Thursday, July 9, 2009

Til we Me-ee-EAT!

I got the Black Eyed Peas stuck in my head.  Why?  Because if you don't watch their videos or listen to their lyrics they are a ROCKIN' group.  

And also because they remind me of my daughter, who I haven't seen in 3 weeks.  (WAaaaaH!)

But I get to see her tomorrow!  YAY!  

Here she is at 6:00 a.m. after we jumped out of bed and raced to GMA to watch the top of Fergie's head bob up and down.

I think I took this photo right after she said, "MOM!  They are NOT going to play Where is the Love!" 

She was right.  But they played I Gotta Feeling and that was close enough.

I miss my daughter.

So I am super excited about the upcoming Tim Tam Grand Slam partay at the Olive Garden.  But my wise guy hub just said to me, "so are you guys going to sit and blog each other around the table or are you actually going to talk?" 

Hardy har har, hubba bubba!  (Such a card!) 

Guess what I did yesterday?  I went shopping!  

For Partay supplies.  

So excited!!  

I got Kristina P.  an As Seen on T.V. surprise.    And I got sea weed!  And fortune cookies! And Caramacs!  And Tim Tams!!!!!  

I even got extra Tim Tams just in case DeNae and Melanie J show up (crossing my fingers and hoping to die).  

And I got extra Caramacs in case my BBFF, Funny Farmer shows up.  (please, please, pretty palease!)

And I'm bringing Annette Lyon's book about towers in case she shows up to autograph it. What's that book called?  The Two Towers.  No . . .  The Twin Towers.  No . . .  

Towers of Strength.

Sorry, but I have a thing for tower jokes.  I'm just glad Annette didn't title it Pillars of Strength. That is so last year. 

I totally knew the title because I just finished reading it and putting it on my Crash Test Dummy Book Club list.  I RECOMMEND it for your summer reading. Romance between two towers (especially twin towers) is so much more enjoyable in the summer when you're lazing around (unless your kids are lazing around too).  

But fo' real, I was totally charmed.  Go read Annette Lyon!  

And now back to our regularly scheduled program . . . 

Where was I?  

Oh yes!  So excited!  I even got a new haircut for our grand slam.  I went to the Kahuku Barber and handed over $18 and a photo of a super model and said, "I want to look like this."  

My barber shook her head and said, "Your hair is too curly.  Too dark.  Too course.  It will never look like this." 

So I gave her a $2 tip and said, "well, at least try to make my face look like this."  

Unfortunately my face is the same, but my hair is chopped, peeps.  Karate chopped!  

I did it because Martha did it and I have to keep up with the Jonesez.

On my way home from shopping for the partay guess who sang to me on the radio?  

John Mayer.  

He was telling me to say what I need to say.  It made my eyes sweat because it reminded me of all you guys and this blog and all the things I've needed to say that you've listened to and all the things you've needed to say that I would have listened to if I didn't have adult onset ADD.  

Just thinking of all the buckets we've carried together made me send a gratitude prayer out into the universe for all the support and encouragement this past year.  I feel so close to you guys.  (As close as a dummy can get without banging her head on her stone cold heart.)

And I also sent a prayer out into the universe that no one at the partay would be prettier or wittier than me (besides Shelle Belle).

Anyway . . . what are you guys going to wear? 

Oh, I can't wait to meet you.  I only wish I could bring my Hawaii buds with me--Anjeny and Iwa and Martha and Swirl and Mariko!  It's going to be hard to spread the aloha spirit without them.  

LY Hawaii buds!  

And LY all of you who don't live in Provo, but who will be going to an Olive Garden near you at exactly 11:00 a.m to join us via satallite.  

And LY all of you lurkers out there who aren't doing anything except shouting at your computer screen, "Hands down I'm prettier and wittier than that hoity toity dummy." 

I'm leaving tonight so this will be my last post before the GRAND SLAM!   

Gad be with you till we meet!


Kristina P. said...

I am so excited for my surprise. And Tim Tams!!

Sandi said...

I lied. It really is NOT okay that you are doing this without me. Especially now that it includes caramacs and a new haircut for you. I can do without the seaweed however, so I will just pretend that is all that will be happening is that you will be handing out nasty seaweed to a few strangers who happen to be sitting by you at Olive Garden. Have fun without me!

val of the south said...

That totally sounds like a comment my husband would make!

He and my mom and daughter are planning their own "blog lunch" to make fun of me!!

It is so like a bloggy blind date. That's how I felt when I went to Miss Heidi's gathering - so nervous, but it was SO much fun like meeting old friends for the first time!

And Olive Garden will never be the same after us...think they're ready?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha Val, that is a perfect comment, like meeting old friends for the first time.

