Friday, March 5, 2010

Auntie Aloha (and Uncle Edward)

Okay, so this is what my world looked like yesterday:

And this is what it looked like today: 

Is that all you got, you silly goose ides of March???  You really think a little snow is going to break my stride? 

Like I always say, when life hands you snow . . . make a snowman.

Meet Auntie Aloha.

I think it bugged the ides that we were feeling the aloha spirit because I swear I heard them say "Oh, yea? well take this!" just before that lofty ole' sun came out to put us in our place.

Ha!  Ever hear of reverse psychology, Mr. Ides?

P.S. Anyone want a Twhylight report? 

Last night I was prepared to stay up all night with the sparkly vampires, because that's just what we love starved girls do, right?  

I made it all the way to page 50 before I started doing Sudoku and playing Solitaire.  But I fully intend to press forward, even though it's not very realistic.  I mean, the dazzling, spectacularly bee-U-tiful and sensitive vampire with the perfect smile part is realistic, but honest to Pete, there's no way Bella would have so rudely snubbed a snowball fight on her very first snow. That's messed up!  

I was a little disappointed that they left so much out of the movie.  They never even showed Bella taking her Wuthering Heights pop quiz.  Anyone who's read Wuthering Heights knows Stephanie Meyers threw that in there as an allusion to obsessive compulsive love.  Am I right? Or am I right?  Except Heathcliff was way scarier than Edward.  Probably because he had never read the family proclamation.  

And did anyone notice the allusion to Bruce Banner (AKA The Incredible Hulk) via the biology teacher, Mr. Banner?  Tell me I'm not the only one who got that subtle symbolism!  Yett the movie didn't even go there. 

No wonder everyone was so disappointed in the movie.  


IWA (e - va) said...

Bruce? I thought his name was david for some reason.... But no never got the sybolism there!

luv auntie aloha! (and the name... haha!) So how long did it take your kids to stop calling everyone auntie?

Hope the snow didnt ruin all the buds that just came up!

Ps. i spent the the day in town.. had a jamba... gotta guava.. and then on the way home my 8yr was singing, "with my eyeballs stuck on the plate the plate".... i just laughed and laughed and asked her to sing it again and then thought of you!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, so his name was David and there was no allusion to the Incredible Hulk . . . SUE ME!

How sweet that you had a Gotta Guava and sang eyeballs stuck and thought of me.

Next time though, just blend up 17 bowls of fruit loops and think of Nutty Hamster Chick.

T said...

obviously Crash you've not read the entire series - because in book three that Biology teacher TOTALLY rips his shirt in half and has some anger issues :)

(do not call me a liar - I prefer the term "creative story teller")

Martha said...

I can't believe you got all that snow. That would be fun for about 10 mins. I do love the snowman and I love the rasta wig from May Day.

So about yesterday's post I was thinking the reason that T hates Twilight is because she probably hasn't met any boys that compare to Edward. I mean she has tons of admirers and stalkers, but she doesn't feel about them the way Bella feels about her vampire. How the heck would I know when I've never read it either.

Anyway, Kahuku lost tonight in the semis. Josh got in for a bit is all. I guess next year will be his year.

The team is staying at a hotel downtown. So tomorrow morning I have to go pick Josh up and take him to his tennis match at Castle, and then take him back to the hotel to get ready for their final game. They play for 3rd or 4th place. I can't figure out if it will be on OC 16 or not. It's at 3 pm Hawaii time.

OH MAN. So I accidentally deleted all I just wrote so I screamed and Rachel told me that Ctrl Z is undo and it all came back. Did you guys know that? It was magic.

Martha said...

Iwa, Hey Bro. Chowen told me that you are the best teacher ever and that he observed you the other day. Just thought you should know.

nevadanista said...

I really hated that they left out how intoxicating Edward's breath was to Bella, and how good looking he was ;-)

Dolly said...

I really like Bella even though her clumsy-ness can get a little annoying, but I think she is brave in a non bravado way.

