Monday, March 2, 2009

You've Got a Friend

So yesterday the phone woke me up from my Sunday nap.

It was my MIL. As her chit chat turned to chitter chatter I dug through the fridge trying to find some whip cream in a can.

No such luck. I had to settle for a bag of stale flaming hot Cheetos to take the edge off.

The chitty chatty bang bang continued as I sat down at my computer and clicked opened my comment box.

"You have one week left to get your 2008 family highlight photos to me," she sang cheerfully. "I'm putting my scrapbooks away in a week."

The cheetos were working their magic and my face was heating up nicely.

"Well, it will be a cold day in happy valley before you get those photos," I mumbled.

(I couldn't help it. My throat was on fire.)

She was like "huh?"

And I was like "OMGOSH!"

And she was like "What? What's wrong?"

"OMGOSH! . . . nothing . . . nothing's wrong . . . OMGOSH!"

My face had just burst into flames. And not because of the Cheetos. It was because Ellen Hopkins left a comment on my Monster post.

ELLEN HOPKINS! The New York Times BEST SELLING author of Crank and Glass.'

Thank you rich and famous author Hopkins! You made my day. The only thing that would have made me happier is if you'd said "Crash, you are crazy cute. Do you want me to hook you up with my agent?"

But seriously, this really got me thinking though about how someone important can just drop in out of the sky and make your day like that.

Wouldn't it be awesome if James Taylor's You've Got a Friend song was true and you could really just call someone's name and they'd come running.

Who's name would you call?

I'd call Erma Bombeck. And then I'd call Martin Luther King, Jr. And Jackie Robinson. And all the rest of my Jacks) And Charles Dickens. And George Elliot. And T.S. Elliot. And Shakespeare.

And then I'd call Tim O'Brien. Tim O'Brien, please drop out of the sky and make my day. Please, please, please. I promise I will buy every Vietnam Veteran a Peenya Kowlada Jamba Juice if you do. And I'll Go Large and add immunity boost if you tell me I'm crazy cute. (After I recover from my heart attack.) And I will sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the top of my lungs if you hook me up with your agent?

Tim O'Brien, you don't know how many students I have turned on to you. A simple thank you is all I'm asking.

Tim O'Brien?

Tim O'Brien?

Do you guys mind if we just sit here and wait for him to come and make my day?

If you get bored you can click here to go to my serious site. I wrote a poem today, Ellen Hopkins style. I haven't written a poem in years, and sheesh, it's an awful lot of work (and guilt), especially when you have ungraded papers and unwashed dishes and unswept floors.

I'm also going to post on my Magic Quilt site today (later after I grade and wash and sweep) so check back in. And I'm sending off a package of fabric to Kritta soon so any of you from Hawaii who want your fabric to hitch a ride--Martha, Mariko, Iwa, Lia, Carol, Kute Kasey, Wolfgang, Liz, Siana and all you other lurkers--look to it!

LOOK TO IT, Peeps! There are millions of people who need a little magic, ASAP!


Kristina P. said...

Well, I have had LDS Author David G. Woolley leave a comment on my blog, telling me I should be banned from the Internet, so that was awesome. The irony was that I banned him from my Internet.

Oh, and crazy Superdell, who ran for Governor in Utah left a comment too.

But no New York Times Best Selling authors. I am officially jealous.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Are you SERIOUS Kristina P? I am laughing so hard that David Woolley thinks you should be banned from the internet. ha ha ha ha ha He must be suffering from snuggi envy.

And very cool that Superdell left a comment. I loved that post.

aniC said...
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aniC said...

LoW and i have a song. and guess what it is...go ahead guess....

ok, it's james taylor's "you've got a friend". it's been our song for years.

but the sad part is, sometimes, i call her name, and she doesn't come running. and then i'm all MEANIE!! but then we make up, and everything is ok again.

March 2, 2009 3:01 PM

wesley's mom said...

ooh! I would call Tina Fey and Jon Stewart and we would go out and have the most hilarious lunch date EVER!!!

Lara said...

Okay, Kristina's comment totally explains an odd post Dave Woolley left on Annette's blog also. I was once in a singles ward with him, and that's all I'll say about that.

Maybe I should blog about famous people more often and see if anyone comes running.

