Monday, July 13, 2009

Part II--In which the dummy answers questions

It's almost 2:00 a.m. and I'm lying here in the dark at my Rockstar brother's house reading my comment box.  

Shucks, peeps, I seriously want to sweat my eyeballs out right now.  You guys are so tamn sweet.   I feel like I'm reading my year book, minus the have a nice summer/see ya next year/stay 2 cool 4 school.  

Actually I don't feel like I'm reading my yearbook at all.  I feel like I'm reading my eulogy, minus the have a nice eternity/see ya next life/stay 2 hot 4 helk. 

I'm going to comment on my comments on this post so I can kill two birds with one stone and get to bed by 2:30.   (My family is so rude.  They think I came here to spend time with them.  I have no idea where they got that idea.) 

NHC: I pinky promise I am nutty. Honest to Pete. And Paul too.

PEOPLE, trust me!  She is a total poser.  Don't let that huge mouth fool you.  She is NOT nutty!  (And there are no hamsters!)  (But she laughs like Galinda from WICKED.  True story.)

She's a very good poser though.  I will admit, no one does Pat's profile pic quite like Pat.  

Except maybe Shelle. 

Shelle, ME, Lisa the Funny Farmer, Pat the Nutty Hamster Chick, Baraloot

Sandi: If I ever do make it to one of these things, I hope somebody brings me homemade bread and jellies too!!

Sandi, I WILL make you homemade bread and jellies, (and I don't even make bread and jellies.) 

Val of the south's bread and jellies were so scrumdidlyumptious.  Especially the strawberry jelly.  YUM-O!  Mahalo Val!

Shelle hit it right on when she said Pat is like the best friend you never had.   Well Val is like the best friend you never had who makes you bread and jam. 

She is so stinkin' easy to talk to.  After everyone left, Val and Pat stayed on and on and on . . . AND on.  We were just like pioneer children.  We talked and talked and talked and talked  . . .  AND talked.  

Until we finally had to take our partay to the ladies room. (TMI) No photographic evidence available.

When I couldn't find my mom's car in the parking lot--I had forgotten to remember not to forget where I had parked  (and what my mom's car looked like)--Val was like "I do this all the time" and she grabbed my keys and took my arm and led me around like a little old lady trying to pop every trunk in the parking lot until we found mine.  Mahalo Val.  

Told ya I was a dummy!

Barbaloot: Maybe Julie and Shelle started conversations that single girls shouldn't listen to...but I did anyway. Best blogger lunch ever.

LOL, Barb.  What a good sport.  She's right.  After everyone left, a few of us stayed on to do some group lunch therapy.  And WOW!  Can I just say that Julie (Youngblood) is so awesome.  You guys would LUB her.  

And you would LUB Shelle too.  

But you would lub them even more together.  I had no idea those two girls were so . . . lively.  I had to cover my ears and repeat La la la la la over and over.  

Best group lunch therapy ever! 

Anjeny: Did you guys do the tim tam slam then? I want to see photographic evidence, ya hear? LOL

OMGOSH, Anjeny, we totally forgot to do the Tim Tam Slam.  I even forgot to eat my lunch.  After I drove away, I thought to myself, "MAN, I AM STARVING!'  Seriously.  I didn't even get around to eating a single breadstick.   And I left a $12 tip.  LOL! 

Everyone else seemed to find time to eat though.

I did pass around Tim Tams, but I only took one blurry photo of Val eating it.  

And then I took a few photos of everyone eating Japanese 'Rice Crackers.  Go figure!

I think this is when Barb said "Hmmm, next time I need to pack something I can just use a bunch of these. They're just like styrofoam."


Hey, I gotsta go. It's 9 a.m. not and my hub is pulling me out the door again.

Part III coming tomorrow with photographic evidence of my MIL trying to steal my friends and my Rockstar brother looking starstruck and me and Kristina P. in a snuggie built for two.


Kristina P. said...

The Tim Tams were delicious!

And thank you for not actually bringing any musabi.

Barbaloot said...

I seriously did love those Tim Tams. If I carried around one of those monster purses I fully would've tried to smuggle them away. And packed them in with those Japanese rice "cakes."

I love that there's more of the lunch post to come. It was such a great time...and posting about it makes it seem like it'll go for much longer:)

♥georgie♥ said...

what a BEAUTIFUL group of ladies!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Looks like so much fun!!!!

Sandi said...

on the edge of my seat waiting for more...
p.s. no offense, but I might want Val to make me bread and jellies instead. You can stick to the tim-tams and caramacs..haha

DeNae said...

WAAAAH!! I tried SOOO hard to get there, I really did. Next time fer sher, Crash baby!!

val of the south said...

Sandi - that is so funny! I will totally make you bread and jellies! Just come visit already!!

DeNae - you missed it sister! It really was da'bomb! But you did have good reason :)

The Tim Tams were fabulous (and kind of like Twix - so I can pretend we're cool like you, but I don't know if you can Twix Slam, and it doesn't sound near as cool).

And I totally LOVED the rice crackers. Barbaloot gave me her extra one - thanks! But I definitely need to know how to obtain more! So subtly sweet yet salty.

If I keep commenting here, I won't actually have anything to blog about!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Can't wait to hear and see more! (a comment so unworthy of including in your next post I could just cry. HOWEVER I did have ice cream with Jami yesterday, so there. And I heard, belatedly, that you were going to be in my neck of the woods. I just want to know why Jami knows everything about everybody? Theories anyone?)

IWA (e - va) said...

Did crash give you guys the sweet/salty crackers or the one's with Seaweed in them? Their both good , but the sweet/salty ones are better... Besides packing the're also great to use as frisbees in the park! LOL! or keeping two year olds quiet in church!

