Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Wolf Pack (and my rage against the D-Word)

Sometimes I forget that in Utah we have a direct line to the Universe. Meaning everyone is in tune, if you get my drift.

Like tonight when my hub called and said we were going to have a blizzard at 6 p.m. so everything was closing down early and all activities for the evening were cancelled.

The thought of being snowed in watching movies and eating Oreos in my PJs all night gave me a thrill and a brainy idea popped into my head out of nowhere--Walmart. Redbox. Snacks. Soda. It wasn't until I got to Walmart that I remembered everyone in Utah is tuned into the same cosmic channel.

We all had the exact same idea at the exact same time.

We all had the exact same idea to do our Thanksgiving shopping at the exact same time too.

Do I live in the Twilight Zone or what? (Minus Edward and Jacob.)

Speaking of Jacob, yesterday I promised photographic evidence that Jacob has read my blog.

How do I know this? My daughter told me so. And he told her so. On Halloween in Laie.

(Close your eyeballs if you're still PG-13.)

So this is Jacob with my daughter (who was dressed up as a klutz. So, in other words, she was dressed up as Bella):

Alls I can say is it's a good thing Edward can't read Bella's mind. (hee hee hee)

Okay, so this is the real wolf pack, right?

And this is the Laie wolf pack:

Raise your hand if you think the director got the casting all wrong.

(Okay, you can open your eyeballs now.)

So tonight while we were waiting for the blizzard to hit, I sauteed mushrooms and onions and poured them over savory chicken and then we all sat around the table eating and laughing together as a family. The house was aglow (since we (my hub (his nickname is we)) finally changed all the burnt out light bulbs. Lulu was curled up in front of the roaring fire in the hearth and vintage Christmas carols wafted through the kitchen when I looked over and noticed that one of our blinds was open so we could watch the snow fall.

For a split second I felt self conscious--almost embarrassed--and I hoped no one was outside looking in. Not because I didn't want them to see us in our Thomas Kincade moment, but because I didn't want them to feel us in our Thomas Kincade moment. I didn't want them to feel that pang of being on the outside. Looking in. And wondering what it feels like to be cozy and warm and eating sauteed mushrooms and onions with your complete family. Intact. By a roaring fire.

And then in a flash there was someone looking in. It was a girl. Young. Teenager maybe. She was so familiar, but I couldn't quite place her. I had an overwhelming desire to shut the blinds so as to spare her the longing she was certainly feeling out there in the cold.

And then it hit me. She was me.

Allow me a moment . . .

Last night I crawled into bed at 3 a.m. I tossed and turned for a good 30 minutes before finally drifting off. I told you that I was chugging Mountain Lightning straight from the bottle and wiping my mouth off like a man, right? And I showed you what my innards looked like, right?

Well it wasn't just because of the SAM-e contest stress. It was also because I was TICKED! I was so dang, stinkin', friggin' ANGRY!

At the d-word.

I've had it up to here with that d-word!

This is WAR!

I am officially declaring war on the d-word. On ALL of the d-words. (Except Debbie.)

(And Dee Dee.)

d-pression, d-scouragement, d-spair . . . even death (when it's preceded by the other d-words).

These words are our enemies and I hereby d-clare that I, Crash Test Dummy, am going to do whatever it takes to drop-kick their yellow bellied booties to the curb.

We can't let them invade our minds and hearts anymore!!

As my boy FloRida would say, "LET'S GET 'EM!"


(Are you scared of me yet?)

I hate to lose. Mostly because I hate to feel the loss part that losing always brings--the vast empty hollowness of it. But there's nothing worse than losing to those d-mn, d-ceptive d-words.

The Red Raiders 4 Life lost one of their own to the d-word yesterday.

This is Dee Dee:

As a girl--a young girl--who lost her father to the d-words, I send my love and aloha to all the peeps back home in Hawaii who suddenly find themselves on the outside looking in.

My friend Dana and I are going to make a magic quilt next and I'm going to send it to Dee Dee's parents.

