Sunday, July 5, 2009

That one kid!

You'd think having ten year old twin boys would be double the trouble, but it's actually just double the fun.

They play pogs.  

They catch chickens. 

They make chocolate chip cookies to sell so they can buy fireworks.  

Today one of them ran down the stairs hollaring "I'm in PUBERTY!  I'm in PUBERTY! YAY!"  

Luckily it was a false alarm.  He had allegedly found 2 long hairs under his arm, but we searched and searched under a microscope and found nothing.  

Whew!  A near miss.  Until a very beautiful ten year old Hawaiian tropic model came to the door with a message for him.    

"Tell him I really really really really really really LOVE him!" she said.


My twins run with a brat pack--a group of like-minded rug rats with whom they can play pogs, catch chickens and buy fireworks.  

But there is always that one kid in the pack that stands out.  That one kid that is predictably unpredictable.   Strange and unusual things happen under that one kid's watch--like you never know when one of your twins will come home with a cast or stitches when he's around.  

That's alls I'm sayin'.  

Other strange and unusual things happen too when that one kid is around--things may or may not disappear or appear.  You may or may not find a whole box of pizza missing from your kitchen table, or a fridge may or may not appear on your front porch. 

A few days ago I found two refrigerator boxes in my driveway with doors and windows cut out in the shape of diamonds.   

"What the what?"  I asked.  

"It's my shave-ice shack," he grinned. 

I didn't ask.  I just went ahead and bought all five icees he was selling and told him to make like a tree. 

He's almost like a magician, except when things disappear he can't seem to make them reappear and when things appear he can't seem to make them disappear. 

If I say "HEY, can you PALEEZE get your refrigerator offa my front porch pronto," he'll look at me with big puppy-dog eyes and say, "but where am I gonna put it?"      

That's his secret conspiracy code for "The next time you look out your dining room window this fridge will be staring you down."

He is that one kid who shows up every day at our door with a back pack.  Not casually slung over his shoulder, but in ready position ON his back.  

He is that one kid who invites himself along on family outings and if you say NO WAY, JOSE, he stands next to the car with his back pack as you load up and doesn't budge until you slam the door and put your pedal to the medal.  

If you say YES, he yells, "I call shotgun!" 

So last week I finally got the nerve to ask him, "What's in your freakin' back pack?"  

He thought for a while before smiling sweetly. "A calendar" he said.  

I didn't ask.  

I probably couldn't handle the truth anyway. 


Debbie said...

HAHA! I wonder where those missing hairs went.

OOO I so have a neighbor just like that one kid. He's only 5 but he's just the same. I think he has our doors alarmed because the moment we open one to go out he comes running out of his house to ask a 101 questions and follow us around. Just yesterday he asked if he could go out to lunch with my dad when he stopped by. What?!

April said...

I wondered where he went! Sorry about the pizza sticks! I can mail you some more! ;)

BTW he doesn't like Farina.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha. I guess there will always be that one kid in every neighborhood!

Sandi said...

I might have been that one kid.

Martha said...

Just think if we weren't sharing that One Kid you'd have him all to yourself. I wonder if he has scheduled your house or our house on his calendar for tomorrow. Can't wait to find out.

On Friday he played video games with Tom for like 4 hours, no exaggeration. I was glad Tom was entertained, but I had to kick him out. I'm sure he immediately went to your house.

I can see it coming, when you guys are packing the car for your trip, he'll be out in the driveway with his backpack filled with more than a calendar hoping he can go with you on the family trip.

Rachel Sue said...

Pogs still exist? That blows my mind. . .

I am LoW said...

We have one too. But she might be a little less kind. :-/

Amber Lynae said...

I was the kid that showed up my childless neighbor's house and told her "I get really hungry sometimes." I would go hang out at her house with her (without telling my mom.)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

K--I'm COMING TO OLIVE GARDEN... k... k...k???

I won't be able to make the St. George one so I am flying UP to see just YOU!!!



I'll be there I'll be there!

YEA for flying benefits!

Okay, enough of that.

My son has a friend just like that. It's a love/hate relationship really.

WV says BILLY... is that his name??? WoW... I'm kinda creeped out that your WV knows that!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY! Shelle's coming! Shelle's coming! So excited!!!

And the kid's name isn't billy, but his name does start with a B.

IWA (e - va) said...

haha sandi.. i think i was that kid too!

"the Kid" at TVA comes by my bedroom window every morning to wake me up with high pitch screams!... thats one of the perks of living on the ground floor!

haha! crash and Martha I think I know who it is! your so right! Ask my mom about him.. she'll go off about the little booger!

April said...

When is the St George one??? I've lost my brain and can't find it! Did you see that boy with it?

T said...

shelle's going up... and me without flying benefits...

sorry, I just drove 12 hours today to get home, and I'm not sure I can look at the car without hurling... I'll FOR SURE see you in St. George... unless I somehow make it to Provo, in which case I'll just stay up there for the week until my family reunion... (but somehow I doubt M.O.T.H.'s fam will be able to handle me for that long!)

laughed out loud (for real) at the Puberty excitement :)

SWIRL said...

perfect description of that ONE KID.... he's set up house in your garage and is ready for when you get back.