Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Go ahead, make my day! (or I can go ahead and make yours!)

Guess what! I am officially hooked on cream of wheat. All that effort paid off.

My addiction dawned on me on Sunday whilst I was starving to death during Sacrament meeting.

I listened carefully to the still small voice inside my tummy telling me what it was craving . . . and guess what it said?

Cream of wheat!


That HA isn't directed at you, it's directed at my husband who still doesn't believe I'm hooked. This is what he said this morning while thumbing his nose at me:

"Hmmm, cream of wheat, huh? Not oatmeal, huh?"

(He's such an oatmeal snob!)

Well Tim O'Brien never stopped by. Hmmph!

So much for James Taylor's theory about friends dropping from the sky when you need them to make your day.

Oh, well, I guess I still have you guys to make my day.

I mean, THANK GOODNESS I still have you guys to make my day!

So go ahead, make my day!

I'm waiting . . .

Martha made my day today. Usually she makes my day by bringing me pasta salad or buying me magic shorts or getting into fist fights with the score keeper when they don't count my son's baskets .

But today she made my day by sending me a breaking news story about Barry Manilow.

Remember when I posted about how police are now punishing noise offenders by locking them in a room and making them listen to Barry Manilow sing at the top of his lungs?

And then remember when I made my students listen to him AND look at him because they didn't do their homework?

You don't? Well, it was the same day I snapped photos of Martha pushing her opponant to the ground during the Turkey Trot.

Anyway, the authorities in New Zealand must have read my post because they are now using Barry Manilow to control their youth.

Check it out here!

Oh, and guess who else made my day?

April! APRIL's BACK! YAY! And she learned a valuable lesson while she was away about bad days so I added a new song to my playlist just for her.

Track 63 is for you, April! Welcome back with your new found wisdom.

Oh, and guess who else made my day?


uh-huh! That's what I said!

If anyone wants to live vicariously through me today they can because not only am I addicted to cream of wheat I also saw JOHN LOCK at Lei Lei's during lunch.

My husband warned me not to wear his green winter jacket to lunch just in case we ran into John Lock and he was right.

And I didn't have my camera so I grabbed my husband's phone, jumped up, knocked over the waitress and got this shot.


Just goes to show you that the universe is always looking out for us. If one famous person lets you down, there will always be another famous person to pick you back up.

(and yes, girlz, he's super hot in person too (for an old dude), but you didn't hear it from me.)


Kristina P. said...

I don't understand how I don't run into any famous people, while living in Utah! I mean, this is the land of the Osmonds! And Paris Hilton during one week out of the year!

Very cool.

Anjeny said...

OMG!! I saw him this weekend at Sunset...I got locked out of my car and while I was standing there looking like bumbling idiot and too distraught about being locked out of my car, he walked right past me with all this baldness. When I realized who it was, and had my camera phone ready to take a shot at him, he was long gone. Of all the luck. Oh well...

I can't believe your incredible's like you have some sense of feel and smell for these famous people.

Oh yeah, did you read my last comment on your last post?

Kritta22 said...

What does Paris Hilton do in Utah??

It's another Jack that's on your blog! yeehaw!

nevadanista said...

Why does the universe send you constant famous people messages? I can't figure out your secret...aya for you (I don't watch Lost, so I had to look up who he is)!

Bwahahaha about the Barry Manilow music as teenage delinquent pacifier - too classic!!!

Kritta22 said...

How come you want to be addicted to Cream of Wheat?

Tiffany said...

You are a famous people attractor. You must have some sort of pheromone that attracts the famous.

Sandi said...

you are a famous person attractor, April is a stupid people girls have skillz!

kasey ferrell said...

I love cream of wheat! It reminds me of eating breakfast at my Aunt Ronis house! You are so lucky to meet so many famous people! I love lost I think I am going to stalk you wherever you go so can can see these famous people!

Jami said...

Wow! Another famous person? Wild. That's what you get for living in paradise.

Mariko said...

What is WITH you and famous people? What kind of vibes are you putting out into the universe? I need to jump on that wagon. Every famous person I've been in the proximity of I never actually got to look at. This included Heath Ledger and the guy from Fight Club (whose name I can't remember, and not Brad Pitt, the other one).
I used to love cream of wheat, especially when it made chunks. Now I like Coach's Oats. Yum. Except I'm not eating carbs. CRAP.

IWA said...

So i love my COW (cream of wheat).. (heehee it's acronym is COW)... with raisins and brown sugar..and i know i know... my husband tells me all the time that i got it backwards and that raisin and brown sugar belong in oatmeal.. but I too dont really enjoy oatmeal! and if i do eat it.. i eat with butter and milk! I think my mom screwed up with the two! Im sure she was trying to make me eat it one way and i was adamant to do it my own!

