Friday, November 12, 2010

Adventures in Colo Spgs

There's something luxurious about hanging out in a hotel room. All day long. By your very own self.

You can read, uninterrupted.

And eat leftover Mexican food with your fingers.

And you can smile when your daughter calls to tell you how annoying life is. How she missed most of her calculus study group because she had to pick up her brother from school and run him to basketball practice. And how the twins haven't done any of their chores. And how they wanted to drink root beer for dinner. And how Lulu shredded her toy pheasant so now there's stuffing all over the floor. And how ALL the leaves have fallen and you can't even see the lawn OR the driveway.


Did I mention there is something luxurious about hanging out in a hotel room. All day long. By your very own self.

Colorada Springs, (or Colo Spgs as they say in Colorada) is fun outside the hotel room too. It has a sort of East meets West flavor. There are parts of town that convince me that I'm in Westchester County, New York.

Then suddenly I'm in Skagway, Alaska.

I mean Park City, Utah.

No wait, Lahaina, Maui.

Wait, wait, I mean Mexico City. No, Auckland, New Zealand.

And the Colo Spgs people have that Seattle people flair.

(I've never actually been to Seattle, but I can imagine the flair they must have.)

Fun things to do in Colo Spgs: Go out to lunch with one of your blog readers.

Lori, from Seeing Spotts took me out to Panera yesterday and we consumed some YUM-O soup and sandwiches. Lori is T's (from You Asked For It) cousin, only WAY WAY WAY taller than T. Fer reals. But they are both super duper cute, smart and fun to eat soup with.

After lunch we kept asking people to snap a photo of us. People in Colorada must not snap photos very often because they couldn't figure out how to work my freakin' Canon Rebel.

In this photo Lori's finger is just about to give the camera dude a sign of her impatience.

I told her I wouldn't use it.

I told her I wouldn't use this photo either because it's a little suggestive, if you know what I mean, with that Victoria's Secret purse strap trick and all.

Trying to steal the shot, eh, Lori?

This is the shot that I told Lori I'd use, since we both look like good little girls.

Other fun things to do in Colo Spgs? Go out to dinner with my hub. Last night we happened upon this amazingly yummy Mexican restaurant in Manitou Springs.

And YES, the food was SERIOUS. It didn't even crack a smile while we were shoving it down our pie holes.

But look who got the last laugh. HA!

Hee hee

We saw other cool things too, like the North Pole. I had no idea the North Pole was in Colorada.

And I had no idea Santa was so . . . creepy.

I know, shudder!

But the reindeer are pretty awesome.

Not only did Santa build his workshop in Colorada, the Gods planted their gardens here too.

Are you thinking what I think you're thinking? That the Gods must be crazy to plant their gardens in Colorada when Utah is right next door?

We'll this is the place to plant a perfectly godly garden. (Get it? This is the place? Cracking myself up again.)

Here I am touching the godly garden. For good luck, of course.

And here I am taking photographic evidence of myself taking photographic evidence of the godly garden.

Lastly, but not leastly, we walked around cute little local shops in Manitou Springs and bought homemade fudge and greeting cards. (I get enchanted with cute little local shops. Absolutely, positively enchanted. Especially when they sell composition books and greeting cards sporting pithy, poignant sayings.)

And bags sporting the Eiffel Tower.

There were two greeting cards that I wanted to buy for you guys, since you got me into the top 20 of the SAM-e Good Mood Blogger gig.

I thought this was appropriate since Shakespeare said it. And we all know how I feel about Shakespeare.

And I thought this was appropriate since it's . . . an old saying.

And we all know how I feel about old sayings.

(How do I feel about old sayings again?)


val of the south said...

I am most jealous that you get to sit ALONE in a hotel room reading and eating mexican food with your fingers...but I get to go to Cubworld tomorrow!!! Yay us both!!

Glad you're having a fun definitely need some R&R after your big race :)

Jillybean said...

You should ride the cog railway to the top of Pikes Peak. We enjoyed the trip when we were there several years ago. (Only when you get to the top, don't buy the popcorn and eat it on the train on the way down the mountain, because the train engineer guy will yell at you)

We didn't have time to see Santa when we were there.

Martha said...

So Colorado Springs is like the only place in the world that I've been to twice. For Jr. Olympics, remember? We did the Valley of the Gods and went to Pikes Peak twice. We also toured the Air Force Academy and Josh wanted to be a pilot for a couple of years because it was way cool (now he says he's majoring in business, like Adam).

So have tons of fun and let the kiddos fight it out at home. When you get home they will appreciate you, hopefully.

The Akanas are over running around in the park, but I'm ready for bed. We haven't seen them in quite awhile. We're still missing the old days.

Momza said...

Wish I'd known you were coming to my part of the world before you go here, so I could take you to my favorite places!
Garden of the Gods is one of my most fav places on earth, so glad u got to see it while you're here!
Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Barbaloot said...

I like the mirror shot---reminds me of Shelle's old header:)

lori said...

Wow! How have you had time to rest? (and why does my shirt look sooo bright?) I had a great time, and I'm glad you've been able to enjoy the Springs.

OldBoatGuy said...

Boy, or I should say "Girl", this post brings back memories!

I was in Colorado Spring when I was in the Army, back in 1955-57. Actually, Fort Carson. Back then it only had about 10,000 people and one ward.

But those rocks and Manitou Springs, They bring back memories. Thanks

T said...

haha! Yes, Lori about 6 feet taller than me... obviously the height thing doesn't come from our shared side of the family (truthfully I think she IS the tallest female cousin and I AM the shortest female cousin... well, okay - maybe Abby and Mary are shorter, but they're teenagers... so they don't count... yet...)

"old saying" really? wouldn't "traditional" have been just as good since neither is true... how about "I stole it off my mother's embroidered pillow that her RS president stitched as a handout"