Monday, November 29, 2010

Videos. And Contests. And Video Contests.

Sooooooo tonight, ironically (after yesterday's post about hope) my hub looked me right in the face and told me that maybe it's time to start turning my attention to keeping the bathrooms clean again.


I knew this day would come.

It's just that I'm really far behind the big boys in the Good Mood Blogger race. Really far behind. Like thousands of votes. That can't look good for me with the judges, right? Even if it only weighs in at 20% of the final decision. So my hub's just being practical. I can't fault him for that. But I will anyway. That's how I roll.

Today I'll be cleaning bathrooms. Tomorrow I'll be looking for a real job.

But see there's still 12 days left to vote so there's still HOPE, right? HOPE WAS HERE and all that jazz. And anyway, even though I know I won't be able to close the tremendous gap, I've come too far and lost too much sleep and spend too many hours wrestling up votes to just pitter out. (Is pitter a word? I know not.)

And some of you have spent too much time and energy too. I can't let you down, right?

Not that I wouldn't lub to pitter out. Believe me, I would. Pittering out is one of my strong suits. I don't have huge amounts of stamina. And I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Actually, I'm not much of a lover either.

I can't even keep my bathrooms clean for goodness sakes!

But. What about. My kids? And YOUR kids? They need to see me TRY my hardest, right? I mean, you can only be a horrible warning for so long. At some point you've got to step up and be a good example.

So, I'm taking a deep breath and catching my second wind. And I'm going to sprint to the finish line.

The Daily Herald ran a story on me today. Asking people to vote. It was super RAD, and sported a large photo of me and Lulu. And my laptop. Luckily my hair wasn't as big as I had feared. And neither was my cleavage. (People don't want to vote for someone with big cleavage. And they would never take advise on how to be happy from someone with big cleavage either. Am I right, or am I right?)

Being interviewed for the newspaper was a little stressful because I really wanted to come across as just another, average, regular, ho-hum girl next door type. Which is hard because I hate being a poser.

But I posed. I staged my whole house for the photo shoot too. You wouldn't believe the trouble I went to to turn my shine down--mess up my perfectly silky, shiny hair, splotch up my skin, poke my self in the eyeballs a few times so I looked like death warmed over.

Then I had to tackle my spotlessly gleaming house. I was grinding dog hair into the carpet and cluttering up the counters with dirty dishes. I was frantically grabbing socks, shoes, backpacks, cereal bowls, candy wrappers, old homework assignments, dirty laundry, hot chocolate mugs, piles of junk mail . . . anything I could get my hands on, and scattering it across the rooms to make the house looked lived in.

Just when I had it looking like a perfect pig pen, my sister comes over and melts a bunch of yummy smelling wax in one of them Scentsy pots. Spoils the whole effect.

What can you do when you're related to Martha Stewart (with a clean record)?

Okay, so I've decided since I'm already so far behind the big boys I'm just going to have a little fun. For the kids. I've got two sponsors who want me to win and are donating $100 cash each to help me do that.

So I'm hosting a contest. A video contest. I'm targeting teens and tweeners, but anyone can enter. Alls you have to do is make a DEB-e for SAM-e video--30 secs-2 minutes long. It can be dumb--the dumber the better. Or fun. Or funny. Or gangsta. Preferably a video which starts off by saying "Hi, my name is Deb, and I approve this message." (LOL) (Click here if you don't get that and you want to because you can't stand being on the outside of an inside joke. And if you love yawner videos.)

You can dance or sing or talk, but whatever you do pretend the judges are watching. You need to tell/show/coerce/convince the judges why I would make the best Good Mood Blogger.

The video is due next Sunday night. One week from today. You will need to upload your video to YouTube then send me the URL so I can embed it on my blog Monday. Once the videos are posted you will need to rally your peeps to vote for your video (and vote for me while they're at it.) (Gosh, where did I come up with brilliant plan, you ask? hmmmm . . . beats me.)

The voting will run Mon, the 6th through Friday, the 10th. Which just so happens to be the last day of the SAM-e competition.

