Saturday, March 21, 2009

Having fun in Kona! Wish you were here!

You guys want a great dieting tip? Run away to Kona with my mom. We haven't eaten in 3 days because I'm waiting for her to make a decision. Even a suggestion would be great. Every time I ask her what she feels like eating she says, "anything is fine with me," or "I'm not really that hungry."

But if I ask her what she feels like smelling she would yak attack my ears off.  "Ooooh, how about Estee Lauder Beautiful, or Glade Clean Linen, or Febreeze Lavender Vanilla and Comfort or Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar Creamy Vanilla Mocha Iced Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes."

And then she would drag me to Macy's to try on every perfume in the store to determine whether I'm a spice, a floral or a citrus.

(I'm a floral, btw)

Her nose knows what it likes but her taste buds are severely neglected. I'm thinking of calling social services on her. Seriously! If you ask her what she wants to drink she says "water, please. Straight up. Or with a twist of Mozart." But if you say "Mmmm hows about a Pepsi?" She'll say, "No, I don't want a Pepsi because I enjoy Pepsi."

What a silly goose!

Other than that she's just like every other normal, run-of-the-mill, ordinary, mom who's saw Purple Rain over a hundred times in the 80's before flying to L.A. for a Prince concert (before he was formerly known as the artist-formerly-known-as-Prince).

She's not as quirky as my MIL. She'll actually laugh herself silly over The Office and peer pressure me into adding U2's latest song Get On Your Boots to my playlist becasue "doesn't it have a Beatles flavor? Don't you just love all the rifts?"

And we can gab like girlfriends about American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.

Anyway, today was an absolutely astonishingly gorgeous day.  I'm not exaggerating, it was a take-your-breath-away day, especially through the lenses of my new rose-colored sunglasses my mom talked me into buying along with 3 new shower curtain liners, a $13 T-shirt and a candy apple red purse.

But guess what, peeps!  Life is so much more beautiful when looking through rose colored sunglasses, especially if you're carrying a candy apple red purse. Everything is deeper and richer and brighter and rosier.  You can't stop saying WOW and HOLY HELK!  

I highly recommend it.

Soooo do you want a summary of why I'm here with my mom and my twins?


Everything boils down to basketball in my family.

We're watching my twins play basketball. But in between the basketball games, we've been sneaking around and doing some sight seeing.

You know how the church says to stand in Holy Places?  Well, today we've been taking their advice and it really works. Besides doing a session at the Kona temple, we visited a heiau built by King Kamehameha in 1790. If I had asthma I would have needed an inhaler--that's how high the holiness factor was. I'm telling you, you could cut the holiness with a knife.  

Kamehameha built this sacred temple after the prophet Kapoukahi told him he would conquer all the islands if he built a large heiau dedicated to his family war god atop of Whale Hill (Pu'ukohola).  

Imagine thousands of men camped on this hill for a year to work on the massive structure constructed of water worn lava. These men formed a human chain nearly 20 miles long transporting the rocks hand to hand.  


Do you have chills right now, cuz I do. At least I did while I was looking at this:

I got excited because I thought I captured a ghost on film.

But then I realized it was just my shadow.

Anyway, having fun in Kona! Wish you were here!


April said...

I'm first! YEAH

April said...

Now I will read the whole thing not just that you are starving to death!

April said...

WOW, I'm on a roll! Rose colored glasses always make everything look better, they even make perfume smell nicer (even the floral kind-go figure). I have finally found my rose colored glasses again. I broke my other ones, I thought they were unnecessary and useless. I was wrong. Everyone needs a pair! It makes the world a better place.

I bet those guys building that temple broke a lot of rose colored glasses!!!! SHEESH! That's big!

Kristina P. said...

Boooooo, April beat me!!! I think she must employ her own commenting sweat shop.

ANd I didn't believe in ghosts until I saw that picture. Wow, spooky!

April said...

Don't be hatin' Kristina! I'm still way behind you in the #1 spot! ;)

susette said...

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Jami said...

So glad you are having fun and a diet with your mom.

You had me on the ghost until you said it was a shadow.

Sandi said...

Hey April :)
I'm still laughing about Mariko's comment on the last post..hahahahah. I am glad you get to do some sight- seeing while you are supporting the bballers and so glad you are sharing it with us! Your mom sounds so darn cute...I want her to do a guest post for us....come on plllleeeeaaasse??

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

It sounds awesome! What a great trip and I'm so jealous of the candy red purse. We'll have to see a picture of that.

I agree with Sandi - your mom needs to guest post!!

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I wish I was there too. You have no idea.

Melanie J said...

Hey, Crash? Um, we don't really cut holiness with a knife anymore, okay? That sort of went out with the Law of Moses. I mean, whatevs, do what you want and all. I'm just saying.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I wish I was there!!! I'm very jealous! Especially because I read this post and the last post before this post and laughed when you used the middle finger! lol!

I'm a fruity smell kind of person!

I live my life through Rose Colored glasses without having to pay for them...I just wonder through life that way, just seeing things the way I want to see them...

You know what MY rose colored glasses are??? Huh?

The Gospel...even if they allow neked temples! :)

Gotcha! :)

Mariko said...

Thanks Sandi. I'm so happy to be part of such a fun comment box.
I would have a very hard time hanging out for long periods of time who did not CARE what we were going to EAT.
That is just not okay in Mariko World. Not. At. All.
She's probably as tiny as you, right?
But she sounds wonderful in every other way. I'd like to see some pictures of you guys having fun in Kona!

Sandi said...

I think her guest post should be spent explaining to all of us the lessons learned from watching Purple Rain a bajillion times!

nevadanista said...

I vote for your mom to guest post too. Obviously she's da bomb!

I have to agree with you about rose colored glasses. Last year I was sitting on the beach at Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe. This is something I've done many many times each summer over the last ten years. Well. one day last year, I couldn't believe the deepness of the colors everywhere I looked. It was like I'd never been there before. As I sat on the beach admiring the view, I called mt sister to tell her how amazing the colors were. I went on and on about it - couldn't believe it. A couple hours later I decided to go for a swim and took off my sunglasses. I was like, "what the helk? Where'd all the color go?" Then I put my glasses back on - whoa!!! They were a $5 dollar pair I'd just picked up al Walmart that morning :D They were my designated lake glasses all summer long, but have unfortanetly gone missing - so I really need a new pair!

I am LoW said...

Wow, SO awesome!!!

SO said...

Where can I find these rose colored glasses and a candy apple purse? They sound right up my ally.