Thanks for the pics...Im living vicariously through them! Thats so funny you forgot to eat! and then a tip? your just nice like that!

And gals, dont let crash fool you.... she's a little homemaker! LOL! Crash, remember like three camps ago?.. you made jam/jelly.. didnt you?... maybe it was salsa... no it was jam/jelly.. Im all confused now.... but she cut up fruit really really tiny for something... I think it was jam!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! We did let our whole history out for our THERAPY group... I just wanted to make sure that you guys understood I am not ABSOLUTELY perfect in every way!

Okay those pictures of me are so funny... and I do DO a pretty good mimic of Nutty HAMSTER CHICKS face!!! it's the eyes... truly captured the craziness of it! :)

I can just IMAGINE VAL taking your keys around trying to open the trunk to find the car... ohmyGOSH I love Val of the South...I wanted to box her up and take her home with me to entertain me always! And I can't believe the secret she told us about her AGE!!! Holy Mother of PEARL!

okay... waiting for instal III

Oh and your family is SOOOO selfish wanting you to hang out with them pppfffftt!

Kritta22 said...

Just so you know, I'm purposefully ignoring blogland until my hommies stop talking about this lunch.

Going to pout in some more boxes of jealousy.

Maybe next year, next year.

Anjeny said...

Uhhhh...Shelle and Julie were having conversations that Barb shouldn't listen to? Hey you two, you were suppose to wait for me to have that convo..lmao. I sooo would have loved to be there during that convo, totally would love to see Crash blush. She turned completely red from head to toe girls and poor Barb...I hope you two were only talking about the good stuff..ahahah.

And I will second Sandi on having Val making me bread and jelly too instead of you And I can't believe you didn't do that tim tam slam and you didn't take musubi with you either? How is anyone ever going to bring Kristina to the other side? Oh, I'm throwing my hand up in the air now, Crash...tsk tsk tsk.

I was soooo laughing out loud, even sweating my eyeballs from you forgetting where you park and what the car look like. Lucky for you that Val was still there uh? Imagine you roaming around the parking lot looking for your car...omg, this is just too funny. Ok, I'm only laughing really hard cuz I know for a fact this could very well be me, having so much fun, I didn't eat a restaurant yet still manage to tip the waiters and then forgot where I park and what the car look Love you Crash, you are the BOMB.

Love all you ladies, Julie, Shelle, Pat, Val and I'm falling in complete like with Barb and her red shoes and Kristina with her slutty

Youngblood4ever said...

LUB you too, Crash. I have been raving to my hubby about the lunch. Okay, raving like going on and on not like dancing and drugging.

But, seriously, did you have to add so many pics of me eating? I already have a complex about my multiple chins.

Oh, and if anyone else needs a talking to about (s.e.x.) let me know. Because as we all learned at the lunch I am SO into talking about it.

Rachel Sue said...

I'm so sad I missed it. But the lake (and my husband) was just calling my name.

Totally lame excuse I know.

Crazy Lady said...

Crash, it was fabulous meeting you and I really hope we can get togther and play with our new hair cuts. Whats with that awesome picture of the rice crackers? Funny farmer is going to LUB that! Lol. And for the record, I completely disagree, Pat is a NUT!

Debbie said...

I'm so sad I missed so much after I left. We're gonna have to do another one, next one in HA. :)

Debbie said...

Uhm I guess I'm a dummy too, cause I meant HI. :) Lol

T said...

on to the third stage of grief over missing this... except I don't remember what the third stage is...

do you think it would be really WRONG of me to point out that Shelle's showing off her cute gap toothed smiles again :) (and no, I wouldn't have EVER noticed if she hadn't made such a big deal of it earlier!)

April said...

What IS the third stage of grief? Not that it matters....I'm still angry that I missed it....haven't reached the denial train yet....chooo chooo!!!

Mariko said...

Crash, you are just so dang good at building community that I want to move to Crash Land.

Those are cute pictures. I need some more snuggie though.

val of the south said...

April and T - I am so coming down there to party with you! I'm no Crssh, but I will bring bread and jam :)

April said...

Yeah!!!! I get bread and jam!! Thanks Val! You rock!!! I have skipped the denial train and moved on to euphoria! (Is that a stage?)

I am LoW said...

Aw man, I think I am feeling a little jealous. Sounds like lotsa fun, dang it.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

First of all, Amidey thanks for the vote of confidence. I really appreciate as I was begining to doubt myself.

T and April bargaining is the next stage. That is where you offer each of us lots of money if we will come to St George and recreate the mayhem of last Saturday.

Even though I am the queen of greif, I had to google this. Thanks April for training me up in the ways of google.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

My goodness! How'm I s'pose to keep up with all of you? So funny.

I like Pats idea of getting paid to travel around and cause chaos. Maybe she is a little nutty after all.

April and T. I sooooo missed you guys. And I am so glad you're moving so quickly through the stages of grief. I really want to see you guys on Thursday morning for breakfast. YOU too Queenie. I am going to try really hard to slip away, but I don't know what to tell my family if they're going boating or sand duning or something. Maybe I'll fake sick. I am going to be on my comma, after all. I will try. If it doesn't work out this time. I pinky promise I will be back soon.

I'm happy you guys are manipulating Val to make you break and Jelly too. Way to work it.

And Iwa, that's right YOUR mom taught me to make jelly and mango salsa and fruit ka-bobs.

Crazy lady, I'll call you guys about the hair. I loved meeting you too! But YOU'RE not crazy either so why should we trust what you say about Pat? huh? huh? huh?

Youngblood, I did tell my hub what you said. Hee hee.

Melanie J said...

Those were my Tim Tams. *Sniffles.*

Drew said...

OMG I so totally saw one of these snuggies in this drug rehab when this girl was going through heroin withdraw. It looked cute AND kept her warm.