I have kind of thought Tatum is actually like Bella. (Minus the clumsy.) Maybe T can see the likeness herself but the boy category in her life really "bites" so it makes the whole thing hit too close as completely unrealistic and becomes a book to burn.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I am so hap hap happy to hear that Iwa is the best teacher evah! YAY IWA! And that you can hit control Z and undo everything. Now I won't have to go through the repentance process anymore when I break the tenth commandment.

THANKS MARTHA! You da bomb!

I'm not happy to hear that Kahuku lost in the semis and that Josh only got in a little. Grrrrr

Dolly, OMGOSH, I kinda see it. The Tatum/Bella connection (except Tatum was super excited on her first snow). But there's that whole I'm just going to be ME attitude thingie.

I talked to her about why she hated the book yesterday and she said a few things, but my favorite was that there was no character development. hahahaha LUB hearing my daughter say that.

Nevada, haha You know what. I haven't gotten to the intoxicating breath part yet. But ewww. No wonder girls are getting the wrong idea about romance.

And I can see your point about the looks. If I had read the book first I would have been disappointed in all the Cullen's. They just aren't as fantastically good looking as they are in the book. But then who is? I guess, Brad Pitt (used to be.)

P.S. Nevada, I break the tenth commandment when I see your photography too, so we're even. Let's hit control Z now.

T, hahahahaha Good one!

IWA (e - va) said...

I said the same thing about the cullens... Rosalie supposedly the most beautiful girl in world... not so by the movie... and I swear there is this girl at BYUH who would play a much better Bella (and her real name is stephanie B.)... and Emmett.. why didnt thy have a big Poly Linebacker from BYU play him? i wanted him much bigger in the chest and taller! :) but thats just my take....

T's totally right about character developement... I think Jacob maybe the only one who has it and you dont really see it til the 4th book.... which needs a better ending...

Thanks Martha... that has totally made my weekend.. Really.. You wont believe how sick of students I am right now, and for some reason that makes it all better!

IWA (e - va) said...

so i just googled bruce banner... you're right.. its bruce banner...

April said...

Is it weird that it was my son (who was 15 at the time) that read Twilight first? I read it to see what on earth he was reading. Oh, you need to add to your read list the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Sandi said...

I'm just going to ignore this post and pretend that you are not writing about such things. Page 50 huh? WOW.
So YES I laughed my head off at the office and I was so glad that it was funny because lately it has lost some of it's funny-ness. We laughed and laughed and wished we would have planned a baby shower viewing party that night while we watched it.
I love Auntie cute!
p.s. April I love that book too, going to read it again this week- yay!

robin said...

Okay I'm still laughing over the toupee in the prior post... but seriously... I find that my book choices tend to diverge from that of my friends. When I lived with one of my older sisters, her husband introduced me to the science fiction fantasy books (not to be confused with science fiction space - hate those).

When I read I want to escape to another world ENTIRELY. I just SAY NO to biographies, non-fiction etc. I have enough real life drama going on within the four walls of my own home thank you very much! :)

Kristina P. said...

You guys got way more snow that we did in Salt Lake. You must be more righteous.

Martha said...

Iwa, I hope you're not sick of my silly daughter who keeps bugging you because she has to have an A.

I was looking at all these pictures again. I like T's sweat pants with the name on the back. Oh yeah, and your hub isn't wearing his pjs!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey everyone! I just got back from a weekend get-a-away for my 21st anniversay! Woohoo!

I'll post all about it tonight. LY and Md Y

Robin, I usually LUB biographies. (Especially if they're about vampires. hee hee J/K)

April I heard about that book from someone else. I'm going to put it on my list.

Sandi, agreed about the recent lack of funny factor in The Office. But they made up for it last week.

Hey, I read Wednesday Letters over the weekend. Hunger Games was checked out. I'm page 300 of Twhylight. Full report coming.

Aloha Martha. Did you notice Tatum was in her shorts and T. hee hee Old habits die so hard.

Iwa, I thought it was David Banner too. I had to google it too. Do you think the actors name is David? I'm thinking David Brenner. Gonna go check that out now.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Nope, his name is Bill Bixbi. But Bruce Banner's name is David (Bruce) Banner.

Iwa, do we share the same brain or what? Seriously, if you weren't such a math nerd, we would be twins.