Friday, November 6, 2009

A wish and a prayer (or vice versa)

A few nights ago I couldn't sleep. But you already know that. What you don't know is WHY WHY WHY!

I told you that I tossed and turned like a (monkey) bridge over troubled water.  And then I rambled on and on about four letter words until I was too pooped to get to the point. 

But actually I wasn't at liberty to get to the point, at that point.  And at this point I'm still not at liberty, which is why I keep talking around and around in circles and squares. 

Alls I can say is that the universe works in mysterious (and somewhat irritating ways). For instance, it's mysterious (and somewhat irritating) that the bishop would call me on a Sunday afternoon while I am napping and instruct my daughter to wake me up because it's that important.  

Is anything really important enough to wake someone up on a Sunday afternoon? 

Can you see my dilemma?

Enuff said.  For now.

But if you are curious george as to what I was thinking about while I was tossing and turning like a (monkey) bridge and before I finally rolled out of bed and slipped into my cozy, pink, microfiber robe and fuzzy sweater slippers it has to do with boring things grown ups think about when they live within a five mile radius of Home Depot, Target, Walmart and Costco. 

Okay, you probably don't get that.  No, I wasn't thinking about shopping during my sleeplessness.  I'm simply trying to illustrate that I now have access galore and resources at my fingertips.  

Unless you've lived in Neverland (aka Laie), you can't fully understand how flabby some of the choice muscles in my brain have become. Do I buy this house or that house by that school or this school with that coach or this coach or the other coach?   

While I was tossing and turning I also thought about the mother of all four letter words--$$$$--and why it doesn't grow on trees.  Because one thing I've got is tons and tons of trees. If every leaf was a dollar I'd be raking in millions, literally.  And that's this week alone. 

Among other thoughts I was also having a knock-down drag out fist fight slash prayer with Gad about the Bishop waking me up from my Sunday nap. 

"Isn't that why I moved here, so I could sleep on Sunday afternoons?" I whisper/yelled and shook my fist at the sky. "Wasn't that the master plan?"

Long story short, (because my hub is dragging me out the door for a weekend get-away in Park City) we made up and I forgave Gad for letting the ultimatum I gave him slip his mind. 

Bless his heart.  

It's all good.  And everything is guns and roses once again.   


And guess what, tomorrow (Saturday) is Kute Kasey's birthday, which means it was one year ago that I just so happened to find an email in my junk box from a crazy chica named Sandi, asking if I knew where she could buy some cupcakes for her daughter who was a student at BYU-Hawaii.  From there this famous post was born.  

BTW, none of that post was true.  Swirl is innocent.  (Feels good to get that off my chest.)

Happy Birthday again, Kute Kasey.  I'm so glad we've had this time together.  I can't imagine life without you and Suli and Sandi and April.  I wish you lots and lots of lub this year.  




MaeRae said...

I am finally getting it. Hope you have a FANTASTIC getaway weekend!

Heidi Ashworth said...

WHAT!??!!? Thinking about Home Depot and Target and Walmart and Costco and all the possibilities is BORING? Anyways, as to the bishop thing, I'm thinking you are going to have to be RS Pres again. So sorry! (or not, whatev, depending on how you feel about it, which is not to judge anyone who feels good or bad about it, either way--it's just so much work and didn't you just do that?)

Heidi Ashworth said...

How did I miss commenting on the cupcake post a year ago? I'm sure I knew you by then. I don't remember reading it, though. Weirdness. Please accept my yearlong overdue apologies.

Sandi said...

Heidi you must get it right. It is KUPKAKE! have a new calling and I think it must be a doozy. Those Utards don't waste any time do they. I think you should automatically get a 1 year break after going though the trauma of moving.
I am so glad you found me in your junk box on that special day one year ago :-) my life has not been the same since that magical moment. haha. But really I mean it.
Have a loverly weeekend in Park City...Utah does have its perks.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

The fact that the Big Guy up there is in charge of callings makes moving superfulous to getting out of things. Best luck with all of it. Life is just taxing sometimes, huh. You can do it you strong woman of stone.

kasey ferrell said...

THAT day was amazing! and those kupcakes delish! You really made my day better! I hope you are enjoying utah and the fall/winter weather...I am jealous you know

Martha said...

I'm thinking the bishop is calling you because it seems like every weekend you go off to St. Georgia or Park City or somewhere, so he's wondering where you are.

Jillybean said...

Did you get called to be the ward bicycle marathon coordinator?

Were you tossing and turning trying to figure out where you can buy some spandex shorts at this time of year?

I hope you have a nice weekend in PC!