Now I'm off to see your famous comment. :)

wesley's mom said...

Oh, and I would call Daniel Craig's name, softly, so he could just maybe stroll past our table while we were having lunch. If he actually ate with us I would be too nervous to be goofy with Tina and Jon.

Heidi Ashworth said...

How totally cool! Yay for you!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha Wesley's mom. LOL! My sis loves Daniel Craig too. But you're right. He wouldn't be half as fun as Tina Few and John Stewart. You are quite the kick.

Ani C I love that song too. It's a special song to me for reasons unbeknownst to you.

How funny, Laura that David Woolley is leaving odd comments. If I say his name out loud will he come running?

Jessica said...

Call me shallow, but I'm pretty sure I'd be calling Matthew McConaughy. Or maybe the talented Hugh Jackman.

I am LoW said...

I said a while ago, when Crash said TAMN and she showed up in this here comment box that I was going to blog about Mel Gibson. That's still my choice.....

AniC- sometimes you call my name to quietly.

Martha said...

How weird, just Sat. I was yearning for some James Taylor songs so I checked out youtube and came across this new song:

It's alright, so check it out.

Ok, I have no clue what fabric I would give. I guess I need to get a little more sentimental or something.

Kritta22 said...

Now I wanna know what post David g woolley read to kick Kristina P off the interent....I'm gonna go ask!

Melanie J said...

Uh, I love The Things They Carried. Sigh. I wouldn't mind if Lorrie Moore dropped by my blog.

How cool for you!

April said...

You have lots of friends Crash! That so fun that one of them stalked you after you mentioned her name!


That'll cause some trouble! What with Mr Woolley bein' mean to Kristina and all!

I wonder if it will work?

T said...

April - nice try... I'd say "let me know if it works" but hey, if it works I think we'll definitely hear about it!

Now I'm going to have to scour KP's blog to find the Superdell comment...

My "famous" comments are probably attributable to... ummm... you guys?

Sandi said...

I wish Tim Obrien would come just so I could hear you sing over the rainbow at the top of your lungs, dedicating it to Gabby, of course so you could scare me late at night. Did that make any sense at all? probably not. oh well. Laughed my head off at your comment on Kasey's blog. I think you're kind of funny.

kasey ferrell said...

yeah suli enjoyed the comment to. he got a huge grin on his face and was teacher is checking me out? haha. he is a goof

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Wahoo! That's awesome! Send her my way when your done okay? Just kidding (not really...)

I'd love to have any agent- publisher - famous person hop by my blog. I often wonder how many people actually read the drivel I'm writing. I can occasionally sneak them out of hiding and make them comment (like with putting a gun to the head or something, or maybe the whip cream can works better??)

Who knows. But that's really cool :) I might send some fabric next week while I'm stateside. I said I would and I am sorry I haven't yet.

The Wixom Zoo said...

If I could have anyone drop in and visit my comment box, I think it might have to be Johnny Depp 'cause I think he's super talented and super interesting too.

nevadanista said...

So exciting!!! Yay for you :)

Hahaha about Kristina P :D

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Crash you are getting up there in the stalking department, but I am not sure you have quite reached my level yet.

Actually I am good at forcing people to stand next to me in pictures, but no luck on ever having one of them comment on my blog, so you win.

April I like your idea. I could really use a visit from him, right about now.

Anjeny said...

Oh crap!! Crash!!! Can my fabric please hitch a ride with your fabric? I can't believe this, I have been so caught up with practically nothing and everything I realized I haven't even send my fabric off....pls pretty pls? I can't believe this!

Oh yeah....if I have to call anyone back it would be Einstein or Madam Curie (sp?). I am always fascinated funny people who such wiz!

Anjeny said...

Can you hear my English-as-my-second-language breaking out of my last post? Sorry, was a little too anxious for a moment there.

I think that author David G.Woolley was a bit jealous that Kristina P has neighbors who are not afraid to parade around in their birthday suit...or maybe because her old date looks good in a leodard...just saying..LOL

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thanks for the friendship.
My mom is hanging in there, she just finished chemo #4, so she is half way there. My MIL starts her 1st treatment in two weeks.

I wonder how far my thread will stretch before it breaks and will I bounce out into outer space when it does?