Yay you found Another John!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

No friggin way did you meet him!!!!! He is way hot for an old dude and yeah- we really are related, I knew you had to secretly way down deep love cream of wheat :)

Sandi said...

I will never ever ever love cream of wheat. no way, no how. not with raisins not with brown sugar not
with jam, not even with green eggs and ham!

T said...

yes, but did you ask John Locke if he wanted some cream of wheat?

all this name dropping around here... hmmm... I once met... ummm... oh yeah - the gal who plays the medical examiner on Law and Order - Leslie Hendricks - she's awesome :) Or at least she was 20 years ago when I met her... but I didn't take any pictures of her underthings so I can't compare with the Jack Johnson OR John Locke...

T said...

... your word verifier says
askedni... is that NieNie? what did you ask?

Martha said...

No way!!! I can't believe you got Locke's picture. Do you even know his real name? I have always sorta thought he was cool and I don't understand why Jack and Sawyer are always so mean to him. He's very optimistic, you know, except when he tried to hang himself, bless his heart.

I think you should go hang out at Turtle Bay every day and see what other famous person come in.

I went to Safeway today and a smallish box of Cream of Wheat was ...NO LIE $7.49. Come on, isn't it made out of wheat? Could we grind our own? Where do you get yours? I'm going to look up a recipe. Maybe we can stick whole wheat in the blender or something.

Martha said...

It's Locke with an e and his real name is Terry O'Quinn. Here's his BIO from the Lost site.

After earning his stripes in theatrical productions in the late 70s and early 80s, Terry O'Quinn burst onto the scene for film fans as Jerry Blake, the seemingly gentle but actually maniacal master of the house, in The Stepfather. His other film credits include Young Guns, The Rocketeer, Places in the Heart, The Cutting Edge, Primal Fear, The Forgotten One and Black Widow.

O'Quinn was a regular on Chris Carter's series Millennium and Harsh Realm, and appeared in recurring roles on The West Wing, Alias and Jag. He most recently appeared in an episode of the ABC science fiction anthology series, Masters of Science Fiction.

In 2007 O'Quinn won an Emmy Award for his role on Lost.

He and his wife, Lori, have two sons, Oliver and Hunter.

Martha said...

Here's a quote from Locke:

"Pardon me for not knowing they had a... sonic weapon fence."

Now we gotta get everyone to start watching Lost because it's filmed here on our island. We always try to pick out places when we watch.

The Wixom Zoo said...

How is it that you keep meeting super famous people??? I want to meet famous people. Will you please ask them nicely if they want to come meet my pet cow Frankie? I'm SURE they'd enjoy him...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Okay, if you didn't get that joke let me know and I'll explain. (I love cow humor! hehehe... )

Melanie J said...

Usually I'm the jealous one after your celebrity posts, but I think my husband is the jealous one this time.

April said...

Crash! Sandi is right! We are polar opposites with the kind of people we attract, although some celebrities could be classified as a stupid person as well. I'm just saying!

I LOVE cream of wheat and I LOVE grits! MMMMM! When I go to Cracker Barrel I always order grits! yummy!

I have a celebrity story. Ok, not me, the person I was with.

My hubby and I were dating and we living in Provo. We were walking into a Yogurt shop and all of a sudden my future hubby says, oh no, I hope he doesn't say anything. I look up to see Jimmy Osmond. I say to my hubby, Like he's going to say anything to you! But I was wrong, Jimmy said hi to my hubby. They knew each other from Osmond studios.

wv says alion....I am NOT lying!

Martha said...

Wixom zoo loves COW humor. Do you think she means Cream of Wheat Humor or really a cow.

My word verification is actually SWIRL -- for real. I think it's a sign because I was a little tiffed at Swirl for grounding her son and not letting him come to cub scouts. Doesn't she know that scouts is pretty much a punishment anyway?
So the universe is telling me to forgive her.

OK, I forgive you Swirl. I'm not mad anymore.

IWA said...

So is COW the same as Grits.... Ive never ordered (or eaten) it... but i recently saw Secret life of bees and her punishment was kneeling on uncooked grits.. i was seriously thinking about trying it out on COW.. just to see if it hurt... Crazy? I know... but it just got me thinking about how much grits really hurt!

April said...

Hey Iwa to answer your question....C.O.W. is made from the inner part of wheat germ and wheat kernels while grits are made from coarsely ground corn. Grits are grittier than C.O.W.

Ok! Now I am hungry!!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I wanna live where you live, Stars, beaches, warmth. You've got it all!

I left you a little something on my blog :)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Oh and I love Ca-Joh. He's great! He often posts good recipes too.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha hahahahahah

I just got back from my class to find you all making COW jokes.

I think Martha gets the commenter of the post award.

ha ha ha ha

Martha you are cracking me up with all your John Locke biography and quotes and definitions and power point presentations. ha ha ha

You go, girl.

