Sunday, November 7, 2010

Giveaway shmiveaway

Tonight I watched Freedom Writers and it made me miss teaching something fierce. 

Just to clarify, it didn't make me miss something fierce, it made me miss teaching. Something fierce. 

I was a teacher when I saw that movie for the first time--teaching World Communities to students from many lands. 

Dang, that was fun. 

I never wanted to be a teacher. I only wanted to be a writer. The teacher thing just fell into my lap to suck up all my energy and focus from my writing. And to bring home the bacon. Well actually my hub brought home the bacon. I just brought home the napkins to soak up all the grease from the bacon. But somewhere along the line I fell in lub with it--teaching, not bacon--all those ideas and connections and all that intellectual stimulation. It's kinda addicting. 

I hope I can be a teacher again someday. When I'm done being a mother. And a writer. 

Can you ever be done being a writer though?  I keep thinking that someday I'll run out of things I need to say, but the more I say, the more I need to say. 

You get me? 

No worries, I don't get me either.

So last night was the BEST NIGHT EVER because I got to see some of my students and friends and friend's kids and kid's friends. I saw them all at the BYU-H vs. BYU-P basketball game at the Marriott Center. My hub has played for both the Cougars and the Seasiders--he's worked for both of them too--but there wasn't even a question who we were rooting for. GO SIDERS! My kids wore his old game jerseys and practice jerseys and we screamed our lungs out with the Hawaii crowd 

And can I just say that it was so weird to see people who squealed when they saw me. And who hugged me. And kissed my face off. Even if they've never hugged me or kissed my face off before. I'm so used to being kinda . . . overlooked. 

Overlooked. That's a good way to put it. Utards are talented at looking right past you and through you and around you when you encounter them. It used to bother me when I was a teenager, but now I could care less. 

The only time it ticks me off is when I'm driving and I wave people on in front of me and they don't even crack an acknowledgement as they ease on down the road.  Or when they let me in front of them and I flash a smile and wave an acknowledgment, only to be met by a stone cold face as I ease on down the road. 

Stone cold faces are more annoying than stone cold hearts if you ask me.  

It was such a gosh darn pleasure to be met with a bunch of bright shining faces.  That weren't all in their places (if you know what I mean). 

Do you realize I just wrote a whole post without mentioning giveaways or votes. AAAAHHH! That felt goooooood. 

I went to Annette Lyons book signing today and can I just say that her new chocolate book is so beautiful! OMGOSH! I lub it. I lub it so much that I couldn't pick a winner for the giveaway so I'm going to throw in two more copies and give one to IWA, one to Jillybean and one to Ashley Nash. I lub all three of these girls and I couldn't stand the thought of any of them NOT getting one of these beautiful chocolate cook books. 

I've got photographic evidence of it, and of all the things I talked about in this post, (except the stone cold faces) but I'm too stinkin' lazy to bother sharing it tonight. 

Tomorrow is another day, however.  

Oh, and if anyone is going to be in Hawaii in December my ex-door neighbor, Martha, is donating two nights in her studio apartment at Laie Park on the North Shore of Oahu. Tweet me, blog me, facebook me and vote me. For entries.  

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BTW, I'm at 5411 votes. Sitting at #12. Four MORE DAYS! Wahoooo!


The Nash's said...

Yahooo!!! I am SO excited! Thank you so much :) And I too feel the need for a little more courteous driving acknowledgment out there! When I do get a little wave of thanks it gives me the warm fuzzies all over. Wouldn't Utah...i mean the world be a better place if we just showed a little more love out on the roads man??!!! :) I can say that cause I'm a Jersey girl ya know :)

I am LoW said...

Utah IS like that, isn't it? And yet, I love Utah and miss it. Strange.

IWA (e - va) said...

Woohooo! Yay.. I'm Stoked really! Thanks! Yesterday after i voted, I actually clicked on your link to where the book is selling and started reading more about it and got more excited! Much Mahalo's!

Now that im away from Hawaii, I love running into people from Laie. ITs weird and fun.. and they are people that i would never say hi to in Laie, but seeing familiar faces here, make me stop and say Hi and make new friends that i saw a lot in hawaii, but just never stop to really get to know them!

I keep meaning to blog about this because here in AmSam every stops and acknowledges.. even if you have no idea who they are. No matter what, people smile and wave, honk, say hello. If anyone is walking on the street, you may not know them, but people will still stop and ask you if you want a ride or just slow down to say hello or have a nice day. Which is so the opposite of walking into the hospitals, dr.'s offices, ASTCA (local phone com), and a couple other business, because you walk in and they snub you, and then when they finally acknowledge you and start helping you out, they act like you're a burden, and roll their eyes, and huff and puff, while they do what their paid to do.. Crazy? LOL!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

It is so true that you can only tell old friends what's new. That is one of the hardest things about moving, because no one knows your history. Very sad to me. How fun to see your peeps from the hood.

DeNae said...

The "You're invisible" thing isn't just a Utah talent, sadly. I hate it, and I even catch myself doing it, which I also hate.

I've been voting for you, baby!

And will Martha let my daughter live with her next year, since she has announced her intentions to attend BYUH in the fall? She hasn't been accepted, mind you. But she's made her announcement anyway.

Susan said...

This. Is why I love my town so much! Everyone waves and acknowledges you. There are hugs and hello's. Seriously, Crash, if you ever have to move again you should consider southwest VA. I'm tryin' to rock the vote on the east coast for ya!