Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Bright Side of Life!

I need to wipe the slanderous presidential gossip off the front page of my blog.  I mean, even if it's TRUE, that doesn't give me the right to spread the compost on the weeds, right?

I mean just because I am disturbed doesn't give me the right to disturb others.  Right?  Right? Right?

Let us all go click on #5 on my playlist right now.  Let us all hold hands and sing and whistle together.  

"Always look on the bright side of life." Such a great mantra.  

Jack Nicholson was right when he shouted YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! at Tom Cruise. 

But I can't handle the lies either.  That's my conundrum.  

I just hope and pray that John Adams never partied with Ben Franklin in Paris.  

(Oh please, please, pretty please, don't KNOCK my Atlas of Independence off his pedestal.) I am still reeling from the Martin Luther King, Jr. allegations.  LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!  

The J. Edgar Hoovers files won't be unlocked until 2027 so until then let's talk about something more pleasant.  

Like ME!   

Today I had my first stranger/famous dummy encounter.  I went to drop off a package and the lady behind the counter said, "Hey, are you that dummy blogger?" 

That was WEIRD!  

That was really really WEIRD! 

A famous dummy. 

I guess it could be worse.  I could be known as a famous smarty. 

Okay I'm bored of talking about me?  Let's talk about food.  I just found out I have the Food Network so I immediately tuned in.  The lady was teaching me how to make some kind of cookie.  But get this.  The first thing she said was that the cookie has a secret ingredient.  Don't tell the History Channel, but even cookies have secrets.   


Since we're talking about food, a few posts back I got a funny comment from Mary.

She said that the motto in Provo is if you can't drink, EAT!  This made me laugh but it also made me think deeply because I've been to Chuck-a-Rama with my ILs and I've also been to The Golden Coral with my ILs. There's a whole mentality surrounding the food intake and it has to do with positioning yourself to consume the most food for the least amount of $$$.  

Hmmmmm.  Can we discuss this very important phenom tomorrow because I'm getting kinda hungry at the moment.  

Also, coming up tomorrow--I will teach you how to do a Tim Tam/SPAM slam.


Jami said...

First? Seriously?

Jami said...

I'm pretty sure it's those secret ingredients that go the Food Channel banned at BYU-H. As we all know, secrets are not healthy.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Second, whohoo. I think we should all celebrate no matter what number we are. That way we can all feel special and important. I mean it is like we are all kids trying to get shotgun first of something. So funny. Well I am so happy for you that you found out about the foot network. You need to watch the next food network star on Sunday nights. Of course my sister does not have food channel, so I have to wait until and if I ever return home to catch up.

CaJoh said...

Wait You are not combining Tim Tams and Spam are you...

I haven't had the famous encounter yet, but since I don't post too many pictures who knows who would recognize me anyway.

Barbaloot said...

Call me white-trash if you want, but I LOVE Golden Corral. Whenever my family goes someone inevitably asks, "We're not as big as THAT family are we?" (And I'm not talking numbers, I'm talking size.) And no, we're not. Maybe we can work towards that if we go enough, though...

IWA (e - va) said...

Yay... you've found the light! Wednesday nights are CHOPPED!

isnt bobby flay delicious? I wouldnt mind a whole buffet of just booby!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

How exciting to be famous!

I can't wait for the Tim Tam/SPAM slam. Do you think my kids will eat it?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

YOu are FAMOUS... hello I KNEW that when you were begging for PROVO followers! HELLO??? I'm so glad you had someone to help you feel IN REAL LIFE famous! :)

No really though, that is pretty sweet!

I'm hungry too...really hungry now that you mention it! I dated a Poly so actually like spam!

Anjeny said...

Crash...I think IWA's mind is been in the gutter again. First she brought up the D word and today, look at her food preference...lmao.

So I'm so glad you've decided to wipe your front page clean of all that presidential slandering as you call it but then ummmm, u were sneaking more in there.

And of course you're famous, you're the only dummy I know who can attract famous people to you like glue.

WV-witoest...hmmm, does the mean that your wv think I'm the wittiest commenter on here? LOL

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha Anjeny.

Iwa made a typo, and it sorta, kinda changed the meaning of her message. hee hee Iwa. And you say I am the one who is posting a lot about baby making.

I think it's part of the summer boredom. ;)

And Nutty Hamster Chick made a typo too. She's trying to get me to watch the foot network. ha ha

Anjeny you are the queen of wittiest comments. My verifier is back in her groove.