And Olive Garden might just kick us out before we get to the fortune cookies. That's why I wanted to go as soon as they open. Hoping we have the whole place to ourselves. HA

Sandi, I wish we could kidnap you from your wedding nightmare. I won't be the same without you.

As Gad as my witness, we will me-ee-EAT soon. And there will be chocolate involved.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Soooo jealous y'all get to meet up. Have fun!!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

LOL very funny! Prettier and wittier... oh now I'm going to go to olive garden and you won't even recognize me because there is NO WAY I come close to being prettier and wittier!!!

Unless you are talking about another Shelle Belle that I don't know and then I'm totally embarrassed for assuming you meant me!

I am also wondering what everyone will wear... I don't want to look like the bum of the group... or maybe everyone will be wearing their snuggie... in which I bought mine so I'm good!

I am crossing my fingers and hoping that all those ladies DO show up!

I agree with feeling close... it's amazing... I love our BLOG family we have created... or relief society group... or our blog across america cause!!!

Lub ya! Can't wait to meet ya!

WV said GAGNES... it's making fun of me for being all mushy and stuff!

T said...

I still want to stow away in Shelle's luggage... boo-hoo...

because I think that if KP ever got her hands on my Cozy the debate would be OVER!

T said...

you know what... for those of us who CAN'T make it - we'll meet right HERE at 11:00 and storm the comment box :)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Ok I am trying to figure out how I can loose 20 lbs in two days. Any ideas anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Funny Farmer is definitely planning on coming. Of course the evil forces of the universe are trying to combine against her, but there is a difinish chance.

Shelle I am so excited you are coming, I tried to comment about that sooner, but my computer time this week has been very limitted. That and I finally succumbed to peer pressure and read Twilight yesterday. I know, I know, say it isn't so. But yes. So hopefully I will not have my nose in a book on Saturday.

Can. Not. Wait. For. The. ME EE EAT.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Yay NHC. I sooooo hope Funny Farmer can come. I am sending out some kung fu panda kicks to the evil forces of the universe right now!

I can't wait to see you in your Twilight stupor. Maybe me and Kristina P can poke you and Youngblood in the eyes.

Or we could all hold Kristina P. down and read Twilight to her out loud.

T, I love that comment box ambush idea. Maybe Shelle Belle can twitter the Grand Slam Partay play by play.

Funny Farmer said...

I am coming! And I'm trying to get the Crazy Lady to come with me! Do you have a big room reserved for us? Cuz we are going to be LOUD!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY! Funny Farmer is COMING! Wahoo!

And maybe Crazy Lady too! So excited!

I tried to reserve a room, but they don't take large group reservations on the weekends. That's why I wanted to get there at 11 a.m. right when it opens.

I figure there will be about 12 of us there tops. Unless Melanie J shows up, but I'm thinking not because I haven't heard from her.

Can't wait to meet you!

DeNae said...

WAAAAHH!! I don't think I'm going to make it. HOWEVER, I expect to be driving through the Springville area around 2:00 on Friday. Any chance of your being around, like maybe wearing an orange vest and picking up trash on the I-15 or something? Crash, we gotta hook up!!

Amber Lynae said...

You guys make me long for Utah. I used to work off of Main Street in Springville. I miss the Brand - X Burgers (which no longer exists). Does it mean you are old when places you love no longer exist? I hope not.

Have fun. I will try to make a lot of noise at my Olive Garden.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

DeNae, there is a very slight chance I will be wearing an orange jacket on I-15 around 2pm on Friday afternoon. I may be in Provo though. Or at the Golden Coral in Orem.

I am going to email you my cell phone number so you can call me when you get there.

Youngblood4ever said...

CAN'T WAIT. Sorry, didn't mean to yell at you. I'll see ya on Sat. WOOHOO!

Mariko said...

Where'd you get the tim tams? I will have my own vicarious party.

I want to see a picture of you with your supermodel hair. Then I can go there with a picture of you and say, "Make me look like this."

WV says catssup

April said...

I wanna be there! RATS! T and I will have our own pretend lunch. Tim Tams or no Tim Tams...I wonder if Twix will work?

Jennifer said...

April and T we missed you terribly, well actually we were pretty good at the missing you part. So sad, next time you have to be there for sure.

Let me tell you it was defiitely pee your pants funny.

Heeeeeelarious good time.

OK and this is Pat NHC but I am logged in as my sister right now and I don't have time to log out and log back in and retype this comment.

Melanie J said...

I was THIS close, Crash. THIS close. And then Bear Lake swallowed me alive and somehow we only made it down to get to the aiport in time for our flight today.

But I VOW, there will be a time that we hang, yo!