I got my COW at Tamara's a year ago after reading how healthy it is for you. Did you find out if we can grind our own?

Can we smoke our own too? Then I really could get addicted and feel good about it.

Anjeny, nice pun about getting LOCKED out of your car. hee hee

Gotsta run help my daughter with homework. I'll be back.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Anjeny, YES your material can hitch a ride with mine. NO WORRIES! How funny you saw the bald guy too. I can't wait for LoW to drop by, she loves bald guys and I love making her jealous.

And guys I don't know why I'm a famous person magnet, but I think it means I need to be famous, what do you think?

Does anyone want my autograph?

I'm thinking of quitting my day job and my night job and starting a full time Crash-N-Famous People site.

Mariko, I can't believe you were in proximity to Health Ledger. THAT's Awesome. I love that guy. I was soooooo sad when he died.

Oh btw, thanks for all your boring cereal stories. YAWN!

Except yours Sandi, yours was funny. Green Eggs and Ham. HA!

Wixom, I've seen your Frankie the Cow (and humor) in your zoo. hee hee

April, JIMMY OSMOND!!?? Oh dear! Oh MY! Oh GAD!

Martha is still cracking me up. ha ha ha

Now she's telling us about her tiff with Swirl. I'm so glad my verifier could help you work that out with her. And I agree with you. Doesn't she know scouts IS a punishment?

April, thanks for being my resident wheat specialist.

And Andrea. I'm on my way over to your blog right now to pick up my surprise.

And Iwa, you willy backwards mixed up crazy cereal girl, when is Danny Boy going to get his own blog?

I am LoW said...

OHMYGOSH!!! I am SOOOOO jealous!!! He's my fave!!! And he is hot! He's on my hot & bald list of Hollywood Hunks!!!

So jealous!!

You are the luckiest.

Funny Farmer said...

Who is John Locke? :ducks and hides:

Sandi said...

Hmm I love me a hot bald guy too.
I also loved watching Martha doing the Kritta:) She has a great point about the price of COW and everything else there in HI- you could do a whole post, telling us how much groceries cost in paradise, you know instead of rubbing our faces in all the beautiful scenery pics and tales of perfect weather and stuff. If eveveryone knew how much a gallon of milk cost, maybe we wouldn't be so jealous. I am rambling. Good bye

April said...

Crash, there's nothing I can't do without google....just ask NHC! I have tried to teach her of my ways to!

And thanks for the welcome back! I have missed you and all of my friends and all of the talking about COW's and funny things!

AAHHHHHH! It's good to be back!

wenderful said...

Did you happen to ask John Locke what in The Sam HECK is up with Lost? Did he give you any insight into the utter incomrehensibility (like that word?) that is his show?

Lucky girl!

CaJoh said...

I think that I live in the wrong part of the country. I never run into any famous people. The next time you see someone, just hint that they need to go to Chicago and visit CaJoh (hey that rhymes).

Martha said...

At least we know Locke is not dead in real life. On the show we just don't know. He's dead, then alive, then dead again.

What's up with Lost is you have to start at season one at the very beginning and never miss an episode or you will be LOST, hence the name. Sometimes they have little subscript explanations when they do reruns to help those who don't quite get it.

I have watched every episode because Crash lent me her Chinese version a few years ago. Now if you miss you can catch up online.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Yes April, your lessons have not been lost on me. (get it, I so punny sometimes) I have to admit that I do not watch Lost and so when I first read the post, I did not know who John Locke was. But then Martha saved my day and know I feel like he is my next door neightbor or something. Thanks Martha. Oh and when I didn't know who he was, my first thought was to google him, so thanks for that April.

wenderful said...

I must admit that I have missed a couple episodes. But not very many. But you're right, even just one is enough to throw you out of the loop. My husband watches faithfully but now I just listen as I blog through that hour of incomprehensibility and pipe up when a shirtless Sawyer appears in all his angst glory. :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I too depend on Brother Google for my earthly salvation, but I can recognize me a John Locke when I sees me one walking into Lei Lei's.

And no I didn't ask him what the helk is up with Lost or why he tried to hang himself, or why he's always dead then alive and then dead again, or if he likes COW.

I just looked at him at said, "Can I get a picture with you? (Felt like I was 14) and then "Thanks, I love famous people!" hee hee

Okay, I almost said that. I actually thought it. I wonder WHEN I will grow up?

Terry/a.k.a. John was super nice and was very concerned if the picture turned out okay. It wasn't as fun as when JJ wraps his arm around you, but he's dang fine for an old dude. Seriously.

Oh, I haven't watched my Chinese version of Lost yet, so Martha is several steps ahead of me. I have to rely on her to teach me all my T.V. wisdom.

