Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unsolved Mysteries

That's like saying long-necked giraffe, ain't it? If a mystery were solved it technically wouldn't be a mystery then would it?

Well I have a few long-necked giraffe mysteries in my life right now that I need some help solving?

Do you mind?

1. Who did the dishes last night?


2. What is the "Event"?

My son brought a form home from basketball tryouts a few days ago that he keeps bugging me to sign. He says he's one of three lucky players to receive this special form, but he has no idea what it's for.

Alls I know is that I have to pay $40 to a guy named Hammer, and then wave all liability by signing my name in blood on the dotted line.

In fine print below my bloody signature it reads:

I understand that participation in what will hereafter be referred to as the "Event" involves potential strenuous activity and may cause bodily and emotional injury to others or myself.

Ummm . . . why would I pay someone $40 to cause bodily and emotional injury to my son when I can do that myself fer free?

3. How did Brooklyn-born Gary move up 3,000 votes in less than an hour? (hee hee ha ha ho ho hee hee ha ha ho ho) Fer reeeeeeeeeals? I mean one minute he's choking on my dust and the next minute I'm coughing up his fur balls.

How does one conjur up that kinda votage in a matter of minutes? Unless . . .

Isn't Jackie Robinson buried in Brooklyn? Remember that time I prayed to Jackie Robinson and he pulled some strings with the Universe on my behalf?

Maybe he's doing that for Gary now.

Can you see why it's not over until it's over, peeps? No rest for the weary for 2 more dayz.

So today and tomorrow I'm giving away scrapbook stuff. Premade pages--custom made and generously donated by my very own SIL. Today I will give away the 8x10 pages and tomorrow I will give away 12x12 pages.

Here's a preview of the 8x10 prize:

You know the rules, right?

Look to it then, peeps! Look to it.


The Mom said...

Really? No comments yet? Whoo hoo! Well, I'm voting for you twice a day, once from home and once from work, and I'm posting on my Facebook page, and crossing my fingers and wishing on the first star for you.
You gotta make it. We sistahs know all about this enduring to the end stuff. It's our speciality.

IWA (e - va) said...

what? 3K? I couldnt even make up how he is able to do that.. unless he knows a new's anchor, that made the announcement on TV.. and the state went crazy voting for him...

So tomorrow is Tuesday.. Make a 30 second video plea.. and then find out who is working the Devotional tomorrow.. have an old student or someone hack the system and play your video right before it starts... C'mon you have to still have some kind of pull with someone there!

What about BYU-P... Do you know anyone that does news there? Any cute girls that are dying to date someone you know... what about your husband.. i bet he has some pull with athletes.. who know a news person.. who can tell your story...

THere's always KLG & hoda.... or what about the utah version of the The View.. Do they still have that TV talk show in the morning? call them have them announce it.. i bet they would love you!

What about the radio.. pretend you are making a dedication and totally advertise the contest!

Im thinking... Im thinking... can you tell! LOL!

What else?? think of anything.. Let me know!

Maybe Lulu was trying to show some love and did the dishes! lol!

IWA (e - va) said...

6700...WooHoo! and now sitting pretty at #9!

val of the south said...

Wow - stuffing the comment box really does work!!!

Thanks so much! I can't wait :)

Jodi Gallagher said...

I hope you win! Been keeping my fingers crossed for so long now that they won't come undone now...hehehe. Voted everyday for ya and posted on FB too. I'll email al my friends and family and have them vote for ya too! :)

Jillybean said...

Voted and sent emails to my non-blogging friends and family.
My aunt voted for you :0)

T said...

some more Jackie Robinson prayers are in order!

nevadanista said...

Girl, you are ROCKIN' the vote!!!!! You're gonna do it, I just know it :)I will conitue to vate away until the final hour... from my three ip addresses hehehehe :)

Mippy said...

Hi Debbie!
I voted for you after Stephen Templin posted a vote thingy on Facebook.
Yeah, he's slow on the uptake but maybe it will garner you a few more votes. :)
Then I shared the link to vote on my wall.

I have to agree with IWA up there...I think you should have them announce it on the morning show, Good Things Utah.

Good luck to you!
I hope you win! :)
~Mippy :)