There will be two winners. (More if I can get more sponsors.) Each winner will receive $100 cash for Christmas.

I'm doing this because I really want to win this job. And I need to show the judges that I'm EXCITED. Even though I'm not excited. I'm tired. (But tired in an EXCITED way.)

I'm sure the rules will change and evolve as we go along, but start making your videos . . . NOW!

Good luck.

And while you're deliberating about whether or not to make a video, or have your kids make a video, here's a video I made for your viewing pleasure--starring me and my kids and my dog. Courtesy of JibJab. (It's that JibJab time of year, so go elf yourself silly.)

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Wait! Wait! Wait! Don't leave yet. If you're Spanish speaking I made one for you too because I don't discriminate against Del Taco. In fact I was addicted to Del Taco for a full week last year.

This one only has a link so click here to view Feliz Navidad.

Wait one more. This time for all my hub's co-workers. I bet you guys didn't know he plays a mean drum set. He also plays a nice drum set.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!


IWA (e - va) said...

First off.. love the whole elf thingy! who ever came up with that is pure genius!

Woohoo.. Video contest! Im telling my kid about this! She's like me.. we love free money!

We can do this... maybe the judges are just waiting for everyone to die a long slow death and the person blogging in the end is the winner! haha! Hang in there.. You're almost there!

Jami said...

Um. . .I think that's peter out. Peater? No, spell-check rejects peater. So anyhow: don't peter out! And don't clean the bathrooms. The bathroom elves will come. Really. Just keep believing!

One Cluttered Brain said...

So wait. You want us to make a SAMI good mood video video for you?
Maybe. Perhaps.
I bet I could get something in.
I'll see what I can do.

Jillybean said...

First of all, clean bathrooms are overrated. Really, you shouldn't have gone to all the trouble of messing up your house, you could have just had your interview at our house, we live here and it really shows.
And my Scentsy thing hasn't been used for so long that the wax is dusty.

My kids are really excited about the contest! They're all home today due to the stupid illness that has invaded our home, so they'll have a bunch of time to come up with ideas for the video between all of their trips to our not so clean bathroom bathroom.

Garden of Egan said...

You are so stinkin' famous! Being interviewed for the Herald?
I want your autograph!

I'm still's exhausting and all but dang it I'm doing it!

OH OH my VW:

I lie not!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OCB, yes, just a fun, simple video telling why I would be the best pick to be the Next Good Mood Blogger.

And you know what? I've been trying to find that Daily Herald link and it's not up anywhere. I'm going to email the reporter and ask her if it's been posted.

YAY Iwa. I can't wait to see your cute kids in Samoa. And I like your theory. Last blogger standing takes the prize.

Jami, ha ha Peter, pitter . . . potato, potatoe. ;)

My verifier says inglys. I no speaka inglys.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH Jillybean, that is so exciting. About the video AND the your lived in house. ;)

Garden, NO WAY about the rested. Wow! My verifier is usually so in-tune, but it's off the mark today. ha ha

Garden, you can have my autograph any ole' time. As long as you send me more chocolates. I'm sorry I missed you at the viewing.

charrette said...

I SO hope you win! And I have a couple of ├╝ber creative kids who would love to make a video for you and win Christmas cash. Of course I haven't asked them yet...

Best of luck!

Stephen said...

Vote Deb
If it's not what your looking for, don't put it up.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha I just watched the video. How did you do that so fast? Can't wait to post it. ha ha ha

Thanks Steve.

And thanks Charrette

T said...

Cracked up that Lulu made the dancing line-up! love it!

video? y'know, you'd think since I actually did the whole media literacy lab last year I'd be able to figure that one out... but... somehow I've managed to forget everything related to pushing the right buttons on my computer - what's up with that??? (oh, okay, I'll give it a try... but don't expect much girl!)

Stephen said...

I don't plan on winning but if by chance it did happen, I want to donate it to your most pressing cause, the magic quilt or which ever cause of yours needs it most.