Monday, March 23, 2009

If you were a fly on my dashboard . . .

If you were a fly on the dashboard of my rental Ford TaurusX, this is what you'd hear while driving along with me and my mom in Kona.

ME: "I dunno."

MOM: "I dunno either."

ME: "I dunno more than you dunno."

MOM: "No, I dunno more than you dunno."

And then I'd turn the radio up.

And then my mom would say, "remember that guy in that movie?"

ME: "What guy in what movie?"

MOM: "That one guy in that one movie about the whatchamacallit."

ME: "The one with the thingimabop?"

MOM: "No, the one with the thingamajig."

ME: "The one where he starred with that one girl who had that whodamofo?"

MOM: "No, I think she had a whydamofro."

And then I'd say, "HEY, did somebody move the street? It was just here a second ago?"

MOM: "I dunno."

ME: "I dunno either . . . "

MOM: "I dunno more than you dunno."

NOTE: If you ever come to Kona with my mom you should know that they move their streets around a lot. And don't expect my mom to be able to remember where they went. In fact, she might be the one who moves them around.

I'm actually feeling compassion for my husband right now. I always thought it was enough to sit in the passenger seat blinking and shrugging and looking cute.

Sorry, honey bunches of oats!

So in my last post I told you I hadn't eaten in 3 days because I was waiting for my mom to make a decision. Well, we DID finally eat. One of our friends recommended this fab-U-lous Mexican restaurant.

"It's the BEST Mexican food EVER!!!"

That's what he said.

So we spent an hour blinking and shrugging and looking cute until we finally found it.

Do you want to see what the BEST Mexican food EVER looks like?

WAIT! HANG ON! I serve my casadillas on the same floral paper plates from Costco. Does that mean I'm the best Mexican chef ever?

Here's my cute mom and my cute twins pretending to love the food.

We also found the cutest little sandwich shop called Brewalalai. They know how to work some magic with avacado.


I would go back just for the square plates.

FYI, for those of you thinking my mom would do a guest post, think again. Ain't gonna happen peeps! She won't even leave a comment in my comment box.


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Ahh no guest post? We should stage a revolt cause she would be really cool (especially after hearing the I dunno conversation which was hilarious)!

And now you've got me craving Mexican. Thanks.

I am LoW said...

I say you do a post for her. :)

You know you could totally write one for your ma.

SO said...

It looks like the mexi place could learn a thing from the sandwhich shop and it's cute square plates! Sounds like good times with your mom.

Tiffany said...

I am new here and I am hooked. So hilarious!

springrose said...

Your mom sounds so cute and fun!! Wish mine was more like that, instead of ulcer causing!! Have fun with her for the rest of the trip, and thanks for letting us all live vicariously thru you. PS don't mark me down for spelling!! I can't spell worth beans!! Totally accept that of myself!

Homer and Queen said...

Cute Mom! She doesn't look like a whiner (my mom) and was the mexican food the best ever?

Jen said...

The paper plates definitely put you on par with the fab Mexican food. Definitely.

I think I'll go buy some of those plates and make tacos.

WV says "funtess". I think that's a title - like "countess" made just for me because I'm so gosh darn fun.

sara said...

That mexican food looks amazing. Apparently all you need is plenty of cheese and enchilada sauce. Here I though my family had the copy rights to that recipe!

Jami said...

OK, now I want Mexican. And paper plates.

DeNae said...

When we were having our "island" adventure (four years in San Juan, Puerto Rico) I would have given my right arm, one kidney, and an unspecified child to be named later depending on what those bedrooms look like after this weekend for a plate of Mexican Food like this one.

However, now I would do the same for Puerto Rican food. Life is so complicated.

Your mom and mine clearly share a brain. I've had the exact conversation with mine.

Sandi said...

Sorry but that best mexican food ever looks pathetic. Come to AZ and I'll show you the best mex food ever. And paper plates? what the what? do they think they can get away with that? The sandwich, however, looks amazing, and I'm with you, I'd go there every day just to see how wonderful it looks on that square white plate. I want to state the case for being the cute, shrugging passenger. Somebody's got to do it!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

WOW...I also LOVE square plates...cross my heart and hope to die!

Not really die...but you know how the saying goes

Makes us closer twinners!!!

