Saturday, July 11, 2009


Only 20 more minutes until I leave for my Olive Garden Partay!  

What am I going to wear?  

J/K peeps, I'm fully dressed and ready.  I tried everything I own on twice and modeled it for my mom and my super model daughter.  My silly goose mom has been giving me fashion tips and telling me how everyone is wearing things.  And she's lending me jewelry and giving me make up tips.  "Here, try this," she says.  "This will make your face radiate."  And at this very moment my super model daughter is painting my toenails red so I'll have a pop of color.    

My hub just walked in and said "Hmph, I thought you were going to go casual."  

It's not my fault if I look sexy.

I'm so excited to meet my friends. 

Did you know I've never eaten at an Olive Garden in Utah.  I didn't start my love affair with Olive Garden until I lived in New York.   My daughter was less than a year old then and my hub and I used to make her suck on lemons so we could laugh ourselves silly when her face got all screwywampus.

I've tried many times since to eat at the OG in Utah, but with my family we'll say "where should we go eat?" and everyone will say "Oh, we've already eaten."  End of conversation.

With my hubs family when we say "where should we eat?" it begins the conversation.  

It usually starts with me saying "OLIVE GARDEN!"  And then my FIL saying, "when we ate at the Olive Garden back in 1893, the food just wasn't that good."  

And then my MIL will add, "for the price."  

Then, after two hours of debating the options my FIL finally says "I'll treat if we go to Chuck-a-rama."  

I've only been arrested once.  And it was for poking my MIL's eyes out in Florida.   My BIL found a steak and shrimp place for $2.99. My MIL said "Let's check it out"  which means all 40 of us will bombard the joint.  Half of us will find a table, while the other half will circle around looking down our noses at other peoples plates.  Then, after the waiter brings the menu, we will all get up at once and leave, shaking our heads and saying under our breath, "The food just didn't look that good,  Did it to you?"  

So we drove around for three hours trying to find a better place until we finally ate at Burger King.  

That's when I poked my MIL's eyes out.  

Anyway, gotsta go!  

Lator gators! 


Annette Lyon said...

I'm a spaz of a mom, so here I am waiting for him to get home from Scout Camp, where he's been since Monday before I can leave.

Which means I might show up at some point, but definitely late, if at all. The son trumps Crash, even if you are sexy!

I'll seriously try to make an appearance--after all, you ARE bringing The Two Towers or whatever that book is called. :D

T said...

Hey Crash! Look at you in person - the new haircut is GrEaT - it totally goes with the sexy red toenails too!!!

(wv says ovely - apparently it's lovely to get together in person, but just ovely when I'm pretending!)

T said...

I'm starving - could we get some breadsticks to start????

T said...

Do they have a raspberry lemonade here... I've been craving one all week, flag down that waitress. (I'm hoping I can throw a fork on the floor early on this time...)

T said...

oh - there's Kristina... I've never noticed before but that blue is the BEST color on you!

T said...

but wait... here, try on the snuggie - it may not be bright blue but I know you'll love it!

T said...

hey - give it back KP - man... get your own already :)

(wv now says lubnn - I'm lub'n it?)

T said...

Annette's running late... let me see that book of hers - maybe I could browse it enough to not look like the moron who hasn't gotten around to reading it yet.

T said...

okay - I'm sorry... I'm monopolizing the conversation - time for everyone else to share... what are you ordering? how far did you come from? and what is your most embarrassing moment in life?

Amanda said...

I'm totally green!!!!

Hope you're all having a wonderful time and can't wait to see all the blog posts covering the event!

T said...

Man! am I stuffed - I probably should have stopped at 23 breadsticks... thanks for the good time - gotta get back on the road :)

T said...

forgot my purse... hey, cute shoes Barbaloot!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I AM SO JEALOUS! Sure, I got my own blog lunch in Utah but T wasn't there. And neither was Crash.

Kristina P. said...

Haha! T, I asked about you and where you were! You will be so jealous when you see the Snuggie. I was going to make my Snuggie shank your Cozy.

And Crash, I loved meeting you. You are seriously exactly how I pictured you. Fun, friendly, smart, and kind. Oh, and completely adorable!