Hey, did I just see what I thought I saw? Did a little chick-a-dee with an oozie just duck in and out of here?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha Wenderful. Me too. Yea, what you said.

Barbaloot said... I'm craving Cream o' Wheat. And Kristina---if you hit up singles' wards in the Provo area you can find plenty o' 2nd generation Osmonds:)

springrose said...

OK, so don't think I am stupid for thinking this when I saw that picture...."Wow, he looks the same as he does on LOST!!" I know, I need to get out more and away from all these kids!! They are eating my brain cells I'm tellen ya!! Can you send a few famous people my way!! Preferably the ones that are nice and famous, not the snotty, were still in High School and were famous and popular attitude kind of people. They really bug me!! And NO DRUGGIES either!

SWIRL said...

I live two houses down from CRASH and have never met Jack Johnson or John Locke ... she is a huge star magnet!

so green with envy!

Heidi Ashworth said...

You have officially spotted (and hugged) more celebrities living in Hawaii than I did living in Southern California. what's up with that?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

What is with all the famous people run ins? Honestly...I'm getting a tad bit jealous here...I mean where I live it is warm and sunny, we just don't have the tropical beach weather...

It's dry heat and there is a lake about 20 minutes away?

Why no famous people come here huh?

You look fabulous even in a BIG ol green coat!!!

Annie Valentine said...

You are so cool. Why didn't I just grab my phone and ask that idiot not very famous person for a picture??? I need to take a lesson from wiser celebrity stalkers like you.

wendy said...

So--who is John Lock?? (sorry I don't know - I don't get out much, the world has a restraining order on me) So the prompting was "cream of wheat" ---obviously I am not listening very well. I get bad promptings (fudge, cheese, soda, --you get the idea) I seem to always listen to the Wrong ones. And guess what --you just made my day.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha Springrose,

That's funny because I thought think the exact same thing when I look at the picture. He really does look exactly like he does on Lost. Even in person. That's the perk of being a bald MAN. It's not as easy for bald WOMEN.

Okay, since we're talking about famous people sightings, I once met Oprah at Sacrament meeting. I'm not messing with you. She was there at Sundance with Stephen R. Covey, who just happens to be in my hub's ward. Stedman was there too. Anyway, point is, it was an outdoor sacrament at my hub's cabin so she didn't have a stitch of make-up on and she didn't do her hair. She actually doesn't have any eye lashes. But I shook her hand right before my MIL started chatting her up. I mean, she was seriously chatting it up with OPRAH, telling her how tremedous she is and such.

So bottom line, John Locke looks a lot more like himself in person than Oprah does.

Shelle, love the new profile pic.

Annie, you are so cool too, glam girl, with the slinky size 6 dresses.

Wendy, YOU ARE COOL TOO! And thanks for saying I made your day. That' made MY day!

Colleen said...

Okay, so Lost fans--who live in Hawaii--just drive yourself up to Camp Erdman--takes a whole 50 minutes, and go up to the dining room lanai, and watch Lost being filmed for as long as your little heart desires. That's what we all did while chaperoning our third grade students. Sawyer waved at me while he was choosing a piece of fruit from the snack wagon--I think it was a banana. Of course my camera malfunctioned. Can't wait till I see the scene they were filming on T.V. We were only about 20 feet away.

Colleen said...

P.S. So I didn't get the picture--and no one will believe me when I tell them Sawyer looked at me like he thought I was cute. I guess you were right when you told me you "thought I wouldn't get it" although it was super embarrassing at the time :-).

nevadanista said...

What the helk? No new post? Are you okay?

Hahahaha - an outdoor Sacrament meeting at your hub's cabin with Stephen R Covey and Oprah :D You try to act like all these celebrity run ins are purely coincidental, HA! There's something you're not telling us - I just know it ;-)

Mary Mary said...

Hey! How awesome that you met John Locke! What a treat! Now see what you can do about meeting Jack or Sawyer! Mmmm, mmmm, good! :)

Have you told all your fans/followers that you and I and Sewl are related to a famous person? Everyone knows him...BOBBY BRADY!!! The youngest Brady of the infamous Brady Bunch! I wonder where he is nowadays?

Love the blog! Trying to catch up and keep up! I'm getting there! :)

Verifier says "miessome" which is southern accented "miss me." I hope you do miss me! :)

Come hell or highwater, I'm visiting Hawaii this winter when Ben graduates! So excited!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Mary Mary I'm so happy to hear from you. I haven't told my readers about Bobby Brady yet. I think they're getting sick of me braggedy Anning about my famous connections.

But funny thing. I just so happened to see him today on Rachel Ray. He is living in Salt Lake doing creative granite. hee hee

I know what you mean about the blogging band wagon. It's a crazy ride.

I'm glad you stopped by though. When you're ready I will introduce you to the world.