You have a newcomer also...she's pretty, TIFFANY...are pretty people allowed on your blog??? I hate competition!

anyway...glad your having a good time batting your eyes and losing streets...totally wish I was there with yoU!

T said...

You really splurge and buy the nice paper plates at CostCo - I picked up the box of 720 last week... of course now I can't get anyone to eat a meal off of a REAL plate... seriously - Sunday Dinner on a paper plate guys? Probably wouldn't bug me if it didn't cause a great imbalance in the dishwasher...

My mom wouldn't guest post either... errrmmm... okay, so maybe I didn't ask her since I was pretty sure it would be all health problems all the time :)

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Awesome post. I would venture to say that the mexican food was no where near the best ever. But it did look super cheesy.

Martha said...

Don't you hate people who think they know everything? At least you and your mom know nothing and it's so much easier to get along with people who don't know anything.

Glad you found something to eat. T had to run to Foodland early this morning to get something to eat for her match. So I don't think they were eating too well over here while you were gone.

I hear the cousins are coming. Fun times. Do you think your twins and the cousins would be interested in going to Ice Palace on Wed.? Kahuku tennis plays Moanalua (which is right by the Ice Palace) and my kids really wanna go. I wanna watch the tennis, but they wanna skate. Ask the kids and let me know.

Youngblood4ever said...

Hey, I think I've had that convo with my friends before. Sounds totally familiar. I always laugh when we talk like that because we actually know what the other person means. Makes me giggle.

Oh, and I love the flowered plates. I, too, use those kinds of plates quite often. I like to claim that I am a good cook, so yes, you can claim that you make the BEST Mexican food E.V.E.R.!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I'm back! I'm back! I'm back!

Ha ha Andrea. And Lo we are on the same wavelength. Guest post written vicariously via Crash coming tonight. (That didn't make sense did it?)

And to answer the question mark on the tip of your tongues . . . NO, that was NOT the world's bet Mexican food. The photos speak for themselves!

Oooh Tiffani is pretty. Welcome. We take pretty people too.

Springrose, cute can be ulcer causing too. ;) Especially when they blink and shrug a lot. ;)

J/K!!!!! (don't smack me Sandi).

Hey Sandi, I saw Kute Kasey today on campus with her Kute Fiance.

Okay guys. So happy to be hanging out with you guys again.

I'm going to go work on my guest post from my mom.

he he he

SWIRL said...

Wish we were with you!Got to get a mother-daughter day together while my mom is here..

oh- and she wants to get a picture with you. (My sister and sis-in-law are green with envy that she can meet you!)

April said...

Sandi's right, the BEST Mexican food place is right there in her little town in AZ. My mouth is watering just thinking of the Norteno Chicken Chimichanga, no wait, the fish taco, no wait a sampler so I can have a little of everything!

Your mom looks so cute!! I just want to take those cheeks and squeeze them and then poke her in the eye for taking so long to make a decision to eat! You probably couldn't find the streets because your blood sugar was too low! You didn't have enough nourishment to your brain!

Kricket said...

Well, I'll leave a comment ABOUT your mom then. Two strong memories I have of her when we lived around the corner in the mid 70's. 1.) A party at your house (Easter? Birthday?) where candy was hidden all around the living room. I started crying when I couldn't find one, so your mom lifted me up so I could reach one on top of the doorway, and 2.)When one of your little brothers was born (Scott? John?), I remember my mom giving your mom little baby booties made of icing. (She had just taken a cake decorating class!) Good to see you, Sheila. You look beautiful.

Sandi said...

April you must come to visit soon and we can go eat norteno sauce together! surely Chase is going to want to come and see the old stomping grounds?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Kricket, OMGOSH! That must be Krissy. How funny that you found me. My mom was so touched. She didn't remember either of those things--not even the baby booties. I have so many fond memories of you and your mom and your house. And Stephanie. Do you know she's been gone for 15 years now. MY MOM SAYS ALOHA!

April you are so funny. I'm so happy to see you back.

And Swirl. HOW WEIRD to think your mom wants a photo with ME?? I feel like Jack Johnson.

nevadanista said...

Well ain't that just like a mutha? Mine has yet to grace my blog with her presence either. Mine also can't make up her mind about what to eat or tell me where the road went, but she's never seen Purple Rain, so I guess that's how they're different - you'r mom and my mom.