Aloha Oe Dee Dee.

Safe passage.

P.S. THIS is why they created Gangsta Rap!


The Mom said...

That wolf pack ran down my street Halloween night and I KNEW WHO THEY WERE! I felt so WITH IT! (Wait, is it not WITH IT to say WITH IT? Oh well, I thought I was for a minute, but I guess I wasn't.)

Yes. So, so sad about our Red Raider. Good thing we're a big loving family. We'll just hug each other until we can stand on our own two feet again.

Mariko said...

It's really not fair how young kids have adult emotions but less ability to deal. Not fair at all.
Seriously, isn't this contest totally stressing you out?

IWA (e - va) said...

My heart has been aching for his family and the community.... Again putting everything into perspective.

I hope you kids never forget those Thomas Kincade moments!

I really wish i knew how to "deal" with storms while i was there, i think I would of enjoyed my stay a lot more there!

We got your back with Sam-e.. just dont give up the fight and neither will we!

I am LoW said...

Sad. :(

By the way, I always thought those wolves were not cast properly. But those guys.... yeah, on the right track.

T said...

as a full grown adult/mom it would be wrong of me to comment on all those buff young wolves... ;)

and the rest... D-cidedly true... the universe just doesn't seem fair sometimes.

I hope that your teenage self somehow knew the good that was in store...

DeNae said...

We're not kicking D-Nae to the curb, too, are we? Just checking. And I'm with you on those d words. I've been D-oubling up on my D-epresion meds this week and that's helping with, oh, you know, life.

So sorry about that young man and his family. Such a sad thing.

You've earned your Thomas Kincaid Thanksgiving, Deb. At time or another, we find ourselves on the outside looking in. Redemption comes when the door opens, and you bring someone with you into that better place. You're doing that with your happy, healthy family.

wendy said...

Ummmm, yeah, I really really LIKED that wolf pack.

not liking the snow. Even at thoughts of a glowing fire, hot chocolate (drop in a hershy kiss for good measure) and a girly movie.....I still can't quite "warm up" to the snow. What the heck am I doing living in Alberta you ask.
I ask?

I hate the D-word too. Matt suffered from all of that ....I can add Drugs to that as well. That ghastly demon d-word that destroys lives and families and futures.
Damn D-words.

But I will set an extra plate at the thanksgiving table to him.

thanks for just being make me laugh

Barbaloot said...

I think I'm in love with the Laie wolf pack.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

LOL Barb. LOL.

Wendy. HUGs! HUGE hugs! I thought of you when I wrote this post.

D-Nae. NO WAY! Could never kick you to the curb.

The Mom, that comment made me laugh for some reason. I always think I'm hip too, but just. not. quite.

Iwa, I'm not giving up the fight! I'm init to winit. MAHALO for your constant support!

But Mariko, YES this contest is stressing me OUT!

Martha said...

I hate to use this D word but Turkey Trot was very disappointing this year. Tom didn't know he could run barefoot and tried to run in his slippers. Of course he tripped and then they fell off and he went back to get them. It was just disheartening. We were so counting on him to win us the turkey too.

Jim didn't come in last so that's good and Nan never really kicked at the end so she got like 5th. I guess gone are the days when the Framptons and Christensens win all the turkeys. Well, there's next year for Tom.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Martha, I'm sorry. But I confess that would have been fun to watch. LOL. Those Hawaiian Thanksgivings were my fav. And Christmas too. MISS YOU GUYS! It's like 7 degrees here. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

kasey kaufusi said...

I agree Laie Wolf Pack all the way! Thats what I wanted to be for Halloween Suli be Jacob and me be bella- the smart bella who chooses Jacob!
Monday was a very sad day at Kahuku High School. His little brother is in my class.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

KK, Suli would have made a stunning Jacob. ha ha And you would have made a very smart Bella.

Is it Frisco? Oh, how is he? He was on my boys bball teams many times. My heart goes out!!!!!!