Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I've always wanted to do a Wordless Wednesday

But I just can't.  

I can't!  I can't!  I can't! 

If I could be wordless on a Wednesday I would use this photo as seen through my very own windshield:

But then I would have to title it something like Only in Hawaii,  or Thema and Louise Going Coconuts, so it still wouldn't be WORDLESS.

I actually wanted to do a Wordless Wednesday post called Just For Rachel Sue because I blew her mind when I said that kids still play pogs in Hawaii.

Oh yes, Rachel Sue, pogs are very much alive and well in Hawaii.  

In fact they come back in style every three months or so.  

In Hawaii every house has a title like The Train House or The Canoe House or The Quiet House.  Our house is called The Pog House.  

Here is the view from my front door:

This is the whole neighborhood (minus that one kid) playing pogs.  

Ain't ya glad I can be educational as well as entertaining?

But I don't want to be educational or entertaining today because I just want to make you feel sorry for me.  

I had my first sports injury last night.  I was playing tennis and my hub was trying to push me, challenge me, make me run my buns off when SUDDENLY! I reached a little bit too far, tried a little bit too hard .  I was stretched out in mid air when I felt it . . . a blood-curdling, mind-numbing, brain-bending rrrrrriiiiippppp in my calf muscle.


It hurt so bad I almost fainted.  I seriously had to lie down on the bleachers like a little girl so I wouldn't pass out.  

Finally I know what it feels like to be a real athlete.

Or an old lady.  

Luckily it was my left leg because I'm right footed. 

I am much better today, thank you.  Hobbling around and limping along.    

But I won't be able to beat my Rockstar brother in tennis when I get to Utah, Tamnit!  

Allow me to close with an unrelated thought: 

Wouldn't it be cool if everyone loved each other as much as they loved Michael Jackson?


Barbaloot said...

Oh Pogs...I remember the 2 times I played with them:)

I fully saw one of those non-cars on the road the other day and it freaked me out! What kind of crazy person would drive that with REAL cars around?!

DeNae said...

I was sitting on my couch watching Law and Order reruns at the moment you were injured. And my leg is fine. I'm sorry, you exercising religious fanatics, but the facts speak for themselves.

I'm sorry you're hurt, Crash. Truly. See if they'll drive you around the airport in a golf cart when you're traveling this week. Scream a little, just to make sure everyone knows you DESERVE that golf cart ride.

T said...

I'm certainly glad you're right footed - so you won't be completely gimpy while flitting about Utah.

maybe you can take on the Rockstar brother in Pickle Ball instead - less running around?

Can we do breakfast Thursday???? I know it's somewhat ironic - but I have to head to the Provo area on Friday... groan...

kasey ferrell said...

Pogs I remember those things! I used to have a Lion King slammer it was all glittery and awesome! Too bad you cant make a trip to Snowflake to see everyone you could come have a party with me and suli!

kasey ferrell said...
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Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

I have never heard of pogs and I'm soooo sorry you hurt yourself. That sounds nasty. Take it easy woman!!

Keli'i and Megan said...

Hey Debbie! So good to find you...only yesterday! But, I think we MUST catch up! Yes, we should! So, Amy was there, but I think she likes to hide from my camera, but we all had so much fun together! Glad all is well! Your kids are awesome! And you are FABULOUS!

IWA (e - va) said...

Hey I had that same thought about MJ when there was like a hundreds vigils going on... but mine were more like.... Why didnt they send MM to Iran instead of Conde Rice... or why wasnt he the ambassador to every country that we are having problems with... he could have totally healed the world!!

Ha.. you got caught behind one of those little cars? or what ever they are... every time i see one i just laugh! your right.. only in hawaii! That would have been a hilarious post.. because while i was just looking at it , I was already laughing!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Iwa, that is hilarious! I love that idea. Send MJ to heal the world ha ha! Who needs a military when you've got a morphed, drugged out, pediphilogical pop star.

Was that rude?

Anyway, if only every mad who has died for this country could have such a vigil.

Crazy crazy world.

Megan, who's Debbie? (hee hee)

Lara said...

No worries. I'm completely incapable of Wordless Wednesday, too. I must commentate about the photo. Can't. Help. Myself.

That said. Your photos are very cool, and I needed the commentary. Very important indeed.

April said...

I love how we have short term memories here in the US. Unless you are a blue personality (like me) then you can remember something/someone who has hurt you forever. Crazy!

Hope you don't gimp around all your vacation Crash! SAD!

Mariko said...

Does wordless wednesday require torturing yourself to NOT blog?
It's a weird concept to me.

I saw those same cars going towards Kahuku. We must have passed each other.

Why do you always see me and I not see you? Especially when I'm ALWAYS looking for you?
I think this is why I never see celebrities. You guys are invisible.

Rachel Sue said...

I'm so flattered you would attempt a wordless Wednesday, just for me. (I can't do them either.)

It just warms my heart to know that pogs are alive and well somewhere in this world!

val of the south said...

That makes me laugh that you couldn't be wordless. I am cursed/blessed with the inability to be wordless - if only I would use it for good not evil!!

val of the south said...

I forgot to comment on your injury - I'm with DeNae - exercise is dangerous to your health!

Hope it heals quick!! Though the airport cart is a fabulous idea...

IWA (e - va) said...

Hahahahaha! Man your writing can get anyone out of a funk! thanks!

Debbie said...

I have a hard time with my Wordless Wednesdays too. In fact I finally did one today and I still had to post a bit in the comments.

I love that everyone has names for the houses. I'd like a fun name for our house.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Kasey that is hilarious that you had a glitter Lion King slammer. I wish I could go to snowflake and party with the Ferrells! Try not to get jealous at your sister's wedding (the little brat!)

Debbie, thank you so much for correcting me on the Olive Garden address. That would have been a disaster.

I'm going to go fix it right now.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha Mariko! You are so cute. I know you hate to be called cute, that's why I have so much fun calling you cute.

Kritta22 said...

I used to have awesome pogs.


Until the teacher took them away.



Kritta22 said...

i started out with a borrowed Black slammer with a skull. I had none of my own to start with cuz Mom won't buy them for me.

It was against school rules to have pogs.

but we played anyway...until THE DAY!

Kritta22 said...

I used to take the cereal box and cut out circles for pogs.

Until i won everybody else's.

i was THAT kid, that won!

Kritta22 said...

I just wanna kiss the cheeks of all those boys and tell them I heart them.

When does that change??

I used to think that was weird.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I just love it when Kritta shows up and tells stories about being THAT one kid.

So cool to think of you pogging, Kritta. It makes me feel closer to you.

Martha said...

After you told me about your injury and left for Longs, Al told me more details. He sounded pretty proud that you are now in the IAC, the Injured Athletes Club. Maybe you can ride one of those fast cart thingys through the airport. That would be cool. One time I drove the motorized wheelchairs around Costco after I broke my foot. It was fun.

I can't type very well, because of my ouchy finger.

Have fun on your trip, but my fingers are crossed that you guys will say no. I even cried after you told me and I don't cry. I'm trying to be strong and positive now.

Martha said...

You know I thought I saw Mariko once at a concert at BYUH, but I'm not sure because she didn't say hi to me. I have only met her once and that was two years ago at Parent Night.

I justed asked Adam if he had Mariko and he said yes and that he liked you. That must have been your first year.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha Martha about that must have been Mariko's first year, as if she was only likable that first year.

No one knows why you cried so shhh. Let's just say you cried because of my injury and your great compassion. But it makes me sad that you cried. I cried too! Because injuries hurt, of course.

SO said...

Maybe you could take your brother in a game of Pogs? I hope you are a fast healer.