I'm so glad you were able to meet me. I am awesome.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha T. That was AWESOME! It was almost like you were there.

I can't wait to tell/show you all about it. Prob late tonight. As Wolfgang would say, It was tremendous!

Kristina P. said...

Oh, and Crash, thank you for the hair thing and the chocolate.

I will have to do a post about the hair thing. It may be a while, but it's awesome!

Martha said...

I'll make you breadsticks when you get home. They will be better than OG's.

Swirl and I decided that we are having a party for you guys either way.

Jennifer said...

It really was the best things ever and T you are soo funny and cute.

Next time because there has to be a next time. I kind of feel like Edward and blog friends are my kind of heroin.

Curses this is Pat NHC and I am logged in as my sister and I don't have time to log out.

val of the south said...

Crash you are AWESOME!!

I totally forgot to tell you aboout the jam--it's not sealed because it's freezer jam - I took it out of the freezer just before I came - so it just needs to be refrigerated and its good for a couple of weeks -- though you should totally eat it before then! So don't pitch it 'cause it's not sealed!

Yes, I worried about that the whole drive home...that's how I roll!

SO said...

*SOB* I can't believe that you were here only 20 minutes away from me and I couldn't be there.

I hope you had a great time.

Mariko said...

Yes. I am totally jealous that you met Kristina P. I was secretly hoping you wouldn't hit it off so I would still have a chance.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OH CRASH... we ARE twinners... and I LOVED meeting you in person and we had so much fun and chatted and talked and it was just the BEST meeting ever!

Not to rub it in to all of you that couldn't come... but honestly! Val of the South... LOVE HER... Pat... so funny! Lisa... charming... Kristina WAY COOLER than me and her snuggie was the bomb! New friends that I met... crazy lady, cranberry debbie, Britany and Jillybean...SO fun!!! and BARB is a young hot super model... and JULIE---oh JULIE my partner in crime!

Those tim tams where delicious... gosh there was just SOOOO much!

Olive Garden will never be the same... and some people got cold food because of us... but it was the BESTEST blog meeting luncheon!!!

Love ya Crash

Thanks for the KEY CHAIN!!!

Jillybean said...

Hey Crash,
I'm so glad I was able to meet you, you're haircut is adorable and so is your family! I felt right at home with your MIL because my mom's family says many of the same things, such as "Oh Gads" and "yoo hoo."
Thank you so much for the chocolates and the key chain. The fortune from my cookie said that I should "think of new ways to handle the daily mundane things" so I've just decided not to do them.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I am laughing so hard at Jillybeans fortune. Tears are streaming down my cheeks.

High Five Jilly. I so GET that. Shelle doesn't get that yet because she's only thirty and she's got Southern Sage to fall back on, but I GET it. ha ha ha

Oh and Jilly you are the best bedazzler ever. That made my day. Thank you so much. How funny that your family is like my MIL.

Shelle, that was DA BOMB lunch. It was so fun to meet you. You are EXACTLY as I pictured you. No wonder you won the Hot Mama award. But it was way cool how we all got kinda real and serious at the end. Fun to see the other side of you guys.

My favorite comment of the day was when Val said

"Oh, I always wanted a gay brother!"

LOL, Val.

Mariko, you DO have a chance. Kristina P. talked about you first thing as she sat down. You guys are soul sistahs. She pronounces you name wrong though. (Such a haole.) ;) I wish you had been there with us.

You too SO! We WILL meet someday.

VAL, YOU are AWESOME! Thanks for the delicious bread and yummy jelly. I am laughing that you worried about that all the way home because I didn't even notice. That's how dumb I am. I've already dipped into one and I'm taking the other one to a family party tomorrow. I'm going to pretend I made it myself. hee hee

Kristina P. You are right, you ARE AWESOME! You were exactly as I pictured you too. I LOVED the snuggie. That bedazzled addition made my day. You and Jilly ROCK. I can't wait to see all the hairstyles you can come up with . ha ha

Martha your breadsticks may actually be better than OG. I wish you could have been there today. You and Swirl. My MIL showed up for a sec and entertained us all. Looking forward to the party.