with gifts from the far east, I am bringing blog stories and blog photos. There will be another era of dollysfollies very soon.

Love you all!

DeNae said...

What I want to know is, have they not discovered the "new" Hymnbook in Springville? Cuz no one in the church has "Yoo-hoo'd" Jesus since 1987. A loss, to be sure.

Cute girls. That calling, if extended to me, would cause me to seriously doubt the ability of ANYONE to receive revelation, even your prophetic son.

(And did he say those things while playing with Kanga's child, on a street in Paris? Just curious.)

Martha said...

That was totally my first thought when I saw the group picture of the girls. Wow, T isn't the only white girl there. I actually had to look hard to find her she blended right in.

I heard the Rue part of IKarly too and my kids were asking me what it meant too.

Last night Akanas were asking Jim and Nan to go to another bball game. Well of course Jim hadn't done any of his homework so I got to used it as a bribe. The kid did all his math and spelling in no time flat and was off. He is so funny. I need a bribe everyday.

Sandi said...

I just looked at the pics again...LUB the 2 shaka's in the middle!

Sandi said...

(last pic)

Lisa said...

I had a friend with a cat named Rue. She rued the day she got him. He seemed like a nice enough cat...although he WAS a CAT which reduces him significantly in my mind. Now if he had been a dog....

Stephen said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on moving to Utah. A new study puts it as the happiest state in the nation. Hawaii came in second. evidence
I guess having the highest level of anti depressant and porn use and probably the lowest level of alcohol use helps.!?

April said...

Awwww..what a cute group of girls with a cute leader! And according to a new article on msn.....Utah has the happiest people, followed by Hawaii. See? Utards ARE on drugs! lol!

val of the south said...

Tim Tam spotting!

I bought Tim Tams today at WalMart grocery store ~ I don't know if you have any of those near you ~ they are only grocery stores, not regular WalMarts.

I'm going to teach my kids the Tim Tam Slam this weekend (though I've never actually done it myself!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Tim Tam sighting? We must tell Barb. It somehow excites me to think of you teaching your kids the Tim Tam Slam, Val. Please take photos. And don't tip the cup. It will spill all over your white dress. And make sure the chocolate is to the rim. And then just suck as hard as you can. It will be worth the rush, believe me.

Aw shucks, all this talk about Tim Tam Slams makes me homesick. I'm going to have to teach my girlz, and get photographic evidence, of course.

Sandi, you have a keen eye. I shouted "Everybody shaka" just before the photo was taken. Then I laughed when I saw that me and my daughter were the only ones who knew what the helk a shaka was.

Stephen and April, Martha just sent me that link yesterday. I must celebrate another Utah victory. We're topping the charts in all sorts of oxymormonic ways.

Lisa, hee hee. I like that cat story.

Martha and Pat, high five. I lub it when other people watch iCarly. Don't you think Spencer is a crack up? Lub him. I bet he's the one who says Rue this day!

Martha I have the cutest post coming up from something Wyatt said this morning. Stay tuned. And bring some kleenex.

Oh Dolly, we will all keep our fingers crossed as you are in the air right now, and you will be landing on Friday the 13th. Despite what Jami says, that is my luckiest day. You will have much good luck and a safe landing in Hawaii. Can't wait for your blog updates.

val of the south said...

lol that I said spotting ~ I totally meant sighting.

I suppose you could spot WalMart with Tim Tams - or Tim Tams can cause spots when you slam...

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Oh and I wondered if Rue the day would mean you would use a rue to thicken your creamy potatoe soup. That can work you know.

I love Spencer also, but sadly it is the obnoxious techie Carly stalker Nevel who tries to get Carly to kiss him in exchange for a good review on the internet. Seriously I am scaring myself at mt trivia knowledge.

If any of you ever go on millionair and you have a pop culture question, you totally phone me as your friend to tell you the answer to some obscure question.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

OK this is seriously obnoxious, I commented twice today and wasn't logged in either time. Arrrg. So now I can follow the comments.

And by the I just bought the soundtrack to Shrek the Musical and I lub lub lub it so so so much. I need to go back and read what you wrote about it.

Mariko said...

Their eyeballs are really big. Did you notice?
And well dressed (the eyeballs).

Are you OUTSIDE? Like, they have ice, OUTSIDE????


Martha said...

Did you know that it's Swirl's birthday tomorrow, Friday the 13th? Don't forget to wish her a Happy one.

I'm thinking of making her my special ham sandwich. I know I always like it when someone makes me lunch.

Didn't I make you a sandwich for your last birthday? I think it might have been chicken on a bagel though. I remember I kept waiting and waiting for you to come home from class and finally at like 2 pm you arrived.

Guess what? Josh is going to the Sadie Hawkins dance tomorrow with Kelsey K. Apparrently she has a huge crush on him and is not keeping it a secret.

We're having a tennis party tomorrow to end our season. Wish you guys were here. Our 2.5 team actually is 7 and 2. We lost our first two matches and have won all the rest. We are in third place overall--amazing.

Now the 3.0 team, we don't want to discuss. We never won a single match. They were 0-8. Josh A., Hannah, and Rachel won most of their matches, but the rest of the team not so good. Kenner hardly came to practice, but, he has been hiking with Rachel and Hannah twice last week. Hummmmh I don't know what that means. I think Hannah likes him.

Josh has been playing lots of bball. He's way too good for me now. I miss playing with your boys at the basketball court. I gotta figure out another way to stay in shape.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

LOL Nutty, Yes, I know about the rue thickening. That's why I said my son was so prophetic. Must go back and start from the very beginning. And I've seen that iCarly episode several times, btw. Can I use you as my call -a-friend if I ever get on Cash Cab too?

Mariko, huge well-dressed eyeballs. That's how we roll in Utah. And no, it wasn't outside. But it was still chilly.

Martha, you need to go back to my previous post and read the string of comments I made to you at 2:00 a.m. I told YOU that it was Swirl's b-day today. SO THERE! MMMM, I remember all your yummy sandwiches and pasta salad.


val of the south said...

I want Martha to be my friend and make me a special ham sandwich and remind everyone to tell me happy birthday! You're lucky Crash and Swirl :)

Mariko said...

You're right Martha, she's not keeping it a secret one bit. I've been told many times this fact, by everyone else not keeping this secret as well.
I think engagement may have been mentioned.

And they do make a very cute couple. :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

Aren't you glad you sais yes? Otherwise, you would have to rue the day you said no. And that would be a day full of rue.