Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hope was here!

Hey, I think I figured out SAM-e's strategy for picking their next Good Mood Blogger!

DUH! It's so obvious!

First they ask each contestant to pound the pavement and hit up their friends, family and fans for votes, over and over and over and over again, day after day after day after day, for nearly two months. And then they choose the contestant with the fewest number of votes because that will be the only contestant left with a few remaining potential readers to follow their Good Mood Blog.

Not to mention the only contestant who will still have his/her eyeballs intact to see the keyboard.

Fer reals, raise your hand if you're tempted to poke my eyes out every time you see me framed in yellow screaming, VOTE FOR ME?

Some of the contestants already have 13,000 votes. That means they have 13,000 possible h8ters throwing darts at their photos as we speak, right?

I feel so bad for them.

Me, I only have 3,100 h8ters.

Okay all you h8ters, get your Sharpies out. It's time to let off some steam:

Feel better?

Feel free to throw a few darts too.

I can wait.

Okay, so anyone who knows me, knows that movie wisdom is my favorite kind of wisdom. Well this weekend I got me some wisdom from The Shawshank Redemption. 

May I?

1. Get busy living, or get busy dying. (I would add, or get busy cleaning your bathrooms.)

2. Hope is a good thing, and no good thing dies. (I would add, unless you kill it. With a sharpie.) (just sayin')

3. Brooks was here. (I would add Hope was here too. Until you killed it. With a sharpie.)

I think I want that last quote engraved on my tombstone in all caps.

Hope really was/is/has been here for the past five weeks as I've been anxiously engaged in trying to win myself a job with votes so I don't have to fill out an application and give an interview. 

It's been fun walking around with dirty bathrooms thinking maybe, just maybe, I could actually be the next Good Mood blogger.

But it's been even more fun to see my hub walking around with dirty bathrooms thinking maybe, just maybe I could actually be the next Good Mood Blogger. 

Hope looks really good on my hub when the bathrooms are dirty. It compliments his eyes.  

Maybe looks good on him too.  Maybe is such a versatile word.  So full of possibilities. Possibilities that you never intend to make happen. (Especially at night when your hub gets that look in his eyes, which is so complimented by hope.)  

(You get me?)

I have to tell you my exciting news. A few days ago I said to my hub, "How proud of me will you be if I win this job?"

He didn't even hesitate or stop to choose his words carefully before he blurted out, "I'm already PROUD of you! Just for TRYING!"

Did you hear that peeps? My hub is PROUD of me! ME! 

 That's a pretty intense rush.

Okay, now go VOTE FOR ME! 

I'm just going to post the VOTE link here this time okay. (Only because it's less face space for you to kill with a Sharpie.)


Sandi said...

oh even look good in sharpie!! not tired of voting yet. maybe soon, but not yet.
TEAM DEB..woot woot

Jami said...

Once a day, every day, but man I'll be happy to read your Good Mood posts instead.

You do look good in sharpie.

Martha said...

Sorry I didn't vote for you again. It's already been done before I get a chance. I just showed Josh the snowman pjs and he was cracking up.

springrose said...

glad you put that link on the bottom of your post. Every time I try to vote by clicking on the yellow box it says it can't go there. Or just doesn't do anything. So today I was able to vote for the first time in three days!!! Riley is coming back to Utah this week. Hopefully I can find out today at church when and I will let you know.

T said...

I've been there so many times all three of my browsers bring it up just by typing in the "S"... :)

and happy to do so.

I'll save the sharpie for the end of the whole shebang - I may need to pretty up some of those 13,000 vote creeps :)

WV says "zedeb" - you ARE Ze Deb!

Leslie said...

Girl you totally rock and truly deserve this job!!!