Margaret said...

You are sure good at talking in circles. I need you to teach me how to do this some time

Jami said...

yer mean
just sayin'
i hate cliff-hangers

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

So, if you get called to be Primary Chorister, I'll be glad to share the flash of genius I had to make some of the $$$$ you were tossing and turning over. (I won't say any more except that it might possibly involve an advertising sandwich board and the Primary Program).

Anyway, if it's RS President, all I've got to say is, may the force be with you. You've got to blog the minute you get home from church on Sunday.

IWA (e - va) said...

Since you wrote the other day about that in "Hawaii someone's always stirring things up in the middle of the night--" I've actually been trying to listen more... and Figure out if that's when the lord is giving me answers!

Today i was listening quite intently to the wind and the trees and I heard Martha's kids playing in the tree's.... Really! I couldnt see them, but I could hear Jim telling Nan that she's not allowed in his Bathroom, and Nan telling Braelyn that she needs help getting supplies for a bathtub, and braelyn kept asking for scissors to cut the grass! At first i thought i was going crazy and dreaming, but they were there.... somewhere in the trees, it was actually fun to hear them play! anyways.. idk why i shared that, butI bet you would enjoyed listening to it!

I actually got to sit next to KUTEKASEY at a "conference" or so they called it! first off, she's way Kuter in person! and 2nd) that conference is 2 hours of my life i will not get back .... (martha.. Im not bad mouthing the Ed Conference.... Im just saying! and i laughed when you said Crap is not a swear word! heehee! we all know that... but It was Alison's son... does that explain it?) and No i didnt introduce myself to Kutekasey (sorry).. and yes i probably to deserve to get my eyes poked out again! But i have an excuse.. maybe.. you know me...... hey guess what???.. i think i saw swirl this week too! (i think) she's way cute in person too! and if it is her... i think i've seen her before in the same exact place every mon wed fri when im at the math lab!!!

I found a new favorite song on your playlist... #30 Love Save The empty.. I swear it sounds like something they would play on Grey's Anatomy.. but I love it..

Enjoy your weekend...I'm excited to hear what calling you got... or didnt get!

Dolly said...

Love that cupcake post! I missed it from last year also. I can't believe it's been a whole year of blogging. Time is killing me slowly but surely.

At least it's lively along the way! Thanks Crash!

Sandi said...

Oh Iwa I am so jealous you got to sit by my Kasey- if only you had read the kupkake post first, then you could have known who she was and chatted and played hangman and given her tips about being a Tongan and hugged her really tight for me and made it through that boring conference (sorry Martha) together!!

Homer and Queen said...

You need to tell your children NOT to wake you up on a Sunday afternoon unless it is Gad himself! The Bish does not qualify! I would move out of that ward...seriously...I would...

April said...

The first post I EVER read from Crash was about Kute Kasey. Thanks Sandi for sending me to Crash.

My life has been changed because of that one post. Since that post, Crash has made me laugh and cry. She has helped me get through some tough times. And I have become acquainted with some awesome people that I have also been able to meet in real life!

Now Queen, you and I know that she can do it if she chooses to!

And Crash depending on the calling you may not have to grow up and you get to stay as Peter Pan's sister. Wow! That would be fun! Trust in yourself. There are NO mistakes. Embrace it. Embrace them. Everything will fall into place. Look how many lives you have touched so far!

Kritta22 said...

That means I found you soon too! Has it really been a year that I've been filling your comment box with love??
Look at how we have changed!

did you get called to be the RS pres again??

Kritta22 said...

PS i hunted down when i first came over here to your world. Nov 15!

ya know...just so you know.

Martha said...

Iwa, at first I was really confused at your post because the kids usually climb the trees in front of our house and they already have a fort deep in the woods.

So I quizzed Jim and Nan down and they revealed that they have a new fort and it's super close to the pavillion at TVA. I'm not sure which building Iwa is in but I imagaine it's by there. They said it's the best spot ever, just a little close to TVA.

Since the kids never have school anymore they spend their time making forts and climbing trees, which is pretty fun actually.

Oh, and I didn't go to that conference anyway. I just got to eat at the luncheon which was the most important and best part.

You may see Swirl on campus because she is a big time interpreter now. She gets paid the big bucks.

Someday I hope to meet that Kute Kasey myself. But Sandi I did get to hang out with Linda S. today so nani nani boo boo. I recruited her daughter to play on my tennis team.

Mariko said...

Why won't you tell us?
I guess at least now we know what this has to do with.