Shelle, you are in the running for wittiest commenter.

Wesley's mom, I can't wait to show you the Tim Tam Spam Slam. It was surprisingly successful and your kids MIGHT like it. IF they are NUTS like my kids. I was gagging watching them gobble it down.


Barb, ha ha that conversation is familiar.

CaJoh, I want to see more photos of you and your wife. Tell me when you post more.

YAY JAMI for being first! You get to ride shotgun. You crack me up. You're so quick witted! I love it.

Sandi said...

So who was the person who recognized you? Did she tell you how much she loves you or hates you or tolerates you? more details!
I'm still mad that someone on here informed me that you could get Tim Tams at World Market---well maybe you can, but not at the world market closest to my house (which is still 2 hours away) I might have to avoid your blog tomorrow because I will be too jealous of your tim-tams. Cause I have heard you have realllly nice tim-tams..haha.
Yay for food network..I am totally ready to plan a vacation around the diners drive-ins and dives that I have seen on that show!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I am totally brining Tim Tams to Provo when I go. And Sandi, I'll send them to you if you can't come. They have caramel Tim Tams at Walmart here. They are my fav. I'm totally sending you some. You have to come to the blog tomorrow because I threw the Tim Tam slam party for YOUR birthday. That would be rude to ditch out.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Sandi, she didn't say either way. She just said "I see your blog on everyones blog." I asked her how she found it and she said through Anjeny's blog. Wahoo Anjeny!

IWA (e - va) said...

i cant stop laughing.... cause guess what... im pretty sure i was thinking about boobies when i meant to write bobby! lol!

I had just got back from the beach and there were so many spooners and mooners and a lady with no top! yes at our little mormon beach... my daughter kept saying.. wow her susu's are soo big mom! and so i have had boobies on the brain all day!

I'm gonna go read some scriptures!

Sandi said...

okay okay since the tim-tams were for my birthday party I guess I will have a little peek tomorrow. But only if Iwa promises to quit her talking about susu's. (KK was at the beach today...I wonder if those were her susu's- or if she was one of the spooners or mooners?)
Well Crash, I think it's pretty cool that someone knew who you were- and they weren't even scary or stalkerish or anything...woohoo! You have hit the big time now my sistah.

Anjeny said...

Now I'm totally curious...who is this lady who found you through me and where was that? Was it the post office you were dropping off your package? Come on Crash, spill it. There are only bloggers from Hawaii who read my blog...and then there are those non bloggers who stop by sometimes and I was always telling them to check you out if they really want to have a good laugh (not that I'm telling them to laugh AT you but with you and alongside you..eheh).

Yes IWA, go read some scriptures, just make sure it's not any verse that has the 3-letter word that starts with an A and ends with an

Anjeny said...

Oh yeah...what is this tim-tams? How come I don't know what that is? I think this is the second time Crash that you're gobbling down on something that I have no clue what it is and we are living on the same is that even possible? Am I living under that rock or what? LOL

Anjeny said...

Ops...I meant to say "two" as in two bloggers.

I am LoW said...

Ooh, I can't wait til tomorrow!!! :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

LOL IWA! Are you serious??? HA HA Which beach? We used to call Pupukea "booby" beach when we were students because that's where all the European backpackers used to stay.

How did your scripture study go?

Anjeny, I had never heard of Tim Tams until I had a student from New Zealand. It must be a NZ thing.

Okay, so the mysterious blog reader who recognized me was working at the BYUH Distribution Center. I think that's what it's called. I was mailing our x-box to the repair shop. Express mail, I think. She was local. Maybe she is here right now and will step forward and tell us her name and serial number.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

LoW, I can't wait till tomorrow either. I've already got the post ready. It's so OUT THERE! SUCH A SURPRISE. A disgusting surprise, if you ask me, but a surprise none-the-less. Whodathought my kids and their friends would love Spam Slams!!!

April said...

I'm gonna start bringing my hymn book-20 ounces- and scriptures-2 pounds- to your comment box! Nah!!! Just my pretty green purse -4pounds-with my kitchen sink -20pounds- in it. YES!! I love Tim O'Brien!

April said...

even if he uses naughty words....

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Woo HOO April! We are soul sistahs! High Five!

Mary said...

Nice. I love the mention. Thanks for the free publicity. ;) What I forgot to mention about Provo, is the strangely large amount of ice cream stores. Connection? ... perhaps.