Monday, November 1, 2010

Ten in Ten Giveaways--Day 2

If you want to read my brand spankin' new, hot-off-the-press post for the day, scroll down to the next post, or click That Shakespeare Thing.

If you're only here to enter the Ten in Ten Giveaway, this is the place:

If you haven't done your Christmas card photos yet, this prize is for you!

Shanna Ormond, who goes by Just SO on her blog, Thesegolilypad is generously donating a free photo shoot. Go check out her cwork on her Photog Blog.

I lub Just SO, just SO dang much, (even though she saw me at Macey's buying Diet Coke (for my hub) and she didn't introduce herself). I finally met her last May at some blogger conference thingie where we hit it off right away. So much so that we kinda sorta disrupted Annette Lyon's workshop (sorry Annette). As we got talking I was pretty sure she was Tamn undercover. (I was dead wrong.) (But I know something you don't know.) (hee hee) (That's called dramatic irony, btw.)

Anyways, this prize includes an hour long shoot at a location of your choosing. (SO is located in Utah County.) You will get a disc with all of your photos, editing included. It can be a family shoot, couple, senior or infants. (No large, extended family, please.

If you don't live in Utah, I bet you know someone who does, who needs a Christmas present. I'm happy to play Santa for you. (You're welcome.)

For deets about the hows and whys of this Ten in Ten giveaway click here

In short, alls you have to do is post this link to your blog, Facebook or Twitter to get the word out and ask your peeps to cast a vote for Debbie.

Once you post the link, make sure you leave a comment on either my facebook wall or here in my comment box so I can enter you in the drawing for the prize of the day. If you post the link on all three venues you get three entries.

I'm throwing in an extra entry for voting.

Feel free to enter every day. Winners will be announced each morning at the top of my blog.

P.S. Tomorrow I'm giving away a free ticket to the Blogger Boot Camp in St. George on Novemeber 13th so spread the word.


T said...

Tweeting again - and voting of course... and I do it ALL for you and not for the possibility of getting a photo session... although... well, don't think that means I don't want to win... I mean... we need family pictures BADLY... I've given up on losing 15 pounds first... ugh!

The Morton's said...

Done!!! Good luck to you (and me!)

susan g said...

Hi Debbie! Been voting for you every day . . . also just posted a link for my friends to vote too on my Facebook page. I'd love to win the photo shoot! I live in AZ, but go up to Utah every summer and would love it!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I love Just SO also! Haven't met her IRL yet but I adore her blog and her photos.

I've been tweeting and facebooking your link all week. Good luck Crash, I hope you get this thing!

Garden of Egan said...

I voted again for ya Crash! I tried voting 995 times but some rude guy with a big rubberband gun came after me and said "ONLY ONE VOTE PER DAY DORK!"

eggetts said...

Debbie I've voted for you on all of the computers and Ipods in our house...
Good luck!!
PS Can I call you Crash? I like that nickname!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...


Thanks guys. Garden, I can't believe SAM-e would use a rubber band gun on you. ;)

Becky (eggest) hee hee I'm going to laugh next time I see you and you call me Crash.

saru said...

This is Becky Suzuki...
Supporting you since day one. Hoping for lucky page #7 to come soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
This photo prize is a wonderful idea... Hope I am lucky with this one.
Keep shooting for the stars.

Anonymous said...

Totally been voting for you, and your button's on my blog. I hope you get this gig, because you'd be totally stinkin awesome!

I am LoW said...

I don't tweet anymore but I do have your link on my blog and I do keep telling my peeps on facebook.

But I don't want to win this one. I want to save my good luck for something that can come to me in the mail. Not something I have to find someone to give it away to.

I blame growing up with 10 siblings on this here selfishness that I am demonstrating.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Becky Suzuki! Wow! That's one of my ex-students guys! chiiihoooo!

I'll pick the winner late tonight and announce it at the top of my blog. Good LUCK!

Mariko said...

Maybe you can return the favor and vote for ME too!

val of the south said...

I've voted up the ying yang for you! And I've Facebooked and I've given you a permanent space at the top of my blog and I'm off to that enough for 4 entries? Is there something else I can do...I really want you to win this!! (I'd love to win too...the photo shoot that is!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YES, Val, that's enough to get you four entries. WOW! You go, girl.

Mariko, I went and voted for you. I registered and everything. And then I saw that all I had to do was sign in with my facebook account. Hope you win. How many days do we need to vote?

val of the south said...

ok, now I've blogged too!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Val, do you think you could take some flyers around to your neighbors? hee hee

val of the south said...

I'll get right on it! :P