Too bad the bishop isn't calling you to go on a mission to Hawaii, to blog there. Wouldn't that be like the best calling ever?
And now you're just tossing and turning all night trying to figure out if you want to live by the beach, or the mountains, or BYUH.

Martha said...

Hey Mariko, I saw you with your cute daughter trick or treating. I was going to say hello, but you were going the other direction and your daughter and my son were in a huge hurry to get more candy.

IWA (e - va) said...

Martha.. Im in the Building next to the Pavilion.. and their fort is right outside my bedroom window, across the back yard, over the fence, and in the bunch of trees..... they're totally fine... I actually hear chidren back there all the time, i just never see them! and then yesterday i was reading/napping/ studying I kept hearing "Jim" and "Nan" being said, while listening to them, i kept thnking, "to be so carefree must be great!"

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ahhh, shucks. How cute to hear Jim and Nan's conversations via Iwa. It makes me happy/sad. Happy because I remember when my twins were in that Mongoose club. And sad, because I remember when my twins were in that Mongoose club.

Oh Mariko, wouldn't that be the best mission ever! You are on such a cute roll, girlfriend. Loving your comments lately.

In fact, all of your comments have cheered me up and on tremendously this past week.

MUCHOS MAHALO Blogland friends! Blogland friends are da best! Especially when you know some of them in real life.

I can't wait until I come back (next summer) and party like a rock star with all of you!

Martha I laughed at your "since the kids never go to school anymore" comment. hee hee It makes the whole Mongoose club/fort dealio even more Tom Sawyer-esque.

Ah Kritta, HOW SUPER FUN TO SEE YOU HERE again. I LUB YOU Kritta. It's almost been a year since you found me. Makes me want to listen to a Fray song for some reason.

Oh APRIL, you are such a good motivational speaker. You should live in a van down by the river. SERIOUSLY! You made my eyes sweat. Especially at the thought that I might not have to grow up afterall. You have been my rock this past week. MUCHOS MAHALO!

Queen, ha ha ha. I BELIEVE YOU! You seem like a woman of her word.

Iwa, I think that love save the empty is another Erin McCarley song. Don't you dig her!? Blogging Mama turned me onto her.

Btw, IWA, that was so true what you said about listening for answering outside your window. They say the answers (my friend) are blowing in the wind. I always felt like the trees outside my bedroom window were my best friends and muses.

Aw shucks. I miss those friends.

I think it's funny that the Ed conference was boring, but Martha didn't show up until the lunch. Martha, you so know how to work it, baby.

Sandi, isn't it fun to think of Iwa seeing Kute Kasey and thinking she's Kuter in real life.

Mama Familia. HAHAHAHAH I lub that idea about advertising at the primary program. Ours is tomorrow so maybe I'll stay up all night making a billboard that says Crash Test Dummy Diaries(!

I promise I will blog the minute I find out my fate. Or at least the minute the rest of the world finds out my fate.

Miss Heidi, NO NO NO I don't think it's boring. I knew that joke would fall flat.

Hey, Mariko, guess who came to see me on Thursday? Becky!!! It was so fun. If I had known she was coming I would have sent cookies back for all of you.

April said...

Awwww shucks Crash! But I couldn't live in a van. Vans freak me out. I could live down by the river if the river was called a lake, and the lake was called Lake Powell. And the van was more in the shape of a houseboat.

BTW....You can hang your sign high up on the rock climbing wall up behind where the bishopric someone will have to scale the wall to get it down! Entertainment & advertisement for everyone!

Martha said...

Nan invited me to see the new fort. I have to say it is pretty cool. It's mainly in this super tall grass and they have used a hedge clippers and cut out rooms. The little boys (Hat, Tom, Tausili) have their own room, and the big boys (Hunter, Jim, Hugh) have another. Then the girls have their rooms too. There are paths leading from room to room.

Some parents are doing extra math and reading on these furlough days. But since mine aren't home bored I just let them play. They are learning how to build houses and that's pretty important.

We stopped by the BYUH alumni game last night. It was a little boring. Tell Al that it was the same as last year. A few big alumni guys tried to do it all and wouldn't pass the ball. Brandyn was mad after because they don't play as a team.

Jim made a count down calendar today. I asked him if it was how many days until Christmas. He said no, it was days until he see Wyatt and Garrett.

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

So you don't know yet?

Exciting stuff! :-)

(aren't you glad it's not the stake president that wants to see you though?) :-D

SWIRL said...

I can't believe NO one has said one word of pity about poor poor SWIRL! ... I guess this is YOUR blog... :0)

We miss you so much!

I laugh...sometimes having no choices... making decisions easy. Thanks for showing me the blessing of that!